University of the Incarnate Word Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for it's service to the community. Each year, students put in thousands of hours of community service and thouroughly enjoy giving back to the community.


the medical and nursing programs


My school is best known for not giving up on their students.


UIW is best known for the business and nursing schools.




Our Nursing School is very well known, as well as our Pharmacy School. Both are extremely competitive.


In my perspective the University of the Incarnate Word is a most distinguished and priveledged school, and I am honored to be one of the students attending said establishment.


small liberal arts, the ability to be highly involved, great division II sports teams


The University of the Incarnate Word is best known for its Medical Field. The Nursing Program, which I am in, is great. For your freshman year they have all your classes that your gonna need to accomplish for your Bachlers degree that way you wont be wasting time and money.


The University of The Incarnate Word is best known for its' high quality of students and their positive affect in the community.


College always seems to connotate a sort of wild and crazy experience, however, students at the University of the Incarnate Word know that staying focused is more worth their while in the long- run. Internship are popular from these students to gaing real world experience. A most popular program is the nursing one we have available. It offers superb oppertunity to be a top competitor in a growing health care field.


It's small classes. It lets you get a more one on one interaction with the professors.


For twenty-four years it?s been a tradition for my school to hang millions of lights throughout its campus for the holiday season. It?s called, ?Light the Way,? and it?s a beautiful sight to see when it occurs. Not only does it provide a time for friends and family to congregate, but it also supports a charitable cause. Everyone who attends is given the opportunity to donate toys for needy children of San Antonio. To me my school is best known for trying to give everyone happiness, be it through a superior education or even toys.


The Nuns


Its nursing and business programs.


Community involvement


The student-to-teacher ratio, small classes, and personal attention one gets from his/her professors.


Nursing, Fashion


My school is best known for their newly opened Feik School of Pharmacy.


For its good level, small classes, good environment, you can make good friends, profesors are very accesible.


It's best known for it's fashion school and business school.