University of the Incarnate Word Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Take campus tours and research the history of the school. If given the opportunity talk to other students about their experience at the university.


Make sure it has all the qualities you want in a college


Go with your gut


One of the most important things a student can do to choose the right college is to ignore what colleges say they accomplish and actually go out and look at student work. Student work is reflective of the quality of education they are getting without the exaggerations most large colleges are capable of saying about their students. Bring porfolios and letters of recommendation from teachers from your highschool or, if you are a transfer student, from your previous professors. For parents, one of the most important things you can do for your son or daughter is to investigate the school's views on social justice and volunteer work. Any school that requires volunteer work is a great place to be. It may not seem like a big deal, but being able to appreciate the value of education and having experience helping those in need makes for a strong moral character.


Find a program that fits what you want to do. Plan your college life to guide you into the type of work you want to do. Talk to your teachers and always ask questions.


I would give advice that when looking for a college or university to attend the best thing to do is shop around. It possible that you are accepted to the best school in the country but if you do not enjoy your experience3 there it could be a waste. A waste or time, money, and other resources.


The right University for you is the one that when you first see it you find your self smiling and excited to attend that school.


Find a place where you feel like the teachers care about your future, and you think you will be happy for the next four years. At Incarnate Word, I became very close with many of my teachers. I feel like the relationships I have with them allowed me to become successful. Their advice and encouragment kept me motivated and prepared me for medical school. The friends I made at Incarnate Word were also a large reason for my success. They kept my life balanced and often offerend a unique perspetice on and issue, or support when I needed help. My best advice is once you've found a school you like, engage the school completely. Get to know your professors, your fellow students. Join organizations that you interest you, and really just try to enjoy the time you have at the school to the fullest. College is a place to learn, but also a place to have fun and expereience new and exciting things. Thats what I did, and I know that I will always be greatful for my time at Incarnate Word.


I would say to parents that if their child wants to wait a couple of months or a year to figure out what they want to major in, in college, then that's absolutely fine. No one knows what they want to do for the rest of their lives as soon as they get out of high school. If they do, that's very rare and they're very lucky to know that already. I think parents should keep in mind that most college freshman don't know how to go about doing their financial aid and learning all about it so it's best to at least give them a hand in understanding their finances in the first year or first semester. Students should keep in mind that there's going to be alot of stress with school coming their way, and they need to take time out for themselves every day in order not to burn themselves out and reach the point where they don't fully dedicate themselves to their studies.


Have a few ideas of what you want to study and look at each degree program, what courses it requires, and if there are any additional requirements to earn a degree. Attend the seminars the school has for potential students and visit the school website to learn more about the school.


Don't get excited about attending a university. Unless you've got a full scholarship, go to those community colleges and get those basics out of the way for a fraction of the price. I ended up going there after 2 1/2 years at the university and learned way more and also gained a lot more from my professors. Seemed like the smaller schools care a little more. But do two years in community college and two at the university. The big school experience is great but the value of knowledge that that certain professor may give you last forever. Trust me, I do regret starting right into a University and wish I would've gone the other route, but I've gained major pluses from both. Do your research, visit schools, look at student work, and pay attention to the crowd that are at these schools. Make a careful decision and everything will fall into place.


consider the size of the class you want to be in weather in a class of 100 or just 10


There is only so much advice one can give. But if I had to give advice to a future college student it would be this: Always follow your heart, it will be your guide to a college that suits your personality and true wants in this life. Another piece of advice is to make your decisions about what's best for you and not for somebody else, that somebody else is not living your life, not thinking your thoughts and most importantly not you. For parents; make sure not to pressure your children into going to the college that you wished you had gone too, be supportive in his/her decisions. Also, be up front and center in his/her lives. Just because they are college students does not mean they are totally gone from your lives. They will need that parental support, not to mention it will remind them of home. Though sometimes it may seem they don't want you around, it's the complete opposite. Despite the advice, I think a student knows exactly what he or she wants to do and what to expect. They just need to dig deep into their heart and find it.


Make sure to choose the right school based on the school's mission, classes and school level. If for some reason the student does not know yet what he/she is going to majoring in, then the best would be to take only the basic classes and try to choose within that time to get a major in which he/she is doing and ejoying the best. I enjoy going to Incarnate Word because the classes are really small, so the profesor really knows you, and if for some reason the topic given was not really clear, then all of the profesors are reachable out side the classes. Make sure the college you pick its within your expecatations and your financial situation. If you have a bad financial situation, try first to check if school financial aid is available. If the your parents and yourself are confortable with the campus, classes, level of school, and environment, then you chose the right school. Choosing the right school really matters! Do the right decision and ask as many questions you have before enrolling any school.


Pick on ur major its simple then get a good living situation and the parties will follow


Do not go for the name of the University of College make your decision on what is right for you


choose the college that when it comes time to visit it, you feel comfortable and excited that you are there just the way The University of the Incarnate Word made me feel.


Gosh. Is there a tougher choice in life? Choose your college as you would a life partner: with great care and attention and not waiting until last minute. There are five main things to consider. First (very important), how are the looks? Visit the campus and see if you like the view. Second, is there personality? Make sure you gel with the feel of the community to see if you two "click." Third, how does it perform in bed? Campus housing is important. Don't short-sheet yourself. Fourth does it have a decent brain? Academics, we musn't forget those. Finally, how will this new partner affect your wallet? Don't choose something you'll be paying for the rest of your life. You can always switch partners later, but it makes a heck of a lot more sense to choose wisely in the beginning and save many headaches later. As an addendum, take a moment to Google (I mean "use a search engine to research") your prospective college-to-be and get the low-down before exchanging nuptials.


My advice to students and/ or parents is to do research on schools you will like to attend prior to graduating. Make sure you attend the university. Make sure that university is best for your profession. Make sure you speak with the financial aid office regarding your financial aid. Once you do that you will enjoy your university to the fullest. You will get along well with your professors more. Your enviornment will be like home. You won't feel like a stranger or out of place. Or in some cases regret going to that school. If you get a better understanding of the university before hand ... it makes life at that university a much more pleasant experience. Also, get involved with campus activities to to better socialize with your peers.


To find the right college, the student must first assess what he or she wants from the experience. Someone who's only going to college as a stepping stone to their ideal job should really just go to a college that specializes in their program. But someone who wants to make the most of their college time and experience life, should not only look at the college itself, but also the culture of the surrounding area and what it can offer. When he or she finds the school that fits, they have to allow themselves to open up to all the new experiences they can have. No matter how shy or self conscious they are, a student has to be willing to go to events, speak up in class, make new friends, explore different cultural aspects, but above all, they have to be willing to try new things, no matter how out of their comfort zone they are. College is about doing things you wouldn't normally get to do otherwise. Its a time that you can't replace because of all the amazing opportunities that are presented and lessons in and out of the classroom that you can learn.


In the process of selecting a college or university, parents and students should visit and apply to schools that agree with their wants and needs. Consider the size, student/professer ratio, facilities, clubs, sports, and costs. By keeping your goals and personal requirements ahead of you, the university you choose will provide you with the tools you need to become a successful individual. College is your chance to find yourself in the world. Your college experience will present you with many challenges and good times. Embrace all of these things by working hard, meeting and forming relationships with new people, managing your time and health, get involved, and make time for yourself. College is all about your developement into your own unique self.