University of the Cumberlands Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


University of the Cumberlands has a very beautiful campus. The architecture of some of the builiding is based off of old architectureal styles which adds a very unique feel to campus. There is also a place set up decidated to 911. Campus itself is nestled in the mountains and when you walk out of all the buildings you can see the beautiful mountians in the distance.


It is a private school, we have a small campus. It has a hometown feel to it. For the most part all of the students are serious about their studies.


The best things about UC is the friendly atmosphere. Faculty and students alike make the campus a very open, accepting place. Professors host get-togethers at their homes, and students help each other out in any way possible.


It is a small school with teachers who are truly amazing and care more about their students than most ever realize. I never had a teacher I felt that I couldn't approach anytime with questions or concerns.