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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The most important thing I've gotten out of my college has been life experience. Normally you would think of colleges as having the right tools to teach students about their specific area of expertise. However, I have been to quite few colleges in a short while and I can state very solidly that all colleges, despite ranking/physical aspect share the same fundamental beliefs that truly change an individual, whether you’ve been attending for a month or several years. Having a father with degrees who values education greatly, I can say that education is important, but more importantly colleges give a life experience like no other. It changes you. Once attending a college, you embark on a journey that doesnt teach mathematics or how to write an essay, but gives you struggles, goals and dreams, which encourage you to go through ups and downs. It makes you a stronger person in the end. You don’t really remember all the formulas you learn in class. You do however become a more valued, knowledgeable and respectable person. Knowledge isn’t always found in the books, and that’s why they say it's priceless. That to me is valuable.