University of the Incarnate Word Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


My academic advisor and the other professors at the university really do care about their students. My studies have been tailored to the needs of my major and minor. The only thing that has held me back from realizing my full potential here has been the cost of studying here. I would have loved to study abroad during this term, but adequate money just isn't available for all of my expenses, even with the healthy SAP program we have here.


The school really expects you to do well and try. They provide the students with plenty of study areas, wifi, even free coffee and cookies during finals weeks..... Anything to get us learning. There is a sense of community without having to be in Greek Life or an athletic team. Everybody understands that its a small school, and we all help each other through the tougher classes. Its great.


This school is all about strengthening your faith. They don't care exactly what your relgion is, they care that you stay true to it and who you are, because religion is something important, something that gives you faith. If you don't have any type of religion, it's fine, they just care that you believe in yourself and are faithful to yourself and others. That's what I find amazing about this school. It makes me feel welcome with whoever I am.


the best thing about my school is that it's a private environment and it's great to learn there.


The small class room sizes because you can actually interact with your proffessor and ask him questions about the assignment or course. The way the proffessors interact with you and wants to help succeed in the class room. Even though your proffessor is trying to help you the best way they can , it is still your responsibility to get your work done on time and show up to class. The workstudy job I had at the bussiness office was another good thing i liked about my school because I loved the job and the work it had to offer.


The best thing about University of the Incarnate Word is the spirit of help and kindness I see in the students and faculty. I was nervous about going to a University as a freshman at my age, but everyone that I have come in contact with are willing to help and are polite and really enjoy their job or attending school there. I feel comfortable and at ease. The spirit of God is everywhere you look.


Personally I would say that the best thing at my school is the Vision Science major. This major is the reason why I chose Incarnate Word and is the reason why I try so hard to do well. Next semester I will be doing my clinical internships and really getting involved in the field of Optometry before I even get to graduate school which is really very exciting! The professors here are also very considered for my well-being and work very hard to make sure I know the material and am able to do well on exams.


The professor of UIW of very helpful. It is very rare when you come across a professor that is not well organized and does not know the subject well.


The best thing about my school would most definitely be the faculty and their ability to help their students succeed. It would have been impossible for me to raise my GPA from what it was when I had transfered to The University of the Incarnate Word had it not been for the strength of character or experience instilled into each of my professors. There is a constant aura of success and a push for us, as students, to succeed in each of our fields.


My school is extremely diverse. The school allowed me to travel abroad to Paris, France and Gwangju, Korea. I was extremely involved in the Campus Activites Board and various groups.


University of the Incarnate Word is a private institution founded in 1881. UIW students can choose from a variety of interesting and challenging majors. With small classes, students receive one-on-one attention and build relationships that extend beyond the classroom. Approximately 92% of UIW students receive financial assistance. UIW offers a number of student services including nonremedial tutoring, placement service, health service, and health insurance. UIW has a very active campus life. UIW is a close community where you are encouraged to get involved! I always feel safe when I'm on campus because of the security services.


I will be attending this university in the fall and I am already beginning to love the idea of going there. The faculty and staff have been extremely caring and helpful. Stepping off the path of community college and taking the next step into a university is a giant leap for most people and I feel that it is important for the school to make you feel as comfortable as possible with the transition.


Location and the campus is not huge so you feel like a face insteadof a number.


The University of the Incarnate Word is a diverse university. It is declared as a Catholic institution. However, it seems like a very relaxed and liberal campus, and not as uptight as one would expect from a religiously affiliated college. It surprised me when I found out we has an organization affiliated with the Gay-Straight Alliance. I thought that because it is considered wrong by the church, the campus would not have approved an organization. This university is open to all thoughts and ideas and only focuses on the betterment of man as a whole.


the classes are very good and the teachers are great to work with


The best thing about my school is that the class sizes are small and the teachers know what they are talking about and they actually care about making sure that you learn whatever it is that they are teaching.


It has a diverse group of students and it is on a beautiful campus.


I reluctantly agreed to attend Incarnate Word, but I can honestly say that I have never regretted my decision. Given the large Hispanic population, I felt like an outsider, but I love the vivacity of the Hispanic culture, focus on family/community, and how the interplay of this demographic is reflected in UIW as a Catholic institution. I have loved and continue to love the fact that Incarnate Word is a small school because I prefer the attention I get in the classroom, where the professor considers me a person, not a number.


The best thing about UIW is most classes have less than 40 students, typically 20. You get more time with the professors and they are very friendly and make themselves available all the time.


The best thing about the school is that they know how to prepare a person academically. The staff make sure that you graduate from the university.


the campus is really nice and pretty, and the professors are always helpful.


It is a small school so the teachers have fewer students and more time for each student.


The great diversity among people. Rather than having to go visit all the countries and see all the different people, i can actually just go to school and interact with these people from different countries.


I loved the can be very involved if you want. There was a diverse group of students and I learned SOOO much about other cultures/religions/people. It was overall a great experience without all that alcohol and binge drinking crap. Small classes! Loved it!


The campus itself is one of the most beautiful places in San Antonio. The San Antonio river runs right through it, and there are many natural springs, trees, and grottos scattered around the campus. There is hardly a spot on campus that isnt covered by trees and bright green grass. There always seems to be a cool breeze in spite of the high temperatures typical of San Antonio. If I could complete my classwork outside I definitely would.


the small class size


Community is hard to escape from. It pulls you back and sucks you in, making you feel wanted, welcome, needed, and belonging. The University of the Incarnate Word is a small school and therefore, it draws you out and into the community and keeps you there. No more lonely late nights eating ice cream in front of the TV by yourself. Here you will have at least two other people right beside you fighting you for the remote.