University of the Ozarks Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best know for it's Jones' Learning Center. It helps students with learning disablitites.


My school is best known for the open door policy. The open door poilcy is that the professors office doors are always open when they are in there. Students can go and talk with them about thier grade and homework and even when they need the extra help they can use the open door policy.


The best thing about this school is they will work with you to get through it with good grades and if having money problems will help you all the time with it. I should know i'm not finacially able to be here with out loans cause unlike others here I didn't have scholarships that came with me that I could keep.


This school is best known for its international program and business department. Both of which is dominated by the Central Americans and other foreigners and so is the university.


It's known for the Jones Learning Center which provides special help to students with learning disabilities.


My school is best known for its business program.