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Every person is treated as an individual. The teachers are great and really are interested in you learning. For the cost of education this college offers all the bells and whistles that the other colleges offer. Students become a part of a community and are able to connect with other students to form a bond.


My school had a lot of different activities that you can become involved with. For example: SGA, Sports, Clubs, etc. Some of the groups that they have available I've never heard before until i came to UDC and i think its great that they allow for students to have those decisions in what they want to do and what they want to contribute to the University.


Well something unique about the University of the District of Coulumbia is that they have a very wide ethnicity . There are white students, african americans, asians, hispanics , and, from many different countries. Compared to other schools, also they accept international students who have a green card,which gives opportunities to any person who came from another country to study and become professional. Something else thats unique about UDC is that the tuition fee is cheap compared to other colleges.