University of the Sciences Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


That it really only focuses on pharmd and pTD the majors that bring in money. any other major gets left behind


The worse thing about my school is the lack of participation. I wouldn't consider this school very social but it would be more fun and relaxing if people got more involved.


The cost...


Our college does not have that many clubs to join like other colleges have Also, there is no campus spirit because it's too small and our school is only academic-orientated that people do not like to participate in school activities..


No social life.


Not a large selection of elective classes.


Course work becuase some times it seems humanly inpossible to complete it all in the time alotted.


I think the lack of qulaified teachers in some fields is replusing as well as the fact that there is no van service after a certain hour so it is unsafe for students to walk home at night if they have been studying on campus.


The campus dies on weekends, everyone goes home


The cost because once I graduate I will be deeply in debt.


The worse thing about my school is that there is absolutely nothing happening on campus for the weekend. Mostly in part because a lot of the students go home.