University of the Sciences Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


What I consider to be the best thing about this school is being able to be immerssed into the curriculum when starting out. This is because as a student you are constantly learning and understanding material pertaining to your major and career choice.


One thing I truly value at the University of the Sciences is the small campus community that has grown there. At USciences, you are truly able to connect with your friends and teachers and learn so much from each and every one of them. The student to teacher ratio is small, giving you ample time to meet with your teachers and ask for extra help if needed. In addition, being that the school is not in a great neighborhood, the sense of security and saftey the school emits, truly makes you feel welcomed and out of harms way.


Statistics show that the best thing about this school is that everyone who graduates from the University of the Sciences achieves a job after graduation. You can not go wrong with such a choice. One just needs diligence to attain enough money and to pass every class in order to succeed.


Their academic programs are great if you managed to keep up.


The student teacher ratio is wonderful. Since the school is not so large the classes tend to be small and students can really get that personalized attention that they need from there professors.


The athletic center was state of the art, and the reputation of the school is very good.


The best thing about my school is that you get the brand name "PCP" on your deploma if your a pharmacy major.


Specialized academics for science oriented curriculum. Small student body which provides individualized attention.


The best thing about my school is that everyone that graduates is able to get a good job making very good money.


The atmosphere is comforting. Every morning I wake up and I kind of want to go to class to see everyone and relax after or in between classes with my friends. Overall I like this school and I don't want to leave!


It has a very strong connection with the hospitals in the area and has a good repuation for producing high level health care professionals, the job placement is near 100% after graduation.