University of Toledo Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I talk to my friends I always tell them about how pretty the campus is, especially in the winter. When there is snow on the ground, Toledo looks like a winter wonderland. And adding all of the stone buildings to that almost reminds me of Hogwarts. I love to wake up and find a fresh snowfall because everything on campus looks so untouched.


The food is amazing. There are two Starbucks on campus. Our football team beat Bowling Green again this year.


I mainly brag about the people that I have met here.


There is always plenty to do. You can get involved with a variety of clubs/organizations.


The REC center is a great building to workout in and meet new people also.


When I brag to my friends about my school I usually mention the dedication and flexibility of my program mentor.


I loved it.


The food court.


How many people I met or the cool professors I have.


If one were to ask my friends one thing they know about the University of Toledo that they learned from me, my friends would say that the campus is beautiful. I simply love the campus. I feel like I am in a movie when i am walking through. The buildings look old and classic, there are fountains, plenty of art displays, a grassy mall, and lots of trees. Even on a gray, rainy day, it still seems like the campus is bright and cheerful.


I brag about how good my grades are and how mush fun I having at school.


I don't brag, ever. Toledo doesn't offer anything that is worth bragging about.


How much I wish I would've just tried harder to get into a Japanese school.


That I am learning so much.


My fraternity and how nice my apartment is and how much parking blows!


I brag most about the organizations that are available on campus and the service hours that are encouraged. I brag most about how students have plenty of materials, rooms, professors, and all around help to pursue there dreams.


Its a great way to make new friends while staying close with family. I really enjoy the football and basketball games. There is tons to do in all seasons. The security is great, there are call buttons all around campus while walking around.


I usually brag about the parties I've attended and the opportunities I've had from attending this school.


Small Class Sizes, Hands on Labs, Life Long Friends, Lots of Girls


The amazing weather that Toledo has, and the varsity sports at the University.


The availablity of scholarships if you have succeeded in high school academically.


internships and time with faculty


I brag about the fact that The University of Toledo beat the University of Michigan in football this year.


I tend to talk most about my friends I've made, the fun things I've done at school, and playing club lacrosse for Toledo.


That this school is not too big, not to small...just the right size to make an impact. It's got the best of all worlds from divison one athletics to always having an activity or an event with something to do. Although my friends from High School will always be close, I made my best friends in college who will be my best friends for life. The classes are pretty much small and the teachers really care about your scuess. The campus is so beautiful


The greatest applause for the University would be its urban atmosphere. Inside, the University encompasses some of the best and brightest minds to further their professional careers and influence the world. Outside, the University is surrounded by the diversity of Toledo, Ohio. Students here are provided with a number of options while going to school. These of course range from employment, nightlife, housing, eating out, and cultural inspirations (suchas Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo Zoo, and Toledo Symphony.


I am in a professional, coed business fraternity where I have made lifetime friends.


its a fun place to be


i brag about greek life mostly because it provides many outlets into student organizations and also into academic resources.


I brag about the rich ethnic backgrounds of students at Toledo and Toledo's great Honors Program. I love to talk about the huge variety of extra- curricular activities and programs they have, and how gorgeous the campus is.