University of the Incarnate Word Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The University of the Incarnate Word is an exceptional campus. I love how beautiful it is, the atmosphere is welcoming and breathtaking .Every time I walk around campus I find things that are so gorgeous such as hiking trails, bridges and picnic areas. The staff is so helpful that I am not afraid to talk to my professors or to walk into a tutoring center. This campus is very welcoming and strives to help their students as much as they can. I am elated that I chose this university and I brag about it any time I can.


What I tell them is how much fun San Anonio is compared to my city of El Paso. The school itself has a beautiful campus as well as a well rounded academic standard. I tell them all about the Honors Program that I am in and how much they demand from me as a student and as a fellow person of the community around me. It is a true experience to go off to college in another city and to be on your own as you are growing up.


That the school is great with a good sized campus and small classrooms. The campus is beautiful and their are a lot of clubs to join, activities to do, and special events to go to. I love the school because proffessors connect with you on personal level and wants you to do your very best with your major and education.


Students receive detailed guidance by counselors and advisors The number of students in classrooms are small, teachers are nice. And everyone attending the school makes you feel comfortable and happy all the time.


How great it is to have


University of the Incarnate Word has such a beautiful campus. It is full of plant life. Everybody is super friendly on campus, and it is full of respect. There are not too many, nor too few students on campus. The transformation feels like moving on to a better high school and not a whole new scary world. We have an area in the middle of the campus where everybody hangs out and gets to know each other. UIW has a way of taking us in and making us feel like a part of their family. I love it!


Great professors, and great campus.


Most important I talk about is the way the professors handle their students and how they are always avaidable if needed. I always brag about that if I need help with something important or just something out of the blue I always have someone at my school ready to help me.


Is a well established and respected institution that obtains a beautiful campus and nice library. The location of the campus is located in a beautiful river that begins with a blue hole. The cenery of the campus is very peaceful and quiet.


I believe the best aspect of Incarnate word, would have to be the professors and small classes. Small classes provide more one on one attention and guidance for students.


I usually brag about how hard my classes are. Most of my friends go to state schools which tend to be a little easier, so I like to make myself look smart! Another thing I brag about is our synchronized swimming team. We have the #3 ranked team in the nation while competing against big schools like Stanford and Ohio State. I also brag about Incarnate Word having the San Antonio River head waters running through the campus. (its never flowing though!)


i don't usually brag about it but I would say it's a good campus community


I usually brag on the closeness and helpfulness of the faculty and professors of the school. Coming from a very large high school, it is so refreshing to have faculty and professors that truly care about your well-being. The residence life, especially, is very concerned with each student and will gladly help any student if they have a problem. My professors as well, have taken the time to get to know me on a more personal level, which makes me feel very comfortable and glad to attend class every day.


The school I attend is politically friendly and family and friends oriented.


Its a friendly environment with small classes. The faculty and staff are helpful and friendly. The campus is not large, but just big enough to have a good college experience. You can find a lot of diversity and meet many people and make good friends. With such great diversity, i have learned a great amount about people and their lives in countries they were born from.


Since it is a well accredited school it is already spoken for. Now that i will be attending pharmacy school, i commend the new school that was recently built.


I love the campus and how it's classes are really small. The campus is gorgeous because of the upkeep they constantly do on the place. The buildings may look somewhat old but it makes you feel like you are stepping into the old days where you know you are going to learn something especially since the walls carry so much knowledge with all the classes they have held. The enviornment is just wonderful as a whole.


Small classes, more interaction with the professors.


The only thing I brag about is the classroom sizes. It allows you to know your professors, your not just a number.


The size and how beautiful the campus is. I love how I don't feel overwhelmed by people or an over sized campus.