University of St Thomas-Saint Paul Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The atmosphere in general is my favorite thing about UST. St. Thomas is an absolutely gorgeous school that offers so much to its students, and it is somewhere I truly enjoy being. We are located in the heart of St. Paul, but it feels like we belong in a community. Professors and classes are engaging; students are fun, different, and hard-working. I believe all of these things create a college atmosphere I can't inhale enough of.


Regardless if the students have school spirit, the school tends to exemplify its own school spirit and pride. Teachers, if you get a good one, are passionat about what they're teaching and instil inspiration or curiousity in learning. That's cool.


The greatest service The University of St. Thomas offers students, is the opprotunity to develop a lifelong relationship with their professors. Every professor I have had there, regardless of their area of expertise or how engaging their courses were, cares deeply about their students. Having talked with upperclassmen and Tommie alumni, I know that it is a normal occurance to stay in contact with professors long after the course has ended. I know without a doubt that I will stay in touch with several of my professors. They go above and beyond and truly care about their student's lives.


One of my favorite things about University of St. Thomas is the small class room size. It allows me to have the most attention from my professors. I also get to know classmates much easier. Last but not least, professors get to know you better and quicker because there are so few students in the class room.


I think the best thing about my school is the


I love everything about St. Thomas, but I would say that the best thing about St. Thomas is all of the opportunities the students are provided with. The faculty, staff, professors, alumni, and fellow students help provide endless opportunities to help with your current studies as well as your future. St. Thomas provides you with opportunites as well as making connections. There is a saying that is completely true about St. Thomas -- "Once a Tommie, always a Tommie!"


The best thing about the University of St. Thomas is the faculty and staff. The professors are willing and able to go the extra mile to make sure that you succeed in everything you do. There is a writing center here that focuses on peer evaluation and help with writing papers, proofreading and conjuring up ideas. Everyone here is very friendly and they wish to see each person succeed!


I would recommend the University of St. Thomas to almost all current high school students. I love this college for many reasons but my favorite thing is the professors. I have only been attending the university for less than a year but I love all of my professors. I feel comfortable going to their office hours to meet one-on-one with them. I also go to them for advice for which classes to take and other questions I may have. The small class sizes allow students to really get to know the professor at the University of St. Thomas.


The best thing about my college is the faculty members and the different helping centers that they have available on campus. With all of these put together there is never an unanswered question here at the University of St. Thomas.


I love the size of the school. It's not too big and overwhelming, yet not too small where you know everything about everyone.


The excellent facilities because they make me proud to show people where I go to school and they're great places to hang out!


The people and the amount of clubs on campus.


There are excellent student/teacher relationships due to small class sizes. The faculty seems genuinely concerned about individual student success. The school provides state of the art athletic and student facilities. The University strongly promotes the idea of students getting involved in extra-curricular activities such as athletics, clubs, and intermural teams.


The best thing about the University of St. Thomas is the personal feel I get during each interaction throughout my school day. Every professor cares about mysuccess, and is willing to consult with me regarding any part of my education or life. During a walk on campus, people left and right will say hello, whether or not they have met you before. Everyone will offer to help you with any problem you may have. Overall, the best thing about St. Thomas that I would share with others is the friendliness and helpfulness of everyone on campus.


St Thomas has small class sizes and professors who really are about the students. You feel like you belong here and you're not just a face in a crowd. We have top of the line facilities and new buildings are opening all the time-- we're opening a new student center in 3 days! You feel like you're a fantastic community of students and alumni who care about the world and are going to succeed.


What I enjoy most about St. Thomas is the sense of community not only with my fellow classmates, but also within the surrounding neighborhoods. It's easy to feel the communities presence by walking around the streets surrounding the campus. The fact that we are a smaller school, allows for effortless friendships in and out of the classroom that makes St. Thomas feel like a second home to a lot of us.


The University of St Thomas is an amazing school because of the location and what the school has to offer. I love the perfect location; in the middle of St Paul. The campus is five minutes from downtown St Paul and also five minutes from downtown Minneapolis! I, also, love what the school has to offer. This size is perfect, a little over 5,000 undergraduate students. The size allows for great relationships between professors and their students.


I think the best thing about the school is how helpful the staff and faculty are. I think this comes from the small size of the school. My biggest class is only 25 people; my professors are readily available and ready to help. There are also a variety of academic and religious services that really are just an email away. At UST, I can get an email from someone in a few hours. At a bigger school I wouldn't even know who to contact. Here, I am not just a number.


I think that the best part about my school is the professors. They are very knowledgeable on the subjects in which they teach, and they also have out of class hours to help us when we fall behind.


The best thing about my school is the people. Professors, students and stuff are very friendly. We all feel we belong to a special community, to our St. Thomas family and we care about one and another. Professors are very knowledgeable and capable to apply their lectures to real life. Stuff are very helpful and knowledgeable.


I think the best thing about St Thomas is the sense that the professors care about the students and the subject they are teaching in. It makes a huge difference when a teacher is interactive and friendly to students.


Challenging classes and caring teachers are the best attributes of my school. I also am involved in volunteerism and campus activities.


I feel that the best part about St. Thomas is how many opportunties it offers. It offers everything from intramural sports, to student leadership opportunities, student government, volunteer opportunities and a wide array of clubs and organizations. St. Thomas faculty and staff are extremely helpful to students, helping us to succeed and graduate on time. There are also services offered on campus for any question or problem you may have about academics, jobs and internships, or future careers. It is very comforting to know that help is always available.


The best thing about St. Thomas is the way the University cares for its students. By giving us the best services, staff, and professors, I am proud to be educated here.


It is a small liberal arts University that creates a sense of family and community that you can't find anywhere else. The faculty and staff make an effort to get to know you and it is easy to get to know other students. You are challenged and learning everyday, while still having an enjoyable time.


At St Thomas, staff and faculty genuinely care about the success of their students, and they show it. Every one of my professors promises to check his/her e-mail at least once a day(even on weekends), just in case a student has a question. As the first person in my family going to college, my parents and I were a little lost at first. We made countless calls and asked countless questions to almost every department on campus for weeks, and every person we talked to was more than willing to help and to be friendly about it.


The professors are very helpful here and really want you to learn and the atomostphere is nice.


The class sizes are small which really helps me learn. There are lots of opportunities to get involved with the school.


the campus is very nice and is located in a metro area


I really like how St. Thomas makes sure your education is well rounded. They really emphasize the importants of having a solid knowledge in all areas as well as having expertise in the field you're majoring in. I think this is really important because then you are better prepared when you graduate and it makes you that much more valuable to future employers.


The quality of the education and professors


The commitment to academic excellence.


I love the sense of community that my university has. I always feel like I belong. When I am walking around campus, I feel like I am in a little globe. Even though we are located in a city, I always feel safe and comfortable with my surroundings.


The best thing about St. Thomas is the beauty of the campus and surrounding area! There is always a relaxing place to hang out. Everywhere you go on campus has breath-taking architecture or natural beauty. Off-campus, St. Thomas is placed right on historic Summit Avenue, which has some of the most beautiful victorian houses in the world! With all these amazing things around and on campus here at St. Thomas, you are in awe even when you head to classes! It is truly a place that every student should be able to experience.


The size and location.


The best thing about the University of St. Thomas is that the class sizes are small so the professors are able to develop a personal relationship with the students. The professors are very determined to help students succeed in their coursework and with their post-college plans. There are many resources available to help students succeed during their studies at St. Thomas. Overall, St. Thomas is a college that focuses on helping their students succeed and gain great experiences during their time as a student.


While St. Thomas is a fairly large school, the class sizes are small and the professors are personal and very friendly and helpful. If you ever have a question or go into something in more detail it is really easy to drop by their office or ask them after class.


school spirtit, emphasis on learning and research because more hands on activities prepare you for what youre actual worklife will be like and gives you a more realistic view on what to expect


Its size. It is big enough, but it is also small enough that you get a lot of personal attention and a lot of bang for your buck in terms of free services. Also, there are so many on-campus jobs available, it is really easy to get one!


I think the faculty are the best part of the University of St. Thomas. Every professor I have encountered thus far really seems to care about my academic success as well as me as an individual. They are always willing to make arrangements for meeting for academic advising, homework help etc. I am extremely impressed with the the intellegence and the availabilty of all of the faculty I have encountered.


The best thing about my school is the interest the school takes in the students succeeding. There's so many tutoring options, career-building resources, volunteer opportunities, academic adivisors, and teachers that really make themselves available to students.


I am very pleased with my choice of coming to St. Thomas University in St. Paul Minnesota for numerous reasons. To narrow my list down and choice the best aspect of my school is difficult but I would have to say the student body here and resources available. For example almost every student no matter the age or race is more than happy to help you when in need or provide information to younger students. The resources around the city and through the University are impecable; including the public safety, library workers, professors, residence staff, bus company, catering services, etc.


St. Thomas is the best school at offering their students the opportunity to have the wonderful, personal experience of knowing everyone while at the same time being a big enough school to give the full college experience. With Hamline, St. Kate's, U of M, Macalester, Concordia- St. Paul within a couple miles, the college atmosphere is a presence and taken pride in. Every day I walk through campus with a pride and passion that is, as I now see, a commonality among every Tommie here. UST is a great place to be, but an even greater place to grow.


The best thing about my school is the sense of community. The community built around St. Thomas focuses on the dignity of each human person and many of the organizations across the campus cater to this dignity. It is a great school to become actively involved in faith, learning, and relationships with others.


The community that is present in the University of Saint Thomas is the best thing about it. I know that no matter what I need help with, there is a professor, advisor, college employee, or another student who can help me with it and would gladly like to help me with it.


I think the best thing about St. Thomas is the overwhelming feeling of community in a faith life. Growing up in a public school, pursuing a relationship with God was not necessarily encouraged, and I think that hindered my abilities when it came to living out a Christian faith. However, St. Thomas really provides so many ways and opportunities for students to develop and pursue a faith life whether it be through different groups or clubs or even a job through campus ministry like myself. Having something such as faith in common as a University is such a blessing.


St. Thomas has wonderful clubs that students can get involved with. Besides an excellent academic program, St. Thomas offers students the chance to get involved with just about anything imaginable on campus. Students also have the opportunity to start their own clubs if they feel like St. Thomas is missing something.


The best thing about the University of St. Thomas is the welcoming advisors and dedicated professors.


I would consider the study abroad and vision the best thing at St. Thomas. The study abroad program is one of the best in Minnesota. Also, it does not cost much more than a regular semester at St.Thomas, and you can study abroad more than one time. The study abroad program was the biggest reason why I chose to attend the University of St. Thomas.


The business school hands down. There are countless math, science, economics, ethics, and other business oriented courses. They are all willing to stay late into the day if it means helping a student better understand the material. I have had several opportunities to sit down and speak with several of by business professors and discuss with them the best possible route through St. Thomas in order to gain the right knowledge for the field I am in. Which is Marketing by the way.