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We are not just a school, but a family. Other university students just walk by each other and not say anything, but here at Toledo we all say hello to each other and are all willing to talk and get to know each other. We offer many programs that apply to different majors that other school do not offer and we have an amazing greek life community.


The aspect that makes the University of Toledo so unique is its student body. First and foremost, Toledo currently has about 20,000 students. That number may seem like a lot, but with all of the opportunities to get involved in addition to UT's strong support for student organizations, it is easy to meet new people and constantly expand your network. Secondly, people from all over the world come to attend the University of Toledo. There is no shortage of opportunities regarding exposure to new cultures and perspectives. No other school has quite the same atmosphere as UT.


One of the things that makes The University of Toledo unique is that it's a place that embraces diversity. I could really appreciate the fact that there was always something to learn and experience through another culture, in addition to my academic venture.


someting that is unique about my school is the diversity.


The school has a great business school with great job placement and alumni association/interaction with current students to help them succeed and get jobs after graduation.


I transferred in to UT from another university. I have to say Toledo offers a large network around and outside of campus along with a large network of possibilities on campus. There is always something to do, you'll never be bored!


The University of Toledo has many more dining halls throughout the campus, all with high quality food. Their buildings are all very clean and aesthetically pleasing inside and out. The campus is a dry campus that does not allow the posession of alcohol by anyone which helps students focus on their studies.


The beauty of the campus is overwhelming. I think the overall view of the school is what draws many people in, including myself. The buildings are nice and the technology is fairly recent. The most unique thing I saw in this school w as simply its beauty.


The school that I am attending now is unique because it is filled with students who are serious about their education. As I completed my freshman year, I noticed that many students took classes, and extracirricular activites very seriously.


The campus is really beautiful and the people here are great.


When a counselor says that you have to take certain amount of classes to earn a degree, it doesn't change.


This campus is very beautiful. I considered this school because of the location and it was the only school that was offering what i was interested in.


What is unique about the University of Toledo is the family aspect of the campus. There are many ways to meet new people and become more in tuned with diversity. Financially its a struggle for me even with my gpa and financial aid as well.


When I graduated from high school, I planned on attending college and majoring in Pharmacy. I applied to many universities, and finally chose to attend UT. As I attended classes and talked with friends, I decided pharmacy was not for me. I switched to a major in exercise science and will apply for the three year physical therapy program in the fall. UT is equipped with an excellent faculty and staff of advisors that want to see students succeed. Because of this and their diverse selection of courses, I am now on the right path to fulfilling my career goals.


This school offered a 24hr libary and one on one tim with your teacher.


What is unique about my school is how the professors focus on the future. Every teacher makes sure that every student realizes this class is going to help them in the future. Also, the school is very big on CO-OPS which is when you learn hands on with your major and it counts toward your GPA.


Nothing I just chose the one I had a full ride at. They seem to specialize in taking money for things you would otherwise deem useless and have a terrible habit of not wanting to give you money when they owe you a refund.


The campus is well landscaped.


Conveniet to city culture, events, retail


The campus is a nice size, shops and stores are pretty close.


More focused on business and technology. Also didn't have the bad stigma that the other local school did.


I really like the set up of UT, it's a very respectable looking university. The financial aid ran very smoothly and people were wlling to help me out.


It has a hospital.


We have maximum school spirit. UT knows how to be proud of what we have. You are always seeing blue and glod at the football games with large attendences.


I would not say there is anything that unique about my school, it just happenend to be the one i received good scholarships to and one that I lived close by.


i liked how the campus wasn't so overwhelming and a person could get to anywhere on campus in less than 10 minutes. it was the perfect size, and the greek system has a small little naighborhood on campus that is really homey and fun.


I offers a top notch school that fulfills the needs for my future career and it was also a way to save money by living at home.


This school had a pretty good pre-med program compared to the other schools plus it has its own medical school so I thought it would be a great learning experience.


The school has really taken an interest in the students' comfort and needs. In the past two years, many changes have been made to better accomodate the students including changes in meal plans as well as the technology available. Also, new buildings have been built to accomodate the need for more classroom space.




UT is a great place... you just have to check it out for yourself. Many people like it. However its changing. These changes are not some that i would personally like to see but i guess i cant really stop them...


I love the University of Toledo!!!


UT is a great school and i know i will land the job of my dreams if i dedicate my self to my studies and the rest will be handed to me because of the fact of how well UT prepare me for the next step.


I really enjoyed the layout of the campus. The community seemed to be friendly as well surrounding campus overall. Campus buildings were not far apart.


Nice campus - buildings are kept nice.


The unique thing about Toledo is that its in a big city but on the actual campus you feel as if you are in a small community. There is tons of school spirit. Also it has diverse students that all come together to help each other out. It is also unique in the way the campus is set up. Campus is spread out. Each major is in a certain area so that you are around students with your same major. The campus has two separate campuses that have been added on. One for engineering and one for the medical majors.


The Campus is prob one of the prettiest campuses in the nation and just the amount of involvement this school allows you to have.


This school is very unsafe and is surrounded by a very high crime rate area. I was unaware of the environment surrounding the campus. The campus is very beautiful and the buildings are up to date and modern with a gothic architectual design.


It is unique because it offers Respiratory Care as a major and other schools do not offer that.


the weather is not the greatest


At UT there is a lot of diversity among the racial/ethnic groups of the students. There are also so many students on campus that one would never have a problem fitting in, staying occupied, or simply making friends.


Its close to home.


It offers a pharmacy program that is 6 years, so they get all of the rejects from Ohio Northern


It isn't as nice as other schools and has some very backward policies that are not made in the interest of students.