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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Stay focused in the class and get the extra help you need.


Just persevere and finish college, it will be worth it when its over.


Looking back at my high school years I would have taken more college level courses during high school. I would have applied myself and strive for my highest potential. I would not have gotten deterred by my peers. I would have listen to my inner voice and built and raise up my confidence to prepare myself for college years ahead of me. I would have sought any additional help that was needed for those questions that I did not understand. I would have strive to be the best me that I could have been always. Looking back at my high schools years I would have even taken some courses on college campuses. I would have begun my college search early. I would have talk to students that were already at college and learn some of their strategies of how they prepared theirselves. I would have spent more time in the guidance counselors office seeking and obtaining knowledge of what was ahead of me. I would have studied more and ignore the naysayers.


I would have advised myself to start filling out scholarships, at least 3 a day so that it wouldnt be too overwhelming with the school work. I would have decided that for my first year of college to just attend UDC instead of starting at Penn State for one year and then transfering and having to become a freshman all over again because of credential reasons. I would have advised myself to start saving money no matter the amount just a little something every week for emeergencies or fro when i really need. I would have advised myself to look fro internships and other opportunities of work that would look great on a resume for a future career job. Lastly I would advise myself to be prepared for college because it is the real deal and keep all documents just incase something were to happen and you need any evidence or referrals to prove your case.


As a young woman now in graduate school, if given the chance to go back in time, I would definately have to encouage my high school self of a few important things. Those include being more open minded, learn to be more organized, college is where you learn who you truly are and be ready to put in hard work that comes along with it. When in highschool the average person finds it hard to comprehend a world that exists outside of highschool. Particularly in my high school there wasnt much cultural diversity; in coming to undergrad in the nations capital, my whole world changed in just a semester. I met wonderful people who i became life long friends with and would have never met, had I not attended The University of the District of Columbia. It is also here that I truly learned about me as a person. It was also here that my passion for criminal justice was nutured by fun loving and challenging professors.


Reflecting back and being able to advise myself on life by past experiences today, I would begin with explaining the importance of self-identity, communication, focusing, and determination for self-satisfaction. Self-identity is essential to have under your belt because only you as an individual know what you want out of life, what makes you comfortable and uncomfortable, and how to approach certain situations. Communication and networking is key to getting ahead respectively and also productively. Meeting new people, the ability to articulate and strong reading and writing skills shall bring about different faces and opportunities for growth. Growth is essential to excel in a fast paced living environment. With growth, communication and self-identity brings a focused and determined mindset. These key components can bring a successful career, environmental setting, and also likeminded people who are capable of bringing you up and wanting to push beyond what you looked at as a higher achiever and want more beyond surface level. The world is yours and you can conquer it with humbleness and an attitude of pride in the back pocket. Go out there; obtain what is yours in addition to what you WANT AND NEED.


When i was in high school I did not have to study much. Things came to me fairly easy, but since I have been in college I have found that I do have to study more & all those things that I thought I would never use have come into play now.


In high school, I began to adapt to relying upon my teachers, in such case that I had not needed to remember to complete assignments since I received reminders, unlike college. My studying habits may have contradicted the meaning of study since I never really did. Prior to taking an exam, I glanced over material, not necessarily looking for an understanding but more of, “hoping this is an answer to a test question”. College has drastically changed me related to becoming independent, well-organized, understanding and applying knowledge I’ve obtained to my current lifestyle. If I could speak to my high school being, I would encourage myself to not ignore or bypass a piece of work I was taught regardless what it was. Occasionally, I had not made great attempt to remember material since I didn’t think it was necessary to pursue the major I was considering. Going to college has proven that indefinite responsibility is required as well as a maturity level I may have lacked. The best advice I could give to myself as a senior in high school is to understand that as you get older precise decision-making becomes a significant factor in life.


Kisha, it takes more than the dream itself to make that dream a reality. So you think you’re smart, huh? You are. But let me tell you something you don’t know: Smart won’t earn you a college degree. It won’t pay for tuition; and it certainly won’t slap you in the face when you feel like giving up and tell you to shut the **** up and get on with your education! More so than intellect, you need a plan, several alternatives to that plan and perseverance so much so that any detours to a goal will NOT be the destination. Where is the money to pay for college going to come from? Your father doesn’t have a clean-enough tax record to assist you in receiving financial aid; and your mother is dead. That being said, let me tell you what you do have: you have the will, the fight and the know-how to make ANY dream of yours become a reality. When you make this dream of becoming a college graduate important to you, then you will identify the resources to make it happen. Now make it happen. Overnight shift, anyone?


If I could tell my high school self anything I would say "Listen to your teachers, counselors and apply for college early". I wish I had planned my college career in advance and taken college more seriously in high school. If there is one thing you should know about college is that it is important! College will shape the rest of your life, so don't blow it off. If you think you can't afford college, think again. There are so many amazing businesses and organizations that offer scholarships. Plus, you can also apply for financial aid. Don't let the fear of not being able to afford college stop you. Once you get to college you will be so glad you chose to attend. Just make sure you keep up with your reading and go to class! Also, time management is all on you, so don't let deadlines pass you by mistake. While college is about learning, its also about living, so don't forget to take time to get involved with school activities, sports and clubs. I know you will learn so many things about yourself and the field you want to go into. Good luck!


If I could go back in time I would have worked up to my full potential in high school and not do just enough to get by. I would have submitted the application provided by my guidance counselor for a five hundred dollar savings bond and applied for scholarships despite not having a high gpa. I would have taken advantage of the college tours and and asked for contact information for prospective colleges and universities. If I could go back in time I would have been more proactive about the college application process and enlisted the help of my guidance counselors and teachers. I would have asked family and friends about what college or universitiy they attended and used that as a stepping stone for my collge search. I would have been serious about going to college upon entering high school and stayed focus and kept my eye on the prize: a degree in higher education.


Danielle, please listen to me carfeully and do not try to make a decision based on anything else. Do a clear background check of the university and make sure the athletic program and department are up to par and will be a good fit for you. Remeber you have to spend the next four years of you life there. Also, pay close attention to students interacting on campus and make sure there is a campus life. Dont forget to ask questions!!! If the campus and your overall perspective of the school don't sit well with you...KEEP LOOKING! You want to graduate from a school that will have your best interests, prepare you for the working world, give you the higher education you are seeking and a school that you will be proud to be an Alumni of. Best of luck do not settle for anything less than the best!


Through my college experience, I obtained a BS degree in Biology. Moreover, I developed more self-confidence and I also became a stronger person from my college experience. During my college experience, I had some very tough time and during one of my tough time periods, I had dear friend to give me the best advice that I had ever received in life. Ms. Mosely, my financial aid advisor said to me duing one of my rough period, "perservere". Ever since she told me this, I have always carried this word in my heart . So, I guess you can say that out of my college experience obtained perseverance. Finally, it has been valuable for me to attend UDC, because attending UDC has help to grow, mature and develop into a greater person.


The best thing that I've got out of my college experience so far is a new awakening to the world around me. Going back to college has once again opened the doors to new possibilities as well as responsibilities. Though these responisbilities can seem immense sometimes, its always wonderful to know the benefit education gives me and the potential towards me future. It is valuable to attend because I know it hasn't ended when the bell rings. Tommorow is a new class and another possibility towards enlightment.


Attending college has been to me a very different experience compared to the previous levels of education that I have completed. One of the things that make this experience so different is the freedom I have to arrange my schedule the way I want to. Thanks to this freedom I now have more free time to either study more or have fun and relax. Something that I have learned from this experience is that education is something I chosed to get and that I have the freedom to keep gettin it as long as I want to and however I want to. Another thing I have gotten out of my college experience is that is very important to be involved with college services, organizations and group clubs. I have learned that the more involved a student gets in these affairs, the more oportunities that student have to get a good job after graduating related to its career. Attending college for me has been very valuable because I have learned so far that after completing this level of education I will be ready to live a good and succesful life that will alow me to be happy and enjoy life better .


I would tell myself to stay focused, do not procrastinate, and get your financial aid stuff together because if you don't you'll miss your first semester and you'll start in the spring


Senior year is a time spent reflecting back on all those years in the classroom while looking ahead to new adventure of college. So now as a high school student graduating from Duke Ellington you should continue to take challeging courses and strive for the best grades possible in all of your classes, complete all my college application in the early fall of your senior year. And to have atleast three main colleges that you really would like to attend. Take your SAT or ACT atleast two time before your senior year. Attend college fairs, meet all financial aid deadlines, and apply for as many scholarships as possible. And most importantly try to have your mind made up for whatever major you tend to study, so school will not be such a big struggle, trying to figure out what major interest you. And always do what you think is best for you not anyone else. Because can't nobody be you but you, you have to live your own life no one can live it for you.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, the only thing I would have done differently is to pursue a career in social work and not allow anyone to talke me out of it. I would have discussed in greater detail with my mother my love for sociology which would have steered me on the right path of education and a future career upon graduating. There are a many scholarships and grants available today than there were in 1984 and students and parents are not taking advantage of it. I would have prepared for college in terms of savings, career path and instiution in Junior High School and as a freshman in high school. Being extremely prepared is the key to sucess.


There is so many things I have learned and I would have told my self to not be afraid to seperate myself. I would have been less concerned about going to different parties and more interested in doing all that is necessary to succeed. As a freshman reading is very important and especially writing. It should be a top priority for a freshman to get really familiar with the library as well as the tutors who help out in the writing lab. Besides from knowing all of he resources that your college offers you it is important to join clubs or associate with students who have similar career goals as you. One of the most important things is to be very aware of your spending habits because a lot of college students often get into credit card debt. Keeping a watch on how you spend your money and also look for discounts that are offered for college students.