University of St Thomas-Saint Paul Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


someone with a chip on their shoulder, people are mostly nice and inviting. Noone sticks out more than someone who think's they're a badass.


The kind of person who should not attend this school is someone who is struggling financially. This kind of person should not attend this school because although scholarships are given out, it is a pricy school to attend. If someone strongly wants to attend my school but does not have the financial means to do so, I believe that it would be a better idea to attend a community college first and then transfer to my school.


The city is a place not for the weak spirited, and that is exactly how St. Thomas is. A student looking to come here should have immense school spirit, but that is not the only kind of spirit they need. They need to have the spirit to help others, to work hard to better themselves, and finally the spirit to make this a community full of the brave hearted.


If you like to go home every weekend, you should not attend this school. There are lots of fun things going on during the weekends on campus and many people miss out for leaving! Also, don't attend this school if you often skip class, the classes are quite small and the professors quickly learn your name.


A person who is not willing to participate in campus and hall events will have a hard time finding things to do at night and on the weekends. A person who is not driven to do their very best will not do well in classes because the professors will challenge each student to do their very best.


People who are not open to learning/hearing about others beliefs should not attend the University of St. Thomas. On campus, there is a mix of religion and political views, as on any campus. However, students are not afraid to voice their opinion. From just being on campus one semster, it is very evident that there are many people who are differ from each other. Therefore, if you are not open or respectful towards others beliefs, this school would not be a good fit.


Lazy people. Not motivated people


St. Thomas is very inclusive and hosts a variety of different people of different interests and backgrounds. I would say that the people who go to St. Thomas are generally ambitious and goal oriented. They care about thier education and progressing towards their future. If a person doesn't have at least one of these qualities, I don't believe that St. Thomas would be a good fit for them. Also, being in Minnesota, if they don't like or cannot handle winter weather, this University is probably not the one for you!


I don't think there is any "kind" of person who shouldn't attend this school, while it may appear heavily conservative, catholic, and upperclass, students from all demographics could undoubtedly gain a wealth of knowledge and character from the experience, whether theyre in the minority or not. Suggesting the University fits a specific type of person only contributes to the limiting of cultural diversity, cohesivenessand acceptance in the University society.


Everyone and anyone should attend this school. The school is great with offering lots of financial help and there is a huge variety of diversity here.


If you are not willing to put in the time and effort, this school is probably not for you. St. Thomas requires a lot from their students which makes the success rates so high. Students have to push themselves to get things done and perform their tasks efficiently and effectively.


Students who are not ready to sacrifice their finances in order to achieve their goals should not apply to St. Thomas due to its high tuition.


If you are only looking to party in college, UST probably will not be the right fit. It has many study abroad, academic, and social options, but for students that are able to balance all areas of their lives in healthy ways. Focused students fit in best at UST.


One attribute of the successful 'Saint Thomas' student which applicants forget to cultivate is a comprehensive knowledge of the school's history. Since its founding in 1885, this university has witnessed numerous events which left their indelible mark upon American history. Its graduates have been key participants in 20th century events, and today its alumni pioneer scientific and business advances within the Twin Cities. Applied correctly, this historical knowledge not only enriches research papers, but also wins the approval of conscientious professors. When considering Saint Thomas, learning its story is the first step to success.


There are no "types" of students that should attend this school, just dedicated students. Coming into St. Thomas, I was unsure if I would be able to attend due to the hefty tuition. However, with an incredible amount of determination, I found a way to make my Tommie dream come true. I was almost turned down because of my family's significantly lowered income due to the economy. . A student should be reviewed as a whole person before soley on their grades. Every student contributes to the Tommie family. We are all different, which is what makes us succeed.


You should not attend the University of St. Thomas if you want something happening on campus at all hours of the day or even every weekend. If you are not willing to put yourself out there to meet new people you will have a very hard time at St. Thomas and will be lonely.


Negative attitude.


Someone who does not want to work hard at their future or be involved.


I think everyone should attend this school!


People that do not wish to participate in the community should not attend this school. St. Thomas is about giving back and being a part of the community. If you are someone who doesn't want to engage in either of these things, then you should not attend St. Thomas. Also, if you don't wish to have school spirit I wouldn't recommend coming this St. Thomas either. People here are proud of where they are at and what they, and their school, are doing.


I don't believe there is any one type of person that shouldn't attend St. Thomas. This school allows for a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds to feel accepted and at home. However, I believe students attending must be open-minded and willing to learn about themselves as well as others who grew up in different environments than their own. A student should be open to new ideas and points of view while able to balance a social life and academics.


I would say that someone who is not comitted to their education would not do well here. The college is academically demanding, but very fair in their expectations.


The type of person that should not attend the University of St. Thomas is the type of person that does not have the ambition to take themselves somewhere in life. They would also be the type of person who turns away a challenge. St. Thomas has a number of requirements that are different, and tougher to complete, than at a normal state school. Because of this, the type of person who cannot accept a challenge should not attend my school.


A very liberal person who doesnot want to follow the norm should not attend this school. It is conservative adn Catholic. Also if you are worried about "keeping up with the Jones's" and do not have the money to do so, so not attend this school. Many of the students here come from extremely wealthy families, and keeping up with them can be very difficult if you do not ocme from that sort of money. Do not come here if you are lower middle class liberal, it is sad to say, but that is the truth.


A person who is very indecisive in their career path and wants to explore classes to see their best fit. Too expensive for that! Otherwise is appealing to all types of individuals.


The person that shouldn't attend this university is someone who shies away from hard work and refuses to be open to new ideas. The academic aspect of this University is extremely difficult and not for the faint of heart. If someone doesn't give one hundred percent to their academics, he or she can be assured that they will not last long at this university. The diverse atmosphere of the community leaves no room for closed mindedness and challenges all students with new ideas and perspectives on life.


Someone that is completely doesn't care about school and that will skip a lot of classes and waste their tuition money.


At UST, all kinds of student are very welcomed, as long as you have a positive attitude toward your education. This school values and respects academic education of every students and their future career as well. Therefore, I believe this would be one of the best choices for anyone who has a serious thought for his education and future, and especially who is truly ready to accept all of the tough challenges awaiting ahead of them along the way. So for those that don't value their own education much, this school might not be a good option for them.


If you like a big university St. Thomas is not the school for you. St. Thomas is nestled in a quaint neighborhood in St. Paul. The campus is relatively small, but you recieve all the benefits of living in the big city. Therefore, if you have no interest in the city, this would not be the school for you either.


Someone who does not like a large amount of structure or outside influence on life descion, academically or socially


Anyone who is primarily interested in research, this school is mainly focused on the business, law, and other marketable majors that result in connections.


Because of the expectations of the University and its reputation the person considering St. Thomas must be very dedicated and motivated and not lazy.


Somebody who cares about their future and educationa nd who wants to be in a place where he or she can meet like-minded people, both academically and socially. Somebody who wants a small school in a big city will fit in.


People who have a hard time dedicating a lot of time to their studies should not attend the University of St. Thomas. Students who study at this school put forth a lot of effort into their studies. Most of the people that I know and have talked to spend between five and six hours a week on homework per class; therefore, someone who does not have the time or motivation to do this should not spend their time and money at the University of St. Thomas.


A person who should not attend this school is a person who does not want to succed in life! A person who is apathetic in there studies or an unplesant person would not do well here.


Students who put forth little effort in their endeavors and care very little about their education or future should not attend the University of St. Thomas. It is perfectly acceptable to be unsure of one's future or enter undecided about a major, but St. Thomas is not the school to attend if one is a careless student. Those who are in college solely for the socialization or 'party life' should also look elsewhere.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who wants only one end of the study/fun spectrum. The University of St. Thomas (UST) is for those who are looking for a mix. One could focus on only one side but UST has so many opportunities to get involved on campus and off. This school is a great place to be if you're looking for a fix of fun and studies.


St. Thomas is very accepting towards many life styles and offers a vast range of classes, activities and programs to suit almost any type of person. However, it is very religious and if someone is looking to not have anything to do with christianity they might want to look somewhere else. St. Thomas is a ton of fun and helps you grow and mature but if someone is looking for four years of partying and slacking off, they will not do well at St. Thomas.


Pessimistic, unmotivated, lazy, antisocial, slacker individual.


This school is rather expensive so if you have financial troubles and no way to get help that would be problematic.


Anyone who is close minded or hasnt realized that you should take college seriously.


unmotivated kids who don't plan on working hard for their education.


I think the type of person who shouldn't attend this school is the person who is not willing to have an open mind. Being how it is a more well rounded education, you have to be able to take in all sorts of information without being resistant to new ideas. A higher education has to be something you want here, you won't get by if you're just here for the ride.


A person who does not want to work hard and concentrate on homework should not come to this school. Someone who does not like a small school and a small campus. Someone who hates clique's and high school like drama should not come here. A person who does not like small classes or classrooms with no lectures.


poor, dont like cities, and those who struggle in school


Students who shouldn't attend this school are those interested in doing serious research, extremely politically liberal people, and anyone who would be put off by a strong academic emphasis in the Catholic intellectual tradition.


People who don't take their education seriously. It is annoying to have classes with distractions like that. They waste all of our time being there when in reality nobody, not those specific people or the rest of us, want them there.


If you want diversity in a general sense you probably shouldn't come to Saint Thomas. There is very little diversity in a general sense, racially and ethnically it is not very diverse at all, there are a lot very very similar people here which can get old fast.


Someone shouldn't attend the University of St. Thomas is they don't like being in the city. They should also avoid it if they want a BIG school atmsphere.


The only people who shouldn't attend this school are those who are content with mediocrity, St. Thomas strives for excelence and will support you if you do your best.