University of Toledo Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any person should! UT is a great school. Most faculity members are very easy to talk to. There are many places to go for help if needed.


I honestly think that anyone could come here because there are a lot of different majors and a lot of different extra curricular activites that would interest a wide variety of people.


There is something for everyone on this campus. It may not be for everyone, but once you find your niche, I strongly believe you will be satisifed and a proud member of the Rocket family. The more you get involved, the more you appreciate your university.


Those who wish to major in engineering, pharmacy, or business would be best suited for the University of Toledo. The school is very research focused and provides a lot of funding and support to those programs. Students can excel in other programs, so long as they take the time and effort it takes to explore the various resources the University offers.


Hard working individuals.


This campus is fit for any college student. A person best fit for this school is someone is wants to get involved on campus while maintaining focus on the major. It is easy to get to know other students if someone is coming in not knowing anyone or even if they know everyone. There are various clubs and activities to get involved in that pertains to all aspects of a person going or currently in college.


I believe the person who attends the university that im attending to , have to be willing to have great quality of deterimation and whose very ambitious. A person who want to see how college life really is and to gain the experience socially and academically on campus. It would be a great idea if the student should join organizations to help the student to prepare him for a solid career and able to help he or she to prepare themselves for graduate school as well.


To attend this school the new student needs to be the kind of person who is not afraid of racial diversity, and is somewhat outgoing. Good people skills would greatly improve a student’s experience, because making new friends can be a challenge. Someone who can handle the cold weather well would fit in good at UT. It is often cold and the wind can make it feel a lot colder than the actual temperature. The personality of most students is laid back, so someone who is very organized and uptight might struggle with the culture here.


Someone with a large scholarship, and patience. Someone who doesn't really need a lot of help with their classes. Also someone who likes to party a lot.


A determined person should attend this school. If you are not ready to stay focus and do everyhting you have to do in oreder to get to where you want to be you should not attend this school. If you are ready to further your education and make a better future for your self then you should attend this school.




The type of person I think should attend this school is someone who is ready to take themselves and their educaton to the next level. Someone who is willing to try something new and not give up the first time they fail. I also think that a person that would like to better there life in the longrun and make a better way for them to survive in this type of society after they graduate college.


Anyone who is interested in getting a Degree from a good school. There is many different cultures and races that attend this school. There isn't a such thing as feeling alone. There is always someone to talk to.


I think the kind of person that should attend this school is the kind of person who wants the best for their future. The kind of person who wants experiences that will help them be successful in the year to come after leaving this school. The kind of person who wants to REALLY learn and be exposed to many types of ways of living, interacting, and dealing with everyday situations.


A person who is welling to work hard and meet new people. A person who know how to put there best foot forward. someone who is trying to make soming out of themself and make a differents in the world.


I think any type of person can attend the University of Toledo. It is a large school with students from all around the country. No matter what ethnicity, age, gender you are, you can find the right fit for you at the University of Toledo. It's all about getting involved and making friends. The only trait a student should have at the University of Toledo is the willingness to work hard and the drive to be successful.


Someone who fits into University of Toledo is someone who is very open to diversity and serious about education. The classes here are not very easy but there is help available. This is my third college ( I attended one while in high school and transferred from University of Colorado last year) and I would recommend this university.


People that are interactive and passionate should attend this school. The University of Toledo encourages classroom excellence as well as campus activity. Graduating high school in the top 10% is not a prerequisite to matriculate to UT. The University will give to you as much as you put in. Hard work, aspiration and persistance is the key for success at UT. UT offers great opportunities not only on campus, but also post-graduation. Here at UT, students meet people that he/she will remember for the rest of their lives.


Someone who can make friends with just about anyone.


Any person that wants a good education and to make a lot of lifelong friends. There is also a strong level of school pride, so if that is what people are in to then they should come here for that reason as well.


I believe that someone who is very goal-oriented and who wants to be very involved should attend this school. Someone who wants opportunities they could never even imagine on there own. I think that UT is a place for students who like diversity and school spirit. Someone who wants a challenge but also a fair chance to get into there career of choice.


Someone who wants to excel acadeer graduationmically and have a good chance of finding a job aft


A person should attend this school if they are interested in fields that have to do with the liberal arts or a pre-professional program, as they are top notch. The campus is just the right size and the student body offers a diverse number cultures for students to discover.


Any person who is seeking higher education.


I feel like a person who has been closed in most of their life by their parents should attend this school because they will have the choice of either really confusing on school and doing what they have to do, balancing school and social life, or just living out their social scene.


This school is good for any individual that is interested in learning a great deal and also looking to have a good time without it taking away from the learning perspective.


I think the kind of person that should attend this school is someone who likes diversity and wants to achieve all their education goals. The teachers actually do care if you seek out the help and I've had some of the best classes at UT.


A person studying law or engineering who does not care for theoretical understanding and just wants a degree.


outgoing willing to open up


some one with money so they dont have to work, working, goodgrades, and a social life doesnt work here


There is already such a variety of people that attend Toledo; I would say anyone. Toledo is best known for it's pharmacy and engineering programs, so with that in mind I would say someone looking to be in the science field.


Someone who is fun, and willing to meet new people, but also knows where to draw the line between social activities and schoolwork.


A person that would be a good fit for the University of Toledo is someone who is open-minded, socially active and has good work ethic. They should know when it is time for have fun and when it is time to have down time and study hard. They should be focused on their work and have goals in mind to accomplish but also know how to have fun and meet people at the same time. You are likely to be lifelong friends with the people you meet here, so you should be open to meeting new people.