University of the Ozarks Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back and talk to myself in high school, I would tell myself to finish school when I should have. I would tell myself to buckle down and do your schoolwork try not to get pregnant and go to college. Reason being going to college would be because you don’t want to be a truck driver for the rest of your life. I graduated high school in 1992, I was 22 years old, so if I was to go back in time and tell myself to finish school I would’ve finished at least four years sooner than what I did. So in telling myself to finish school not to get pregnant to stay away from the drugs and a buckle down, and get good grades so I could go to a good college and complete college, and get a good paying job than finding a husband that I have now, and be happy would be the ultimate gift to myself.


I would tell myself that you really need to make a time mangement schedule your first semester and you would have done better. I would tell her that it's okay that you are leaving everyone behind because you will find some very good friends and you will be happy with the education you are recieving.


I have learned in my college experience that you are not going to be good at everything you do in life, but that with drive, determination, and a little help sometimes you can succeed. It has been valuable to attend my college because I really feel like all of my professors care about my success and are willing to work with me when I am struggling in class. This support makes it easier to attempt classes that are outside of my comfort zone. I know now that while it is important to do well, it is also important to experience life and step out of the box sometimes. Life can not be lived in auto-pilot.


I have gotten a great deal of satisfaction out of my college experience. I have learned that though I have not been is school for thirteen years, I can still get A's. I have learned that I can attend school and still be a good dad. It is much more difficult to be in school while working full time and taking care of my daughter. The confidence that I have gained through the grades that I have achieved is very valuable. I have also been able to be a good example to other students. The importance of being that example is to show the children how they should treat one another, and to show them the love of Jesus through my behavior. I hope to be able to obtain my degree in Nursing. The nursing degree will be very valuable to me because I will be able to minister to physical needs of the people on the mission field. The people I interact with have both spiritual and physical needs. I want to be able to be a blessing to the people that I work with in both facets. God Bless You and thank you for the opportunity.


By attending the University of the Ozarks, I have discovered myself and the determination to do better in order to achieve my college eduation. My experience with meeting new people and getting to know my professors has shown a more instinctive outlook of who I should be. Each professor tells me something new I need to work on as a student, so the next year I have a goal to work for. Being able to make friends so easily at the University of the Ozarks has caused my insecurities to go away that use to exist in high school. The value I give to my college experience is an infinite amount. I know if I had never attended this college, my experience would have been altered entirely.


I have gotten so much, because I have staterd at a late age. At forty it was a new begin for me, hard and setting goal which I had found that it new to me. I fear it but I saw the great to just do it. The begin was to just to change my mindset, and to see had to begin in my goal in life. I realize that a small beginning was better than no beginning, life for me had to started with my pursuing education to better my life. My mindset change in a large way, First, I saw a goal for higher education, Secondly, advancement onthe job,Thirdly, I saw career change. Well this was new for me and hard at the same time, change which could be challenge but new. My lifestyle when to where the future going ,to ok the future look bright after all. I feel I will always view education as a plus, and a must. My vision and goals in life to promoted higher learning forever, and to continue moving toward it. There no time than the present for me, to know pursue your dream in life a include education now.


During my course of study I have started to obtain my life and health license. My major is finance however I would like to go into working as a carbon offset project manager. The course of study falls in line with the insurance and this web site has helped me know what I must do ~ I have educated myself in the finance of residential loans and have scored 63% on my state board for insurance. I need to get about 20 more correct answers. Next I will study series 6 & 63. Many people need to learn how money works and the uses of it. Albert Einstein once said, ?The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest?. I must agree. There is also a paper I have found to support my theory of the mortgage crisis ~ . In 2009 I wrote a paper dealing with the in's and out's of how mortgages work. I hope others will read these papers and learn not to make the same mistakes. Reading is fundimental.


I have gooten out of my college experience is that there are more things in life you can do with a college degree. Many jobs out in the world require you to have a college degree so being in college has taught me many things that I didn't even know were out there. It has been a vaulable experience to me because I am able to expaned my educational skills to something bigger that is out there, than what I don't already have.


The first thing I would tell myself is to take chances. You won't know if you like something until you try. Secondly, make friends. These people will help you through all of the ups and downs of college life. Third, don't be afraid to ask questions. The professors are there to help you understand the information they are teaching you. They can't read your mind, so they don't know if you don't understand unless you tell them. And lastly, don't be afraid to get involved. The more campus activities you get involved in, the better your college experience will be. So remember, take chance, make friends, ask questions, and get involved. Using these suggestions will make your college years a blast.


If I could go back and talk to my high school self, I would most likely tell my self to work harder on learning how to manage time, write papers better, and learn to keep on track. The reason for these is because they are the things that I do know that I wish I did not do. I believe if i got my high school slef to learn how to study, write, understand english, and keep on track better i may have come to college with scholarships and have the ability to keep them easier then I did. What I mean by keeping them better I would have the grades that most scholarships ask for to have their scholarship with out to much problem. The reason for that is because I would be able to study better and keep on track better so that I past classes with A's and not just C's.


Stay fouced and work hard, but still know when to have fun. Trust me It will make school so much easier.


Look at things beyond the surface. A lot of schools use bait and switch tactics to get you there and then everything you thought was one way is another.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, then I would give myself some good advice. I would tell myself to find more scholarships to apply for because this college is expensive. I would also tell myself that I will love University of the Ozarks and shouldn't feel so much anxiety about going to college. I would tell myself that everything will work out and that I shouldn't worry so much because I now have great friends and awesome classes. I will tell myself that eventually I will find what it is I am meant to do in this world and that I should just live it. This is what my college self would tell my past self if I could go back to when I was a high school senior.


Visit each university and ask questions. Get a feel for the staff and faculty. Make sure that the professors really love what they do. Make sure that it is an environment that you will enjoy spending time in, because you will most likely spend the next four years of your life there. Do your work, but have fun!


When you know that you are at the right college or place, you just have a feeling. It may be in a town far from home and with no civilization; but with good friends and helpful professors they will help you be what you want to become in the future. Just because you are far from home does not mean that you can act stupid or try to be the coolest person on campus. You are going to college and you have a responsibility to act right and to be concious with how you are spending your time and money there.


The most important thing about finding a college is finding the right college. Finding a place where the student will fit in and be able to be comfortable while learning is a very important factor in finding a college. Another factor is usually distance and that is not a huge factor for me, however it is for some of my friends.


Visit the campus first. Sit in on a class, spend the day there. If it doesn't feel right, then it probably is not the right choice.


The first thing a parent and/or student needs to decide is what exactly they are looking for in a college. Parents and students also need to research the top colleges of their choosing to help aid in the decision. It is very important that students try to involve themselves in different campus clubs and activities, especially those relating to their field of study. Activities help build your character, and educational clubs can help prepare and possibly give you the advantage over competition in the future. Also, students should feel free to ask questions when they need help understanding anything. Professors and staff are there to help guide you, so do not hesistate to ask important questions. Most importantly, be grateful of your opportunity to attend college. There are many people who would be more than glad to be in your place and further their education but do not get the chance to do so.


To find the right college one must do a lot of research and know what they like, and in what enviornment they work best in. They also need to look at how much its going to cost and how much money the school is offering to them. Besides that academics is the number one thing, I mean thats what you are going to school for, to get an education. Be wise and look at all your options. do not just pick a school because its by the beach or because there are a lot of great shops in the town. pick a school based on it academics, student involvment, carrer placement, and of course on how much you will receive in scholarships.