University of the Virgin Islands Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about University of the Virgin Islands?


I tend to brag the tuition at University of the Virgin Islands is extremely low compared to most collages and you can learn a lot if you keep an open mind. The university has a wide range of culture which leaves you with opportunity to learn from the students themselves and see thing from others perspective.


I brag about how intersting some of our professors are, how their lectures are presented. I also brag about the dorm parties and the complete college experience as a on-campus student


The climate is warm all year round with nice tropical breezes. The classes are challenging but not too much to discourage you from doing your best and succeeding. The campus is very beautiful with nice, luscious, trees and plants everywhere. The nursing and business programs are some of the best programs the school has to offer to a wide variety of students. The programs are rigorous but with determination students always attain success.