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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would advice myself to keep focus and maintain a good GPA that will allow me to obtain full scholarship for college. I would conduct research on colleges in the state where I reside considering the expense of out of state tuition. I would also advice myself to continue living at home with my family and also to seek employment to assist me with the necessities for college. I would first persue a BA degree, always working to maintain a good GPA. Upon completion of my BA degree I would continue my education by completing a MBA while utilizing my earned BA degree. I would also try to obtain certifications in the area of studies.


Being a first generation college graduate, I feel that I have gained a sense of confidence throughout my college experience. I set out on a course that many in my family viewed as impossible, because they were not able to embark on a similar journey. Therefore, I gained confidence by proving to myself that I could succeed on a trajectory that was completely foreign to my forefathers. Attending college has been valuable, because hopefully through my example many more in my family will realize that education is an obtainable goal. As a result of my college attendance, my mother has already enrolled in the University of Virginia, and credits me in her decision. Finally, I hope my daughter will see that there are no limitations on what she can accomplish, thereby adding the most value to my experience.