University of the Incarnate Word Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The lack of enthusiasm and passion from my classmates is frustrating because I believe competition is necessary for growth.


The school's library is very small. The budget for the on-campus library is less than what is needed for a research oriented school, especially since it is a private university. There is an extensive inter-campus loan program and e-loan system that is growing each semester. But students still must go to outside sources for their research.


The food here on campus is always a hit or miss. It could be great one day, and horrible the next. Its all very expensive as well. I tend to eat off campus more than on campus because the pricing is about the same but the quality is so much higher. The cafeteria is a sad, sad place.


The worst thing i consider about my school is that is very quite and calm on the weekends. I personally like to be intertained and busy. I like having things to do and i do not feel there is mcuh to do on campus.


Its rather old so some buildings show the ware and tear.


The Fall semester will be my first semester at this school, I am a transfer student.


Currently there's construction being done on the school campus and as well in the street infront of the campus which makes it difficult to manuver yourself around.


It is a private school so it is very expensive to attend here. If you are tight on money, a public school may be the better option.


Incarnate Word just became a a Division 1 campus in regards to football. While that is an amazing feat for the University, theres now the risk that the wonderfully crafted experience of a "small school" will be lost. Construction is big right now because they have to extend their facilities to accomadate the new status.


The worst thing about my school, and the only thing that I can scrape out of the corner of my mind, would be the prices of the books and the high tuition. As a member of the middle class, it's difficult for me to gather enough money together to pay for books and any extra tuition my financial aid does not cover. I always have to surrender my pride and ask for financial help from my parents.


The worst thing about this school is nothing. I love the diversity and the family feeling you get taking classes here.


The Philosophy department is amazing. Professors are very knowledgeable and are always willing to help.


Local staff were great, buut it was difficult to get a hold of a human at the main campus. Messages frequently went unreturned, when I asked (bty email) if an activity meet the community service requirements I never did get an answer. Financial Aid department was unhelpfull. The financial aide advisors at my previous school had helped my complete the paperwork necessary to obtain a dependancy over-ride. UIW's financial aide staff told me there was no way to get a dependancy override, and weren't interested in trying to find out otherwise.


I honestly do no have much to complain about my school. I love the size, it is on the smaller level which creates small classes and an opportunity for my proffesors to really get to know me. There are many organizations and campus events are clearly advertised so no student misses out. The school has up-to-date technology and its facilities are modern. The curriculum is challenging, yet managable. Out of everything, the one thing there is to complain about is parking.


The worst thing about my school is that some of the elevators aren't very efficient for the handicapped. I enjoy my school very much, but when I see constant troubles with some of the elevators, I wish we had better ones for them. One elevator in particular, in the fine arts building, can't work unless the gate to the elevator upstairs is closed. Many people forget, but how are the handicapped suppose to make it up the stairs? That, in my opinion, is the worst thing aobut my school.


The worst thing about my school is that the campous only has about 5 places to eat, and on saturday and sunday only one is open. The one that is open I don't particulary enjoy that food their is also a limited amout of places that you can walk to, to get something to eat. Their is a central market and a babe-que place and a cup cake shop. So to really get someting you really need a car.


It is too expensive! I wish I would have picked a cheaper school.


There is only two things about Incarnate Word that I would consider being the worst is the food and parking. Before we got our new football team we had the BEST food because we paid for it item by item. Now, we have a football team and the food administration had to find a way to feed the big men without them running out of money. So they made it a buffet style and the quality of food went down. Uggh! Lastly, the parking. If you dont get there by 8 your parking a Central Market!


While being in this campus I think that the worst thing about this school is that some of the buildings are really old. Due that I have allergies and the humidity and the old smell affects my eyes and nose when I walk or have classes in these buildings. I remember that one semester was taking my Religious class and honestly I couldn?t breathe right due that it was bothering my allergies and couldn't consentrate in class. And I honestly think that old building should be remodel from the inside.


The thing i consider worst about my school is the help desk, the help desk is where you go to get computer help. They never know what they are talking about and never help. Most of the workers are just students that can not even fix a simple internet connection problem.


Not enough school pride.


The worst thing would be the facilities. The cost to attend this school is very high, and none of the money you fork out shows on campus. The classrooms are mostly old and outdated, some employees are unprofessional, and the shuttle service is very slow and not reliable. I would expect to attend classes in a nicer environment with the high tuition costs.


Primarily, I have found that the lack of attention to post graduation skills and practical appilcation based on the necessary job skills needed to be successful in the art related field that I am in have been grossly lacking. I enjoy the encouragment to conceptualize, but have often wished for more when it comes to knowing what to do with all those creative ideas.


not very much wheelchair acessible


PArking can be a hassel during the day time classes.


The worst thing about this school is the overwhelming workload and the fact that the animation department only has one available professor, who seems to be unfairly worked himself. It would be great to have several knowlegable professors to learn from instead of just one. The workload itself is so much that I personally have no time to spend with friends outside of class.


The worst thing about my school would be parking. There is too many students and not enough parking spaces.


The worst thing would have to be the lack of help in the financial aid office. That is in my opinion, one of the most important factors when you're in college and there's not enough help in that area.


Concidering my financial need, the tuition is a bit high.