University of the Incarnate Word Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Take it one step at a time. Try community college first to get a taste of college life before hitting the big schools. This will save you both money and time. Make sure that you get everything taken care of before starting your first semester. Find out where everything is around campus and don't be scared to ask for help. Talk to people, make friends and yes, even the professors. College life will be fun but you will also need to work hard to accomplish what you want. If you're strong and dedicated you will succeed in anything you try. Keep your mind focused but have with the experience. Set a goal for yourself and work to get there. Talk to your advisors and ask for their assistance. They are there to help you on your way. Staty strong.


I would most certainly say to myself that it is okay to not know exactly what I want to chose as my major, and that it is also okay to not know what i want my profession to be. I would say to myself that all of these life altering decisions will come with time and experience. I would say that it might not even be the correct decision, even if I do make one. A change might still be in order. I would say that it is extremely important for me to open up my mind, my heart, and my soul to retrieve all of the information that I can and eventually I will get it. I will get to where I need to get to and be successful at it. I started off at UIW as a nursing major, I got into the program and hated it. I then changed to psychology. This was life altering since nursing had been my life, but I opened up my heart and my mind and I am loving everyday of school now. College has changed my life and taught me so much. I would want my younger self to know that.


In order to make a smooth transition from a senior in high school to a college freshman I would have told myself to find the Christian crowd within the first week of school. Stay involved with your church it will keep you focused. Volunteer at least one day a week for two hours because it will make someone else happy as well as yourself. The advice I would have given myself as a high school senior would have been that a college degree is extremely important. It is worth your time and energy. You will be much happier if you will stay in school and finish. Making C?s is not acceptable. Ask questions inside and outside of the classroom to clarify what you are studying. In order to make excellent grades you need to set a schedule and follow it. Allow yourself 3-6 hours a week outside of each class to study appropriately. Strive for success and believe in yourself at all times.


During my years in high school, I always tried to be the perfectionist, the star student, and the overachiever. I never rejected a chance to take an AP course. I continue to push myself in the same manner, but I am finally starting to see the downfalls. While other students are taking time to smell the roses and appreciate what is around them, I have not. If I would have instilled more time for rest, I could appreciate my efforts. I wish I could have told myself to slow down because there is no need to finish school so quickly without a balance of work and play because a person needs this time to grow and discover. I have no regrets, but I wish I could have told myself to divide my time to take advantage of what other parts of college life there are to experience. I realized it a 1.5 years in and plunged into a study abroad program. Through this, I discovered my love for travel and learning other cultures. If I told myself before of the possibilities, I could have explored more of the world sooner, becoming a more cosmopolitan and cultured individual.


If I had the chance to win the lottery or go back in time to knock some sense into myself in high school, I would go back in time. I would tell myself to apply to every school I could, and concentrate more in submitting my essays. I graduated cum lade but I only applied to three schools. I would go back in time as an advisor and be on myself about dealines and important dates of scholarships, and apply for any and every scholarship that I was eligible for. I would stress that finishing college and maybe taking summer classes would advance my graduation date and be able to reach my goals more quickly. Financial aid is crucial process and must be admitted early in the year for review of funds needed. I would definitely encourage myself to complete my FAFSA early and never give up on completing college even if situations occur that might delay completion. I would advise myself as an advisor that college isn't like high school. Yeah you can walk in late or not go to your class, but who are you really hurting. Your grade drops and you end up prolonging your graduation.


With college came a new perspective to ?school?. Because I never suffered severely with grades, there was no ?wake-up call? when I entered college. Rather, the specific event of freshman year was a realization of the forte I had either always possessed or gained inadvertently through high school classes. That being said, I have two pieces of advice to give to the seventeen-year-old me. First, know how to recognize potential. It is a tough feat to find what makes you tick and what gives you wings, but is well worth-the-while. If you have a grasp on how much potential you have, as clich? as it sounds, you can hurdle any obstacle. My second piece of advice is to be a leader. In every aspect you can, choose to lead. Whoever said, ?stay with the herd? was probably also a sheep getting an average education and falling through the cracks. Though simple and sincere, guiding your education in the right direction could be one of the more important things in a person?s life, so why not do it right? These few suggestions are crucial to college life and I wish I had recognized them earlier..


I would tell myself stay away from drugs and alcohol they are over rated. No one who was successful ever said "if i would do more drugs and drink more alcohol, i would be more successful." I would tell myself take charge of my education only I control how much and how well I will learn. I would tell myself....stay away from boys they are the devil.....jk but I would incourage myself to stay focused on the bigger picture not the now but the later. I would tell myself to exercise daily. other than that I would do exaxctly what i am doing now!


To Cassie: College is right around the corner. Hanging out with friends and waiting for graduation is not the only important thing. Don't feel bad when you don't finish the application progress for the Air Force Academy, there are other schools out there and you will find one that makes you feel welcome. I know Momma is bugging and pushing you about applying to more schools and looking for scholarships which gets annoying but she only does it because she loves you and cares about your future. One day your going to realize everything she says is true. Forget all the boys. They can break your heart but they can never take away you education and your future career. It's only high school and you have your whole life for love! Cassie, learn better study habits! Procrastinating is not going to help you through college. Turn off the TV and study, study, study! Study now, play later. Don't work too hard and too many hours, your continuing school to further you education and gain a career. And finally, Cassie, don't be afraid to ask for help. From An Older and Wiser Cassandra


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships. Attending a private university is pricey and takes a lot of hard work. I would push myself to apply to all the scholarships I could. Money will be tight and in this economy, it does not get any easier. Also, I would tell myself to learn to accept failure. I have always been an over-acheiver and in college, YOU WILL GET A C+ eventually. I would tell myself not to take it so hard. College is hard especially when you come from a high school that is not preparing you the way it should. I would tell myself to brace for what is about to come and just to have faith and work hard and to never give up.


Jonathan, I am happy to come back in time and meet myself, please don?t look too dissatisfied at what you will look like in a few years! I wanted to come back and tell you how college life is going. The fun and carefree times that you are told are completely off base from what to expect. I decided to go to the University of the Incarnate Word. You see, this school is not about partying hard every night or trying to find out what kind of trouble you can get into as a new adult. The truth is, Incarnate Word has taught me how to be a great man. Things like integrity and honesty have been implemented into my life and have really developed the character of the man I will be for the rest of my life. I could go on and on about what to focus on academically, but I don?t have much time, and Incarnate Word really supports you throughout your academic career. Any anxieties that you have about not being able to make it in college should just be put away as this school has made it easy to be a great student.


Dear High School Senior, The next four years you will mature and learn more than you can imagine now. Surround yourself with the right people. You may find yourself limited with friends who are materialistic, shallow, or even lost in their own insecurities, but do not lose yourself. Your youth and natural kindness will go long ways; do not let anything change you. You will be told to answer interviews in a certain way but there?s no better way than to be yourself because you will shine as you are. Believe in yourself from day one, everyone else will believe in you if you do. Listen to your professors and always keep an open mind and spirit. Trust in the process of life. There will be hard moments because everyone has tough times but do not let go of who you are. Focus on your strengths; it is easier to improve those rather than your weaknesses. Lastly, be thankful for the education you are receiving. Sincerely, Martha Barreda


PAY ATTENTION IN MATH!! If you dont, its like learning how to walk again. Frustrating and mentally mind boggling! If you remember anything make sure its math and how to write your paper in MLA or APA format. All of this will eventually come in handy. Start saving up quarters for washing clothes over the weekend and printing countless papers in the library before class. Dont think for one second you are done with scholorship hunting because you are just getting started. You will get and endless amount of text messages from Mom and Dad telling you to search, search, search! While we are talking about money, you better swallow your pride about shopping at Wal-Mart. It really becomes your one-stop-shop for clothes and most importantly value packs of Ramen Noodles! Yummy! Really try to get your homework done before away games because when your on the bus and around all your teamates its the last thing you want to do. But, knowing you, you will procrastinate no matter what. Softball is just begining. You will play atleast 50 games a season. It will be hard juggling both so party only when necessary!


If I could go back in time?in all honesty?I would tell myself to first, enjoy and partake in more or most of the senior-bonding activities. I would tell myself to join the exuberant water balloon fight of ?09(?no one got in trouble) and the senior circle during the last football game (?no, your big brother is not going to get mad for making him wait to pick you up). Second, I would tell myself, that even if you choose to stay at home and live with your parents during college, it won?t set you back from having the best, most awesome freshmen year (?or at least first semester). Third, I would tell myself to look back at freshmen year of high school and just trust that your first year of college is so much better (?tons more enthralling, nerve-wracking, and even inspirational). Lastly forth, I would tell myself to get ready, because your real grown-up life hasn?t begun?so as a senior, live-up (to the fullest) your last year.


Marlene, Please do all of your homework and make sure that you take some tutoring classes in Algebra. Remember that your grades will determine how much financial aid, scholarships and grants you will receive. Also take note that all of the courses you are taking including art and music, are determinging your future! When your not tired from varsity sports, please study. Make straight A's and make sure that you really put some effort into scholarships searches. I know it takes countless hours and seems like a waste of time, but trust me if you don't you'll wish you had later when you can't pay that 15,000 semester at your University. Most importantly save money by taking some Dual credit courses, the highschool pays for them and they go towards your university graduation hours. Buy a planner and take a class on time management, you will need it. Time is of the essence, so spend it wisely. If all else fails, pray!


If I cold go back in time to when I was in high school I would tell myself to do better and push myself harder. Not to slack off and have fun that there is time after my education to do that.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would tell myself to keep up the hard work. I would also tell myself to never loose the determination that I have always had. Knowing what I know now I would make sure that I knew that college is not that scaring and that a lot of wonderful things will come out of me going to college. I have changed a lot since I started college and I think knowing that I would have felt more at ease going into college.


I would tell myself that school should be fun. I would tell myself to take school seriously but to remember not to forget that life is short and to enjoy every moment of every day. I would tell myself that the preparation of this moment will make the difference in my future. Not only should I enjoy my experience in school but I should always be working towards something that I have a passion for so that at the end of the day my time will not have been wasted in doing something that I didn't truely love to do. I would remind myself that learning and edcuation is a precious gift that should not be taken for granted. If I could retake the first year of college I would spend more time soaking up the knowledge of the people around me because I feel that there is no such thing as learning too much. I would tell myself to take hold of each opportunity so that when the chance passes by I will not find regret in anything that I might have missed.


Having a goal in life is important to succeed in the feature. It?s important to challenge yourself and never give up in thing you are doing to succeed. Asking questions to your professors, getting in small study groups, providing time to yourself by not stressing out, and if you can study for a small Associates degree in High School examples: Pharmacy Technician, Medical or Lab Assistant. Its important to be part in ones community by volunteering in a fill you will like to study, this will provide you with some knowledge of what to become in life. Being physical and spiritual well is also, important due that one?s mentality grows and will keep you out of being sick and more active in studies, spirituality, and a better health. Have friends with positive attitude and always study to reach your goals. Because one will become the future of tomorrow.


Assuming what I know about college life and making the transition I would advise myself to let go of the fear. Fear is within every person when graduating high school. You are faced with growing up from the moment you recieve the diploma. You face the fear in transitioning into the real world. The problem I always faced in attending college immediately after high school was fear. Transitioning into college was a fear I never thought I would be able to adjust to. I feared not making the grade, I feared not being able to pay for school, or even fitting in with my peers. Therefore, if I had the opportunity to talk to myself as a high school senior I would recite the words "face your fears" because those are the words that have gotten me through my academic journey now that I'm in school in my thirtys. It is being fearless of striking out that will get me my diploma in May 2010. No matter what challenge may come your way, it must be overcome without the fear of failing.


Dear Genevieve, I know high school is borning and you are ready to go out and live your life, but believe me you should try and do your best now and get as many scholarships as you can. College is expensive but fun, you will meet lots of new people and make life long friends. Pay attention in anatomy because in nursing school your going to need it. I know right now you miss a lot of class and have lost sight in why school is important, but it is only because the school you go to right now is not a good one. No one at our high school really takes things seriously and you will see how things and people change once you graduate. When you get to college study! Things will not be like before where you could miss all year and still have As. And one thing you will learn your very first semester is you are responsible for your actions and the way you choose to spend you time determines if you will succeed. So remember apply for scholarships, go to class, study, and most of all you are responsible for your actions.


Throughout the course of your lifetime you will experience many twists and turns that bring about challenges and opportunities. What you choose today will certainly produce your tomorrows. It is with that understanding that you must choose wisely and yet be willing to step outside your fear and embrace challenges even at the risk of falling down. The choice to improve yourself through furthering your education is before you and you are wise to embark on this journey that will lead you to great heights both acacemically and socially. Don't let the fear of failing or statistics deprvie you of this wonderful opportunity . It is yours for the taking. The universe is truly yours!


If I had the opportunity to return to my senior high school year, I would definitely prepare myself for college by being well informed of my options. I come from a first generation family, with that being said I did not have the full understanding of what to expect after high school. Both of parents are from Mexico and did not attend high school. I do have older sibling but they did not take the next step in attending college. So I was left to fend for myself and try to get as much information as possible with the limited resources I did had. Now being a junior in college and having expierenced life, I would have talked to more counselors even if it meant begging for an appiontment. I would carefully read my financial aid agreements, especially when accepting student loans. And applied for more scholarships since I would have probably qualified due to my grades and situation. I have always appreciated what my parents did to try to provide the best education for me. And tremendously value the hard work and sacrafices I have done in order to continue with my education and prosper in my career.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the first thought that comes to my mind is: "hindsight is always twenty-twenty". Aside from the usual upperclassmen information of, "don't touch the meat in the cafeteria" or "don't buy your books at the bookstore", I would tell myself something even more important, a life-long lesson. The lesson that I would tell myself would be to drop your fears at the door and try something new, meet new people, and let yourself be yourself, because that is the most important. I believe this would be the most crucial piece of information to tell my pre-college self, as a lesson such as this can carry you throughout life. College is the time where one should be reaching out and trying different activities and meeting new people, some who may stay in your life and some who may not. This is all a part of the "college experience", as cheesy as it sounds, it is true. By following this advice, I believe that myself and any other student can fully appreciate their time in college without any regrets.


It's going to get rough and you need to learn how to study. It's completely different from highschool kid and the sooner you learn how to manage your time and study effectively the better off your going to be. Now start working.


You think high school was difficult. You have no idea how easy it is compared to what you are about to endure. College is a huge responsibility both financially and academically. Be prepared to spend most of your day studying and learning. You will have to get out of that ?High School Mentality? you have been so used to for the past four years. Yes, it?s true they are a lot more lenient in college than in high school; however, they are also more demanding and expect a lot more responsibility and effort from you. As I always say, with freedom comes responsibility. Complacency and Laziness will cost you dearly?in more ways than one. College is not only a huge academic opportunity but it is also a once in a lifetime learning experience. You learn new things. Not just to help with the career you choose, but for the life you will have to live once you leave college. It is almost liek you are forced to grow up and mature. You become a more responsible and educated adult.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice about college, I would tell myself to think about my major and try to figure it out now. I think knowing your major when entering college really helps when choosing classes and thinking about the future. When you know your major, you have a goal in sight, a path that you are following, and you can move more quickly through your undergraduate degree. What I would tell myself as a senior is to research career choices. It took a little while longer, but in the end, taking a few extra challenging courses, and exploring a couple different majors allowed me to discover that I wanted a career in Math and ultimately, Epidemiology.


If I could go back in time I would go future back than my senior year and tell myself to buckle down and take school seriously because everything being taught is going to be useful.


Do not party irresponsably, focus on your career goals. Know your limits and know what you want for your future. Take advantage of the free facilities in your school, like a learning assistance center, take all your essays there and get them revised, go to health services when you need to. Read the school's catalog and all the rules so that you do not get any surprises at the end of the semester. BE ACTIVE!!


If i could go back in time and talk to myself i would tell myself to study more take advantage of all tutoring in classes im having trouble with and to really get involved in school activities. I would advice myself to take up a sport whether its soccer or track and do my best in order to become eligible for a scholarship to help pay for school. I would tell myself to listen to my parents because even though they may seem strict and mean their only looking out for my best interests. Life is too short and you need to take advantage of all opportunities while your still young because it only gets harder as you get older.


I would have taken more time to study in middle school and high school years.


If I could go back as a high school senior, I would tell myself always start with the fresh start. Go in to college with an open mind to succeed in life. I want to tell you to be yourself and focus on one goal only and that goal is to graduate. One goal and that is to graduate and make lots of friends that influence for the good and is only striving you to succeed in life. Do alot of community service now because as you get into your junior senior year there will be enough time to do alot of community service to graduate.


Looking back when I was a high school senior I thought I put my best foot forward, well in some classes I did and in others I didn?t. One of the major things I would?ve told myself is the first week I was having trouble with pre cal I should?ve dropped it, that way I kept my 3.4 GPA at the time. Looking at my study habits I thought I studied to the best of my ability, in English I did well however I would tell myself today ?You know that you shouldn?t be on the computer on Face book or texting until your homework is done, and yes you have to read all of what was assigned for you to read just don?t skim read the book. Take notes over what you are reading.? ?This does not only apply to one class Dominique it applies to all classes, and you need to be serious about applying for scholarships for college?. Yes all of this was a learning process, even though I am doing way better in college now, making these few changes in my senior year in high school would've helped more.


I would tell them to change their career choice or try to attend an out of state college.


As a high school senior I did not know the meaning of being productive and responsible. As a college student I now believe that the true meaning of being responsible is having the opportunity to take a step forward in life and put forth your mind and soul on a goal or ambition. Having the ability to accomplish a goal independently is much more valuable than any other achievement because it gives us our motivation to strive for better than the best of things in life. The advice that I would give myself as a senior in high school is that college is another step in life that allows us to grow academically. We choose the paths that seem much more convenient at times, but what is more important is the quality of life that these paths may give us. The transition between a high school senior and a college student is another one of those steps that gives us our individuality and our independence. College is the best choice because we then become aware of the many choices we may have with a college degree with much more emphasis on our desires.


Be patient.


It doesn't matter who you were dating or what kind of drama you stir up when you start college. College is a new life and you need to meet as many people as you can during your time there. College is not just about you; it's a networking opportunity. Learn as much as you can, also and do more than what's required for your classes.


Do not make any bills for yourself, get a job that you love and want to work at for a long time, if you ever have any doubt then pay attetion to it, save as much money as you possibly can, make sure that you apply for the University of the Incarnate Word, and do not ever attend summer school unless it is at a community college!!!!!


Mostly advice on the structure of classes and the institutions.


It is never too early to think about the future. Time goes by fast. As soon as you become a freshmen in high school, think about different careers you may be interested in. After narrowing it down to three career fields, find colleges that have majors for those fields. You want to choose a college that mainly focuses on your specific major because when your looking for a job, the company does look at the college you attended. When the company sees a college that focused mainly on your career, it shows that your well educated and prepared for the job. After narrowing down your colleges, visit and see if you like the environment and people there. The environment is very important to consider because if you don't like it, you will just have a terrible college expereience. I know it can be intimidating at first since your still in high school, but talk to the students and teachers at the college. It will be worth in the end to start early because then you can get a head start in life.


Think wisely


Take your time in deciding, and make a list of important things to you. Also seek advice from an older sibling or family member who has been through college to guide you. Something you must put emphasis on is financial aid. Be careful in calcuating costs and spend all your free time finding scholarships or other forms of aid. Also make the scholarship termination policies very clear. Lastly, but not any less go to class. Many professors deduct a whole letter grade for every class missed. It adds up quickly!


Take your time adn do your research. Find more than enough financial aid before you narrow your choices down!


Often a great deal of atttention is given to the cost of a school. Being a student of a university that is well known for its high price tag, I can attest to the fear of having to repay the large amount of loans that I will have. However, the old saying certain does prove true: you get what you pay for. Don't shy away from private universities simply due to cost. Take a closer look at what it is that you will actually be getting for your money and then see if it is worth it. A good education can certainly come from any school, even a community college, but there is a lot to be said about the reputation of the school you will be attending and how well respected the professors are in the community in which they reside. Of course, if you can find all of that and still manage to save by attending a less expensive college... you are waisting your time reading this, you should be filling out your application right now!


I would tell students to go to a small univerisity so they could feel more accepted. Another reason for a smaller university is that they will have a better chance to have a closer relationship with their college professors. I know at my school I had all of my instructors numbers on my cell phone, and I knew that if I had a question I was able to get into contact with them. Grades were very important to me for financial situations, so being able to contact my instructors was important to me. I would also tell future students to be themselves, don't get caught up on all the clubs and friends because in the end all of that will not matter. All that will matter is that you are secure about what you want and hopefully that your GPA is high enough to land the job that you are seeking!


I would tell parents and students to take college selection very seriously. I would definitely start during a student's junior year in highschool. There are so many new and innovative ways to get to know a university and I would suggest utlizing as many as possible. I would also take out financial and geographic location considerations when deciding on college. You only get one chane to make the most out of this time in your life and I think students should not limit themselves when there are so many sources for help available.


Don't ask the our guide about the campus atmosphere, ask random students. .. they arent being paid to tell you a nice impression of the school.


First off is the career path, chose a school that contains the major of choice, this is very important. Next chose a school that will be most comfortable for the student, diversity, campus life, and studies etc. Lastly, location should be considered, make sure that location is convient for student.


As a parent one of the most challenging things about sending your beloved children off to school, is knowing that they will be safe, have fun, and acquire the knowledge that will enable them to go off into the world and be successful. This is easier said than done when it comes to selecting the perfect college. It is common for students to choose a school which their parents want them to attend, or even to choose a school which a friend or significant other is attending. This decision is one of the most important that the parent and student will ever choose. When choosing a college you must take into consideration your aspirations for the future. Once you have a major in mind pick a school whose program for that major looks interesting, challenging, and most of all is attainable.Once you are in the college that most fits you remember to take it seriously. College is one of the most amazing experiences of a persons life, and studying it away will lead to regrets later. Make friends, leave drama in highschool, and make sure that your college years are something you will want to remember forever.


College should be all about having fun and enjoying the school. To the parents, cost shouldn't matter no matter how expensive something may seem. Your child only gets to make their FIRST college experience once in a life time. Don't limit them. If there is a will there is a way. Students, don't party like crazy. There will be plenty of time to party when you have gotten to the finish line. Don't mess up your first year by blowing everything off just because you have recieved independence. You are now a responsible adult, act like it. Remember to try your hardest even when the class is difficult. It's those that make you appreciate all the easy classes. But most of all, always be yourself and don't worry if things don't go as planned, they always seem to work out in the end.


Visit all your college campus choices. dont be afraid to go far away from home.