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What is the stereotype of students at University of Toledo? Is this stereotype accurate?


That students of a certain nationalism or community don't mix up with locals. Not true


There are a lot of stereotypes involving frat boys and sorority girls, and from what I've seen, they seem to be relatively accurate (with some exceptions, of course).


I do not know exactly.


The stereotype of the students at my school is that everyone is only here because they got money to come here or because they didn't get into another school. While there is some truth to be found here, it doesn't matter because your education at UT is what you make it and can be just as valuable at another state school in Ohio. If you work hard, you will succeed and UT has the potential to excel you into a valuable job market or a quality graduate school.


The Stereotype at my school is we are a commuter school. Many of the students come from the surrounding area. This is becoming less and less the case. More recently, students have decided to live campus even if they could live at home. Many students then decide to move off campus instead of moving back home. Even if students do live at home, campus is a place where students can hang out and offer lots of things to do to get more involved besides just classes.