University of the Incarnate Word Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone that is hardworking, that has worked hard to get to where they are now. And they want to be surrounded with only things that support them in whatever comes in their way. Someone who wants to see the good in things, and if something goes wrong, they won't be bashed for it, but pushed to do the right thing or make the right decision to make it all OK again.


People who should attend the University of the Incarnate Word, should want a small campus environment with small classes. They should also be ok with paying the high tuition of the school.


The type of person that should attend Incarnate Word is someone that is looking to be known by their name, and not as a number. A student who is looking for opportunity, and a mesh of different people, perspectives, and backgrounds. You have to be willing to grow, and be open here and experience a world of differences.


Someone who excels in a smaller classroom and prefers being apart of a smaller community should attend UIW. There are many events held on campus which make it easy to meet many different people and you get exposed to the different organizations on campus. There are over 70 organizations on campus, so anyone who enjoys being involved with their school has many options to choose from. More importanly, someone who is a strong believer in their faith should attend UIW because it is a Catholic based univeristy, and are also welcoming to all faiths.


The type of person wanting to attend this university should have the dedication and the desire to achieve their educational goals. This is not a school to waste time or money on. They have plenty of resources available to their students, so earning a degree is not hard if you are truly ready for the commitment.


A person who is willing to get involved and learn what the school has to offer. In order to really make friends at this school I encourage that person to either live on campus or to join a club.


People that are devoted to school and determined to walk into a succeeding life after graduation should definitely attend University of the Incarnate Word. Our President, Dr.Agnese, truly cares about our education, and the whole staff makes each student feel like a student, other than a number. Friendly people would love it here because everyone is so courteous to one another. There are plenty of leadership activities and several organizations, including soroities and fraternities. This school is for students who want to attend a well rounded semi-big university and still receive special attention from our teachers.


Students that are determined and prefer the one-on-one time in order to properly learn will love this college atmosphere. The staff is friendly with all of its students. Many study abroad students come here to learn and the culture explosion is present throughout university.


Those who are dedicated to recieving a well rounded education, and succesfully completing their degree plan.


Artistic, fun loving, nature loving


A student who's ready and willing to learn and is serious about their work and not JUST having fun. Also, one who can manage their time wisely and who knows how to set their priorites correctly.


a person that challenges herself and pays attention to detail. a person with a strong mind that can be commited to the future and do not give up on his or her dreams. a person with love toward's nature and respects earth.


The kind of student who will attend this school will be a serious student who knows exactly in he direction they are heading towards. He/She must be willing to devote time to school and focus on givin back to the community. Must be willing to take on challenges head on and never stop in the middle of their tracks. Getting the job done and being the best person one can be with a can-do attitude. The student must appreciate Life, Art, and Beauty in the world as well as in one another.


Although there is an influx of design, nursing, and pre- pharmacy students, diversity adheres to the cliques of academic placement and social interaction. The main quality that connects students at this campus is an open mind. Almost all students and faculty have a strong sense to step "out of the box" both academically and socially.


If you are looking for a party type of school, then the University of the Incarnate Word is not for you. At Incarnate Word, students seem to have a higher standard compared to other colleges. There are expectations of integrity, honesty, loyalty, and just living right because it is the right thing to do. I believe that these standards raise the students at my college to a higher bar, and better prepare them for their life after college. So if a student wants to be respected and develop their character, then this is the school for them.


A person that can afford the tuition. Plain and simple money talks loud and clear at Incarnate Word. Get ready to spend 100,000 on your four year education. On a lighter note, a person who aspires for a better life and a successful future. Someone that loves the feel of a small community. The type of person that enjoys study sessions and getting to know their peers, because after all you will most likely see everyone that attends UIW seeing as how small an institution we are.


The type of person one should be to attend Incarnate Word should be looking for a smaller school in an urban setting. As school spirit is not the main focus of the school, the future student should be prepared to find interest in other activities besides athletics and athletic games. The future student should be open and welcoming to many different races and ethnicities attending the school. He/she should be prepared to feel less like a number and more like a student in the classroom, compared to a large university.


Someone who has an open mind and is eager and willing to learn new things. Non judgemental and friendly people are very much encouraged to attend. People from all walks of life are welcome.


Good people.


Person(s) whom should attend the University of Incarnate Word should be academically derived people, who want to succed in life. This school requires many hours outside the classroom studies, its a academically challenging school. It is a small, cozy university, not intended for a huge party university life.


The kind of person that should attend UIW should be one who doesn't have money as a problem and who wants to attend a school that looks good on paper. The jobs around the area like the fact that students went to this private university and they tend to gravitate towards them. Also, if you want to attend a school with an array of students from the "upper class".


The kind of person that should attend this school is one that can enjoy a ethnically and spiritually diverse community. He or she should have a an open mind and open heart. It also is a great school for people who want to major in nursing. The school offers an outstanding nursing program. This school has taught me so much in the short time I have been here. I have met people from around the world, and around the block. It feels like home away from home.


An individual interested in attending the University of the Incarnate Word should have an almost unique set of characteristics. The person should have Michaelangelo's eye for art and Bach's (not Van Gough's) ear for music. His or her heroes should be Donald Trump and Bill Gates if into business or M. Night Shyamalan and Peter Jackson if into film. A penchant for psychological analysis is helpful, but optional, as is a fanatical love of sports. Finally, late-night study sessions with Mexican food and some sort of saintly devotion of faith is typical.