University of the Sciences Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University of the Sciences is a rigirious institution but as long as the work is put in then one will always achieve while making lifeong connetions to their professors and peers along the way.


The University of the Sciences is a supportive and serious university which provides young adults with an education which will last a lifetime, introducing a new line of professionals into the workforce with each graduating class.


USP has a very strong emphasis on academic and professional development, however they are not that focus on diversity, social activities or majority of their students.


The school is very different from other colleges from providing a very high standard education, smaller compared to other colleges since it's private, and it has an excellent reputation in the number of the student's achievements.


The school is science focus and have very hard science classes.


This school is a very diverse, fun-filled, academic driven school, which tries to get the most out of it's students by providing them with the knowledge and resources to excel in their prospective chosen career field.


A small science school that focuses entirely too much on academics and not enough about everything else life has to offer.


This school is very good academically for those willing to work , but the whole college experience isn't for everyone here.


usp is a very stressful univeristy that looks to just rank for themselves and not for what they really are.


Small but close knit