University of Toledo Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I think any age could attend but you must be a focused and organized individual.


An Irresponsible student.


If you are easily influenced negatively, you should not come to this school. If you have a hard time prioritizing between partying and school work, you should not attend this school.


Ones who aren't serious about why they are there.


Someone who isn't academically focused and wants to spend their time partying.


Dont attend this school if you are a commuter who is looking for a cozy personal college experience.


Every person should attend this school. The University of Toledo is a very welcoming and helpful college. If someone struggles with their work or other personal problems there are multiple facilities and faculty that are more than willing to help out.


Anyone can attend the school. It is a great school, so I cannot actually say who shouldn't attend the school.


This answer applies to all people thinking about going to college. Do not attend any school unless your prepared and mature enough to put in the time and effort your studies require. College is an investment in your future, do not throw away your time or money.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is a person who prefers big cities and always wants something to do.


There are many specific types of people that shouldnt attend this school. People that prefer small enviornments, and also people who are dedicated to success. Depending on the type of mind set you tend to have when attending a big university will say alot about how well u work in a huge enviornment. I'm content with all I have but not who I am... I'm such a work in progress. This means that i feel there's always more to learn. If your not willing to learn you shouldnt attend the university of toledo.


UT is great for anyone. Everyone treats each other with respect and is a great place to learn. Everyone is welcome


Anyone who is morbidly afraid of the the cold would DIE in this enviornment. The winters are definitely no joke here. Also anyone who is looking for an active weekend and thrives on a SUPER EXCITING social life would not appreciate the University of Toledo. This is a good place for those looking for a medium sized school. It is diverse, yet it is definitely not a HBCU (historically black campus or University). Majority of the population is white so one whom is looking for a DYNAMICALLY diversed campus would be distraught with this choice.


A person who is lazy should not attend this school. Although this school doesn't have high GPA requirements, dropping out is way too common. People who would rather party than attend classes usually drop out after their first year. They tend to distract the student population and lower professor's standards for students.


The University of Toledo is for any kind of student. It offers great resources where a student can spend time to study, research, and learn about anything he/she desires. If I had to state which person shouldn't attend the University of Toledo, I would have to say a student who has a complete disregard of education and learning all together.


A person that does not like a big school and that needs one on one interaction with the professors should nto attend this school.


Anyone that isn't accepting of everyone. It is a large college, and you see a lot of different people each day


The kind of person that should not attend this school is the kind of person who slacks off in school and has little desire to gain more education but is more interested in socializing with their friends.


Someone who doesn't like a lot of iversity and doesn't like a big campus.


A person that will not be focused on there school work and staying on track with what is going with school should not attend this school because just like any other school, the academic board will not hesitate to put a person on academic probation. A person who will have a lot of friends attending this college with them should not attend because I had to learn that having fun with friends and wanting to spend tme with friends will get you caught up with missing hmework assignments and missing important dates for quizzes and test.


A person that should not attend this school is an individual that only wants to party and have fun. Also, a very lazy person should not attend this school because it takes time mangement and long studying hours.


The people that should not attend The Univesity of Toledo are those who are interested in a scientific field (pharmacy, nursing, etc.), but do not plan on studying a majority of the time they attend college. The medical majors are very competative, and it would be a waste of time for them. Others that should not attend The University of Toledo are those who are not interested in joining a sorority or fraternity. There is not alot of other social activities that are not related to these clubs, so the students would feel alienated.


Someone who thinks they can have their degree simply handed to them.


I would say if you don't have patience or you would like an extremely large college, then I would not suggest this school to you. This campus is a pretty nice size, but their are bigger schools out there for those who don't want to feel confined to smaller spaces. As for patience, I would say you need it if your going to deal with the financial system at the University of Toledo.


Someone who has easy access to get back home because there is not much to do on the weekends.


A person who is not commited to doing the required course work.


People who are looking for a small school and no social life.


At the University of Toledo there is a wide variety of students. I beleive it is possible for anyone to find a place to fit in here. However the type of person who should not attend is someone who does not care, slacks off, or cheats. Its not that these people would not enjoy campus, but they would not be there very before they dropped out so there is really no point.


I really cannot think of anyone that shouldn't come here. The only people that I can think of are those that want to go into a very rare degree, such as film making or ballet or something of the sorts, because even though we have some classes for those types here, they do not go deep enough to get an entire degree in them.


Someone who is open to diversity and would like a good college experience. UT excels at their medical college, business school and with their engineering school. If one wants to specialize in any of these careers this is the school for you!


Anyone who is unsure about financial aid and what field of study they want to go into. If you seek assitance it is not easy to find and anyone who feels they will need a lot of help should look else where.


a lot of my friends that attend with me are going into an engineering or pharmacy career. people who are serious about their career and about not having to spend serious money on a big school should go here.


a person who thinks that if they screw around and dont do quality work and put time into everything they do that they will be able to get by. You wont cut it here if thats who you are


A person that wants to get an education about a particular field they are interested in. There are a lot to chose from here at UT, which is great. UT I think is a great school to go to if you want to study and some times go have fun on occasion. It is by no means a huge "party school". It is shear luck if you find a lot of parting going on with a lot of people. Lots of places to study, the library is great and the people there are very helpful.


I believe that any type of person would be welcome at this school. Race, age, handicapped. It really wouldn't matter. Every one who is hoping for a future and wants to apply themselves would be very welcome here. The others who just want to learn and better themselves would also be welcome here. This school does not make you feel uncomfortable, quite the opposite. it makes you feel very welcome and very safe.


One who can avoid getting drawn into the idea that drinking is the only form of entertainment.


Students should not attend this school if they are not looking for any particualr challenges in life. The University's combination of campus life, academia, social apparatus, organizations, government, and culture provide the best diversity that one individual can award themself. Such a student, should be prepared to grow relationships and professional goals through their time here. If that is not on the agenda of such a person, than this school is not for you.


A person who does not like a large population of ethnically diverse people, large tuition costs, or large regimens of coursework should not attend this school.


The university is open to all people, anyone who wants to attend should attend.


A person who is unable to concentrate and focus. Most class sizes are between 60 and 120 people at a time. Also, there are adult students in your classes, so it's not as fast paced as you sometimes would like it to be.