University of the Incarnate Word Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


There are not a lot of activites or clubs to be involved in, so not someone who is relly looking for an exciting al the time campus.


A person who's willing to attend this school should have high expectations, committed, and a hard worker. I think if a person who lacks in their work shouldn't attend this school or any school at all. A person who is willing to go to college will excel in the paths they choose to succeed in and they have high standards in what they choose to do in life. Life is always about being commited, and to never give up you always want to reach high expections for yourself and for your future.


The graduate program that I am in is very time demanding and the workload is intense. I would not recommend those looking for an easy courseload to attend here.


A person lacking focus and determination should not attend UIW.


Being that the school is a cathlich school, I would say it is not the place for atheist or non religios individals.


A person who is achieving high in learning should not attend the University of the Incarnate Word. For the cost to attend this school it is definitely not worth the price. Since it is a private university it is outrageously expensive. Also, since the university as such a high acceptance rate the students there are not of the highest intelligence. A person who is trying to be serious about the goals should not attend this school either. The students party a good amount and it can get out of hand at times, especially when trying to study for tests.


This school is open to everyone. They make you feel like family.


As I opened my acceptance letter into the graphic design program at UIW all I could think of was how much of a challenge it was going to be to become successful. Based on former students from the university, a person that shouldn't attend this school is one who does not have motivation, procrastinates, and does not have an open mind to learning. A lot of people tell me it is "a huge work load," so if you have trouble meeting deadlines and doing homework you probably won't do well at this school.


People who are looking for a huge Division 1 school experience.


Anyone who is not willing to work probably shouldn't go to Incarnate Word. Sure I have had my moments where I slacked off, but I had to pay for it by cramming and working twice as hard to produce good work. Professors here know when you don't give 100% work and in turn your grade suffers for it.


A person that likes big classes where the teachers only think of you as a number


Anyone looking for a big campus.


People who don't enjoy close relationships in an everybody knows everybody type of environment and who do not like to do homework or work hard for their grades should not attend this school.


I believe people that do not take school or the classroom setting seriously should not attend this, nor any other school. People that may take offense easily to a different religion may not be fit for the school either. This is because there is a sense of religion in some courses as well as religious courses are a part of the minimum requirements.


It is a Catholic affliated school and even though Gay & Straight Alliance clubs are welcomed on campus, just in a different form of name, if I was a openly, gay, and liberal homosexual, I would rethink attending. This school is in no way discriminatory, but I would personally be more comfortable in going to a school where their were more people that thought and acted the same as I. I have many gay and lesbian friends that agree.


People who are not prepared to study hard, read alot of books and write many papers should not attend this school. If your willing to work hard for your education this is the school for you.


A person that does not have patience and is not determined to work hard to achieve their goals should not attend this school. There is no place for a slacker at UIW. Everything is fast paced and once you are behind, you will never catch up.


rich kids who aren't in a hurry to graduate


No student should be left out if he/she wants to achieve their goals in getting a degree for a better life. People do mistakes but we cannot judge for a better success in life. There?s Universities that go through GPA?s and if the student has a low GPA they get regreted. I think this is part of being racial too. Because Universities should consider in helping that specific student in succeeding in life. Most Universities don?t know that this is part of their job too in making a better world for the future of tomorrow.


A person who shouldn't attend this school would be someone who wants lots of diversity and a huge social network. The school is small and with small classes and not lots to do on campus. We are adding more sports and majors so things might change.


The type of person who should not attend this school is one who is not driven academically. In order to survive in college, you must have a goal in mind of earning your degree and either getting a job or going on to graduate school. If you are coming to college in order to get away from your parents or to party, then the University of Incarnate Word is not for you. It is a small, Catholic University that is very focused on academics and community service.


A person with no determination and drive.


A person who is not motived to do great in classes and graduate with a awesome GPA.


Students who don't like mean competition and like close relationships should attend this school.


liberals, gay people, non christians, slackers, people who don't like school spirit, people who dont like unresonable rules, people who expect what professors verbal instructions to hold true. poor people. people who dont want to be poor.


Someone that just wants to skate by.


A person who likes a small community like atmosphere. Someone who has money to pay for every single fee and charge and supplies that you need in order to attend this school and succeed in classes.


Anyone looking for a free ride to a degree or easy grades. Someone with extremely high expectations in the nutrition and fashion departments may be disappointed simply due to the cost of tuition and the equal amount of knowledge that can be learned at a less expensive school.


If you have money issues or can't get a large amount of financial aid then you shouldn't attend this school. Typically, if you have an outstanding balance, it becomes apparent around the time to register for the next semester's classes. If you have a balance, forget about early or on-time registration and forget about being able to focus on finals. That huge balance will become your main concern. Also, don't attend this school if your not really focused on the medical field or a business field. There are plenty more schools better.


People that do not like to study.


Any open mided that like to keep the learing process in small clases