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Something unique about The University of the Incarnate Word is that the San Antonio River begins on campus. The other schools i had considered there was no historical or meaningful thing on campus.


Were a catholic university so 2we have a chapel


They are not as one minded but more open minded, its like a little family in some way or another everyone is closely knitted.


It's small community environment that has a well rounded student body.


Incarnate Word can't compare to any other school, their a family a community. There are people here, professors and students who are both welcoming and have the same mentality that we're all different and our differences are going to bring us together. I think UIW has a unique of being a place to come and be free to who you are.


UIW is a small, private, Catholic university and class sizes are much smaller than the typical public university. The average class size is about 25 students so there is plently of student-teacher interaction. The main reason I choose UIW was because of how small class sizes are. I think that in larger universities, students aren't paid that much attention to and are seen as a number, rather than a student. I like that I actually have the chance to get to know my professors because overall, they genuinely care if you do well in their class.


It is very beautiful and is a good size university. Your more one on one with the professors and everyone I have met are extremely friendly. Since I am on the varsity tennis team, the coachs and the players are great! Also, it is located in a nice area and is central to many stores.


Our school is unique in the way that it portays the fields of study. Normally a student would only focus on one set of core material concerning their major. However at this University, the student?s curriculum involves all core fields of study to give everyone a taste of what is offered at the university. This is specially geared towards those freshman who are indecisive about their field of study and what they want to concentrate on and those undergraduates who may be considering changing majors after before they declare their major in the 3rd year of school.


The University of the Incarnate Word is a well known school for Nursing. The campus feels very open and community like. The professors are awsome and very social with the students during class. We have alot of sports open to the students and we even have alot of social events to where we can meet alot of other students in the campus.


It has small classes. In the way my high school was I had small classes so the univeristy I am at was a good choice because it does have bigger classes, but not classes of 500 so I am still a student rather than a number to my professor.


The University of the Incarnate Word is an amazing, diverse, and interesting place to learn. The professors you have here are unlike others, because they care not only for your educational life, but for the person you are going to be when you are out of school. The whole atmosphere is filled with a caring aura that can be felt as one is greeted by many a new face just on a first visit. There is encouragement to be yourself and praise for individuality; the people here make this school unlike any other.


I love Incarnate Word's class sizes. There are usually fifteen or less students per class which make discussions possible and interesting. The professors truly care about the students and are always available to tutor, advise, or simply talk. The university is a Catholic school, which is impostant to me. I love being able to go to chapel and mass on campus. The religious classes offered are both educational and fascinating.


For any prospective student considering the University of the Incarnate Word I would encourage them to apply. The school has a very small student to teacher ratio. The professors offer office hours that are very accommodating to the student body. Campus activities are vary broad and suit almost any interest. Activities range from theater arts, music, movie nights, church, missions, sporting events and anything in between. I have enjoyed my time on campus. Meeting new friends is very easy.


I heavily took into consideration moving away for college; but my mom is big on family and desperately wanted me to stay close. Compared to all the other schools I considered attending, Incarnate Word is in my hometown and offers one of the best communication degree programs around. I?ve talked to students who studied at Incarnate Word, took tours of the campus, kept in mind that a communications degree is my dream, and couldn?t help but want to attend. It?s unique because despite being a perfect match for my parents, it?s a prefect match for me.


The University of The Incarnate Word has many unique and inviting qualities, however, the one that is most poignant for me is the inclusive environment it promotes for higher education to students of all ages. It offers many schedules and classes that help facilitate balancing a career, family and education


Everyone on campus gets a long, there is a since of humilty that one may easily pick up when they arrive on campus. A lot of the students know the Sisters of Charity on the campus, and we all sit and talk with them when we have the chance. We are a praying university, and everyone really prays on the campus even those that some people may think that certain people that won't pray (they do pray).


Small classes and ethically diverse.


This University has small class sizes which really makes learning better because Professors can engage more with the class as a whole and that makes learning fun and easy.


Small intimate campus and classes where the administration know the students by name. It gives an "at home" environment for those who are away from home.


Wonderfully friendly, strong community, caring teachers, quality education


It was a smaller school, around 3000, with small class size.


It is just the perfect size to make students like home.