University of Toledo Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It's broad area of research.


The University of Toledo is best known for its rivalry with Bowling Green State University, particularly in Football where there is a rivalry game "The Battle of I-75." It is also well known for the Medical College and the University of Toledo Medical Center, which has a mixed reputation.


This school is best known for giving everyone a chance to attend college. However, the school is very well known and grades are taken seriously. If you cannot keep up with the work, the university has no problem letting students go.


It is best known for it's engineering, pharmacy, and business programs.


The University of Toledo is best known for it's College of Business and Innovation. The business program is one of the best in the nation. Aside from the College of Business and Innovation, the university is also known as the Glass City, referring to its football stadium.




Giving students the chance to discover who they are. Giving students the tools they need for a successful future.


The University of Toledo is best known for it's School of Law and Alternative Energy programs.


I believe that my school is known for the new football stadium, the Glassbowl. Many people outside of the school refer to the football stadium.


I think the Universit of Toledo is best known for the rivalry between UT and BGSU. It is something a lot of people gather for and many alumni decide to come back for the game. It is a game that you will see a lot of school spirit and excitement at.


University of Toledo is best known for their Pharmacy Program and diversity. It is a surprise I didn't join the pharmacy program because it is so big.


My school is best known for there Medical school


The University of Toledo is best known for being the "Rockets" which is the school symbol. It is also known for its great business programs and pharmacy porgrams.


Toledo is best known for being a large school with a small school feel.


Loosing to Michigan all the time.


engineering and cancer research


My school is well-known for the school spirit and great library allowing students to study and get together with classmates.


The school is best known for it's beautiful campus.


Good Engineering Program, Partying and Drinking


We are probably best known for our pharmacy program. We recently combined with the Medical College only a few miles away and now were are highly reconized in those related areas of study.


I believe my school is best known for its Pharmacy and Engineering schools. Also, this year in football, we beat Michigan!


Toledo is best known for Engineering, Pharmacy, and now we have a great Medical College as well!


This school (UT) is known for it's recent merger with the MCO which is now UTMC. It is also known for its Nursing programs and health science campus, and also for its Law program. In addition, UT has a reputation as a globally diverse student population.


i would have to say that we are best known for our high graduation rates and job placements in the real world.