University of the Sciences Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


For prospective students at Universiy of Sciences, my suggestion fors for a smooth, poductive, and not so stressful first semester is to know what you really want to do. In this school it is not easy to change majors unlike other schools. Therefore, really think about where you want to be in the future and think about your goals. It is important to know and understand chemistry and biology because those are the subjetcts that really make up the courses here. Also, stay on top of your work it is easy to fall behin but hard to catch up.


I wish I had known how boring it could be at times.


I wish I had known that there isn’t much to do socially on-campus during the weekends. Regardless, I still enjoy my weekends here with my friends and surprisingly with my schoolwork. I get a certain satisfaction out of getting work done and getting a sense of accomplishment, especially when the grades show the effort out forth. In any case, there are always things to do on-campus during the week; after working hard on school related assignments, many activities on-campus allow students to take a mental break and enjoy themselves in an appropriate manner.


I wish that I had known how supportive and devoted the faculty and university as a whole is towards their students. I imagined my college years to be scary, independant, and boring. Since my first week, I have learned that this is the contrary, that USP creates a constructive and fun learning environment for its students. If I would have known this, I would have looked forward to college more than I had.


I wish that i had known how boring the school is to attend, how often they like to screw you out of any money they can, and also how the food is not at all appealing.


I wish I knew how much harder the classes were going to be. High school courses are much easier in comparison and you have to spend a considerable amount of time in college. After having gone to my college for over a year now, I realize that playing a sport as I do takes up a lot of my free time and it is very hard to do both.


the "merit scholarship" that the school gives is actually given to everyone and im not special to have recieved it.


They accept to many students so they try to fail some out during the first two years.


I wish I knew I would be spending a lot of time in the library and studying for chemistry, biology and calculus all the time. Even though there is a night life and social gatherings, academics come first. That should be a main priority when attending college.


How most of the student body are commuters. So sometimes on the weekends, the campus would be dead and no social activities would be going on campus. I also wished I knew that the course levels were very intense. It is to the point where one must lock themselves in the room to study and prevent themselves from going out.