University of Toledo Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Diversified. As many as 3000-4000 International students. Local students are helpful as well.


The students here at Toledo are very diverse and everyone seems to get alone nicely. Majority of the students that I have met are very nice and helpful.


The students in my school are very nice a dedicative. They don't play with their books.


The University of Toledo has different types of students also from different countries. what is great about it that you can learn different things and cultures because it includes student all over the world.


I do all online classes so Ireally have no classmates face to face, but we do have plenty of conversations online in the discussion boards.


The students are hardworking individuals with the goal of becoming future leaders in the community.


Diverse. The students at The University of Toledo are extremely diverse and as a student I am amazed by all of the different personalities and cultures that I have came across so far this year.


I am an online student so I do not interact with students aside from message boards.


My classmates are amazing and I love getting to know them as the sememster goes on.


We have a very diverse student body. There are a lot of inner city kids and a lot of kids from rural parts of Ohio. There's also a good number of international students. There are a lot of students who are from lower economic backgrounds, but also a lot of middle class students. There are a lot of diversity groups on campus. There isn't a huge homosexual presence on campus. There's also a good mixture of political ideals. I'd say some students talk about how much they will make one day - business students, pre-med students, and pharmacy students.


My school has every type of student attending it. No matter what religion, race, political party there are students who have similar backgrounds and usually an organization to go along with it. This is one of the benefits of going to a large college.


They were quiet, and mosty unsociable.


My classmates are friendly and caring, the majority of people I've met are extremely motivated to reach their academic goals.


The classmates here at the University of Toledo are very friendly, and will treat new students well. If a student misses a class, others will help them out as long as you ask politely, and are not asking too much of the other student. However, in class and out of class can be different. Outside of the classroom setting it is somewhat difficult for someone to make friends. Most people come here with friends from their High Schools and tend to stick with the same friends. Other than that, the people here are great and it is a friendly place.


My classmates are very studious, yet still down-to-earth.


My classmates are diverse and very open and fun.


My classmates, are fun, well-educated students who are always trying to learn something new. We always have fun, and can go to eachother if we need help with homework, a project, or a problem outside of school.


My classmates at The University of Toledo was ok, I really didn't interact with them, but when I did the were polite.


Very enthusatic and willing to help out.


Classmates are friendly and willing to work together on projects.


My classmates are mostly driven, in sororities and fraternities, cliquey, and not very friendly.


My classmates are always friendly and everyone always helps each other out.


I have made some great friends here at the University of Toledo. A lot of the kids that are in the same major as I am have become some of my best friends. I know I have chosen the correct major because almost all of my classmates are a lot like me and I have a lot in common with them. It's a great experience because my classmates have come from all walks of life. Some are from big cities and some are from rural towns, but everyone treats eachother with respect.


I usually have rather large classes, so I would have to say mixed.


Somewhat helpful and at times loud.


95 percent social and active. Great to get along with


Stereotypical, ungrateful brats with no sense of respect for others


My classmates are competitors who are not looking to make friends, but trying to find a way to make it in their program even if it means walking on other people toes.


They are career focused and strive to do well.


My classmates are really relaxed and enjoy having a good time outside of class.


My classmates are great. They are helpful and friendly and well rounded.


One of my favorite things about UT is the diversity of the students, faculty and staff. People from all walks of life can feel very comfortable at UT and often associate with students from other backgrounds.


All groups are represented equally on campus, whether it be religious or non-religious. Every group has some sort of meeting on a different day, so there's a ton of diversity!


I really enjoy all of my classes! The students are awesome, and I generally stay connected with people on campus because I've had a class with them. I've found a lot of students are from the Cleveland or Cincinnati area.


the student body is a diverse one... there are all colors of the rainbow.. Toledo is a place where its ok to learn about someone else culture. There is someone for everyone. However the extremely preppy student may feel out of place here. Students often wear sweats or whatever the had on last night to class. Sometimes they will dress up... just depends there isnt really a norm. Students typically come from ohio, michigan, or out of state if they play sports


Being in the Black Student Union I was able to expose myself to a lot of different groups. My best experience I would say was working with the Muslim Student association. it was such a great experience because I was able to deal with another culture of people and broaden m understanding of their religion and expectations at an event. For our campus to be so diverse I feel that it is like a melting pot and everyone really gets along and conform to each others needs.


UT's student body is as diverse as any college can be. With the school located as an inner city university the number of African Americans is higher than of a university like BG. Also with the joint agreement with a university in China, the amount of Chineese foreign exchange students is growing every semester. Also with the joing agreement with the MUO Health Science Campus, the hospital has attracted some of the brightest minds in medicine.


Classemates are very nice, make things much easier and are willing to help no matter if they know you or not


The UT student body is very friendly. That was the one thing I noticed when I transferred here. I know that some of the mannerisms I look for in people are supposed to be taught by the age of 5, but it's amazing how the majority of students at my previous college could not even do that. I have never been the kind to join a sorority so I can't really tell you how that is. I can tell you though that I am a commuter, I've never lived on or near campus, and I was a transfer last year, and I still have met a lot of people just through classes whom I consider to be great friends. So don't feel like you aren't going to meet a lot of people if you don't join a sorority or a fraternity because the students here are very outgoing and want to meet new people too!I don't ever feel out of place because no matter what... there is always someone who fits right in with me.


My classmates, in my major courses at least, are very helpful and are always willing to work in groups on projects and papers.


Although every class is very diverse, all of the students are willing to meet new people, and help each other with coursework.




My classmates are intelectuals that are striving to make the best of their degrees that they earn at the University of Toledo.


My classmates are very diverse people from many different ethnic backgrounds and ages and are open to discussion of their views on life on and off of campus.


My classmates are very friendly and knowledgeable of the material, they are always there to help out with any questions someone may have.


Mostly friendly and quiet.. Sometimes out-spoken if you're in the right class.


Most are immature; some are lazy. Many do not take their education very seriously. A few are brilliant.


Not always 100 percent focused on their schoolwork; many prefer social activities to their homework.