University of Toledo Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


When I started the transition process from my small town into Toledo, I thought I would have a typical high school to college transition. I had abandoned what my heart wanted and went with the school that was the most practical, but I didn't know that just because something is more practical doesn't mean that it is the right thing for me. I went to college two hours away from my family and three hours away from my best friend, and I realized that being with the people that I care about is what makes me happy. I am actually in the process of transferring to another college so I can be closer to the people that matter to me. Looking back on the past six months, I would tell myself to remember what matters and who matters. I can get a degree almost anywhere, but I need to be with the people that I love more than anything.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself that I need to develop better study habbits. At the beginning of December I started studying for finals. In high school I really never needed to study to achieve my good grades. I struggled through learning how to study for such important tests. I would also tell myself to become more independent. I am a commuter so I drive 40 minutes to school and back. While at high school a teacher was almost always watching you. At college I am on my own, besides my friends.


If I could give my high school self advice, it would be to hang in there. High school was a very dark place for me and I would like to be able to go back and say that everything turns out just fine and that things get better. I would want to tell myself that I make better friends that support me in all of my endeavors and actually make me want to see them every day. I would say that you won't always think this poorly of yourself, that you actually do start thinking positively about your appearance and even praising yourself when you look in the mirror. College is a lot easier and so much better than I ever imagined it would be and it really is a blessing in disguise.


College, is wayyyy cooler than people make it sound.


Accept challenges and seek adventures. There will be many mistakes to be made but don't feel guilty or unworthy of a beautiful life. Embrace all the experiences and accept yourself. Be yourself: the good, the bad. Don't be too hard on yourself for not being good enough. There is no such thing as "good enough." There is only you and your beautiful self, let it shine through you. Don't hold back. Please don't hold back out of fear. You are naturally a brave, courageous soul, fight through your fears and insecurity from within and allow your true self to be free.


I would start off by telling myself to not look down on myself and to go for it now. Life only gets harder and it does become more difficult to go back to school. Life happens and I believe that things happen for a reason but if I could try to make life easier for myself I would push myself to sign up and not worry so much about finding that job and start worrying about the rest of my life. If I can do it after 15 years of not attending school and get A's and B's and having the heartbreak over losing a job that woke me u to finally enroll, I should have no issues right out high school getting all A's. The biggest part is that I can enroll online and still work. In the 15 years that I lost just working I could have had several degrees and could have been in my dream career instead I am struggling trying to make the bills because I am in school and raising a family. It is time to wake up and never give up on my dreams.


The advice I would give my high school self is take high school very seriously. What the school counselors and teachers are telling you is exactly what college will be. So listen to their advice. Also be mindful about possibly taking some AP classes as well, they would really come in handy in college. And while at it be sure to learn some basic skills while you have the time. Some of them such as quick yet a healthy meal for yourself, weekly laundry, money management. On an ending note the last thing I would say to myself is the time is money . So while you have the time in high school try to get a part time job but please please please start saving some money while you can. Every little bit helps even if it's $10 a week.


The advice I would give my high school self would be to attend college now. Do not wait until you are older because life gets in the way. Talk to someone in the financial aid office they are experts at finding a way to help you cover the cost of tuition. High School is vastly different than college. The classes are more focused and the teacher actually know what they are talking about. The one thing I woulc caution is that you have to be able to study and not get by with just listening. Past self, you can do it. Just try!


I would tell myself that it is better to go for what you wanted to go for in the first place. I would also tell myself to choose the school that has the better reputation, even if it has a year long waiting list for the admission to the program you want. Waiting a year for quality programming, resources, advisors and teachers is better than taking what you can get right away, just because you can.


Know your strength would be my main advice to my high school self. As of now, I know that I am a lot stronger than I make myself off to be. Going through certain situations in college and having to adjust to certain circumstances will test your strength and your faith and knowing that you are strong in both of those areas will allow you to get through so much. Being strong and confident in youself pushes you to do so much more because you are now relying on your own strength and that itself is amazing. I am aware that in high school there were plenty of things that I should have done, but did not do because of my fears and not believing in myself as much as I do now. There were times when I allowed myself to feel weak because I was afraid. All in all I would tell myself that you are strong even when you feel weak and to never let another individual tell you otherwise. Keep your head held high because as a young queen you never want your crown to fall. Know your strength.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to work harder in the classes that were difficult and get into the habit of studying and actively seeking help. College is a lot harder than high school ever was and it will take a lot of work but make sure to take breaks and enjoy yourself as well, just not to many because ignoring work to hang with friends is not a good idea. Enjoy and good luck, it is going to fly by.


The sweetest and most endearing times in my life were in college; the time between adolescences and adulthood. Your first semester as a freshman; you will be excited and sometimes lonely. There are times you will, of course, be home sick, especially, during your trials and tribulations. You have family and friends, call them, Face Time them. Without questions, apply to colleges that are more than an hour’s drive from home. Apply everywhere; life is an adventure; even at the college fair. You are going to be a great friend and have great friends. You are going to learn how to depend on, live, play, study, and cry with a wonderful group of people who will depend, live, play and cry with you and for you. You will love it, we will love it. Its okay, college is what we want and more than we expect it to be. I just have a few precautions. Please avoid that hungry girl down the hall. She’ll eat all your Cup O’Noodle. And don’t worry so much about your grades; your smart and you’re determined. You will finish college with the degree you choose. I promise


Hi Me Just want to take a minute to tell you you have so many wonderful advetures ahead of you with the love in your life that you will meet working out at the fitness club when working at Burger King Corp. You need to finish Cape Cod Community College to secure a good job. Nursing is the way to go because you will have it your whole life. You can have your babies and enjoy them to the fullest. Then you can go back to the hospital without losing your stride. You will be so full of joy and pride with a nursing career. It will give you a wonderful future for you and your beautiful family. You are truly blessed.


Be observant and kind. Oftentimes the most confident and loudest person is the one who is dealing with issues you may not be aware of, be sensitive to that. Do not be afraid to try something new and put yourself out there for ridicule. For instance, give yourself permission to succeed and to fail. Remember to laugh at yourself. Do not be discouraged by the differences others around you present. Be brave and embrace those differences. As you will find out, those differences will prove to assist you in dealing with difficult people in your future. Being able to deal with various personalities will make you a stronger individual. One of the most important pieces of advice I can give you is to ask for help when you need it. You must stay focused and trust your gut; only you know what is right for you. You need to look at your education as a full time job that will help you to achieve all that you have dreamt. Be sure to utilize all the talent around you. Your teachers have journeyed where you are going and know how to guide you. Understand that you are important.


It is important to learn how to study. I studied but I don't think I studied the right way to prepare me for college course work. You should taken some college courses while your in high school to help with being more prepared and to get some of the general course requirements out of the way. Make sure you ask your teachers more questions while you have them available and maybe more confortable with them because it get more difficult in college to approach the professors.


I would tell myself that it is okay to fail. As long as you get back up on your feet and learn from it, it is okay to fail. We all do and not everything is going to be perfect. I would also say that college is very differnt and you will get scared. Dealing with all the freedom that you are given should not be taken lightly. Even though you have money in your account, that does not mean you should spend it because that could possibly be your loan to get you through the second semester. Do not ever take a day for granted and live life to the fullest. Cherrish the moments you make because you will never have a chance to re-live those. Remember, finals are not the end of the world so smile and have a few energy drinks and you will get through it.


The most important part to realize about college is that you should never compromise your integrity and never forget who you are and where you came from. There are more pressures that you will face everyday in college than in high school. It is up to you to decide what you want your legacy to be during your college years. As long as you continually are yourself, you will never fail to have a healthy and successful college experience.


Everyone goes to college to chase their dreams, but not everyone succeeds. If you want to bask in the sun and not stew in the darkness, pay attention. The most important asset that you can arm yourself with on your journey is a positive attitude. Don't look into the past and lament about what could have been. We can't change the past, but we can change the future. Learn from your past mistakes, and use your experiences to improve yourself. To fully make this attitude adjustment, you must change your habits. Make a habit of never giving up in the face of adversity. No matter how many times you get beat down in life, get back up, and keep moving forward. Life will constantly challenge you; it will constantly throw adversity in your face. Your ability to succeed in spite of all that is determined by your attitude and your habits. Aristole once said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit." If you want to make your dreams come true, you'll have to change. There's no better place to start than by changing your attitude and your habits.


Given the opportunity to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself one simple piece of advice: throw your fears to the curb and be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone! Leaving high school and transitioning to college was one of the most awkward and uncomfortable things I have done in my life. I was an introvert and did not know what to do with myself during the first couple of weeks of college. However, some spark inside me decided to take myself to fraternity recruitment, which changed me forever. Through the process of joining a fraternity, I developed into a confident and outspoken individual who searched for challenges to overcome. Since my senior year of high school as a nervous and apprehensive guy, I have branched out and have become involved in various organizations and honor societies. My only wish is that I would have been as open-minded my senior year in high school as I am now. As Julius Caesar once said, “Experience is the teacher of all things”, and his words have never described my life, and the advice I would give to myself, better.


If I could talk to my high school self, after everything I’ve gone through in college, I would tell her to keep herself focused and plan ahead. College can give you a million reasons to not want to go to class or to forget about an assignment, but it is never worth it. You’re going to find a love of learning new things and that you can do anything you set your mind to. Put yourself out there to join new groups and organizations. While working to pay for school means a lot to you, give yourself time to be more involved with school. Lastly, while it’s hard to get started, put yourself out there to get internships. They are the main way to learn about your career and will give you more experience than you can imagine. Keep your head up and know that you are smarter than you think and will do great things.


Hey, kid. Buck up. It turns out, life is a painful adventure, not a comfortable nap. Independence comes from building your own life and taking on responsibilities - you don't have to be helpless and angry. So let go of that craving for comfort. Take poverty seriously - read business books, start building assets now, and don't ever go into debt for something that won't generate income. You can do better with people. You don't have as much time left with your parents as you think. It will be easy to forgive and give thanks for them after they're gone, but better now. While you don't need to give yourself away in chunks, you do need dating experience with respectful people. You will find love when you have made yourself ready for love. Abandon your fatalism. Struggling is better, even though it hurts, than curling up and accepting the shape in which you find your life. Fight back against the memories of bullying and abuse and don't let them define you. Don't be afraid to call the police. Avoid violent people and don't accept their vison of truth, humanity, love, God, or you.


If I could go back in time to my senior year, I would tell my self that im about to enter into the adult world and mom and dad are not going to be able to hold my hand any more. I would have started having a mind set to were that it was about business. Getting ready for college, not playing around, and expecting things to be handed to me. I would have started cutting friends off that I realize now that is no good to me and my success. I would have prepared more for the obstacles that are faced in front of me in college.


to do better so my gpa coming in to collage would have been better even though i got it up to a 3.6 after my first semester


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would first say that it's okay to have fun and go out with friends every once in a while (just don't over-do it)! How do you know that you've over-done it? When you have class early the next morning, but you end up sleeping right through the alarm and all other efforts to wake up! THAT'S how you know. You want to stay ahead of the game and you can't do that sleeping! Also, please make sure you surround yourself with positive students who are serious about their education just as much as you are about yours. You don't want to hang out with those who are there just for the party scene. Those who are goal-oriented and positive can really help you in those times when you become discouraged and/or are ready to throw in the towel and go home. Finally, don't fret if you haven't picked a major, seek guidance. College is all about exploration. Just make sure you enjoy the journey. Finish strong!


I would tell myself to take the ACT test very seriously and also apply for as many scholarships as I can. I would also tell myself to take soccer seriously because when I was in High School I tend to think "too big" of myself but since starting college, i've realized that if i took it seriously i would have had an athlete scholarship but i'm putting my faith and trust in God.


i would have appled for scholarships.


Do not stress or worry about things that are out of your conrol. I encountered many difficult situations throughout high school that were out of my control, but I thought I could take them into my own hands and fix them. For example, my parents got divorced when I was in 8th grade, and my family and I went through a 5 year custody battle between my parents. There was absolutely nothing that I could have done to change the fact that they didn't get along. I spent countless nights worrying over what I could do to make the situation better and it took me a long time to realize that there is nothing I could do to fix the situation, but to just love my parents equally and not take sides. I also had a boyfriend for 2 years during high school, and he decided to go to college across the country. I was being selfish and thought that if he really liked me he would have gone to school where I did. I was too immature to realize that he was doing what was best for him. It's my turn to do what's best.


The best advice I could give the 16 year old me or any other incoming freshman is to get connected with a good church as soon as possible. Your fatih will take you places and out of places that nothing else can. Trust in God and not people. Learn from your mistakes and the people who may disappoint you. Don't let any negativity weigh you down. Fight for your own happiness, stay focused and remember the reason why you came to college in the first place. You are here to become educated and improve the quality of your life. There will be lots of people trying to infiltrate your life, some of which you can welcome, others of which you should turn away. All in all, just remeber who you are and actively seek your purpose through prayer. Make sure that whatever you choose to major in falls in line with what you feel you have been called to do by God and if you're not yet sure, ask Him. Try some things out. Explore the campus and activities. Make the most of this 4 years because it is going to go a lot faster than you think.


I would tell myself to put forth more effort. I was always one to succeed without trying my best. College is harder than high school and you need to learn the proper ways to study in high school, so that college is not such a shocker. Take the harder courses, even though you already have a heavy schedule on your shoulders. Remember what does not kill you, only makes you stronger. Even though your number nine in your class without trying, imagine if you put forth a little more effort, you could exceed the top five. Do not just do things to make other people proud of you, make sure that your doing exactly what you want. Take courses that will make you think a little harder, even though you could take courses that are just a breeze. What exactly do you learn from those easy classes? Will they help you in your future? Remeber what you do today, will affect you in your fututre.


Get involved! There are so many opportunities that open up to you if you get involved with any activity. If I were a high school senior again, I would tell myself to become active in more than one organization and grab any opportunity you can to be in a leadership role. I didn't obtain a leadership role in an organization until my sophomore year of college , and I believe it would have been beneficial to start earlier in my college career. Leadership roles improve countless necessary skills for your future. Some of which include communication (written and oral), organzational skills, critical thinking skills, time managment, and manager-type skills like planning and delegation. Having a leadership role creates experiences that you can learn and grow from. They teach about yourself and how you respond in different situations. All of these skills and experiences have helped me answer interview questions and have been valuable during my current internship.


Study Study


Hey, college may seem like a big step in life, but you are capable of achieving your goals. In the beginning, you will face many financial concerns paying for college, but you have friends and family who are there to support you along the way. Don't worry about meeting new people right away. First focus on school, and who knows you may see people you already know from high school and the community. This first year will push your limits to the maximum with school, first job, hanging out with friends, free time and oh yeah.....sleep. College is a time in your life where you will feel independent but motivated in the process. You know your future goal is to become a teacher, who will help others. Before that happens, though, you must build relationships with other future teachers, attended classes that you hate due to the professors, and realize you have to walk outside to and from classes even if it’s sunny one day and snowy the next. Believe me when I say this, it does get better with the support of your new friends and your family.


If I could give myself advice about college I would tell myself to stay focus. College and high scholl are two completely different things and are nothing alike and what you did in high school isn't going to fly in college. College is more demanding and its the first day to the rest of your life. You can't just do good in college you have to do great so you can have the career you always wanted and dreamed of.


Make sure that you go to the school and spend time there, do an overnight or weekend long trip if possible. Ask current students in your major/college about the advisors, financial aid and acedemic. Poor advisors make for a lot of extra stress during your college years. Ask about the dorms and off campus housing which is more popular. Also make a list of things that are important to you and what you are going to want available to you while you are away at school and that the school offers it to you. Also find out about transfer accessibilty if for some reason you do choose to transfer at some point. Also find out about alumni association with the school. They are a huge help to getting a job after graduation.


Don't be so hard on yourself! Not everyone is as perfect as they seem. Everyone struggles with something in their life. Any grade above a D- will get you a degree, so don't sweat every little point.


I would tell myself to prepare for the transition. In college you are responsible for everything. Professors don't remind you to turn in your work on time and you are forced to teach yourself a lot of the material. Even someone who was successful in high school may have to work extremely hard in college to be successful. Don't sweat the small stuff and try to stay positive. There are many times when you will stress out, but you have to be optimistic and headstrong to make it through. Also, don't be worried about making friends or fitting in. College is a time in your life when you can discover who you really are and who you want to be. Don't take your time in college for granted.


My college experience has equipped me with more than just knowledge of what I attend for. Through extracurricular activities, classroom discussions, Greek life and research projects I have found a way to achieve more then I could have imagined already. College has done more then just expanding my concepts and ways of reasoning; my experience has given me courage and confidence to find my own way, follow what my heart tells me, and chase those dreams I have always wanted to chase. There are professors and fellow classmates, a story you overhear in a ‘Starbucks’ line, and smiles from strangers walking past you that stick with you, make you grateful for what you have, and flat out make you believe you can do anything you set your mind to and work hard for achievement. College puts you out of your box in ways not many experiences can. There is a long list of reasons I can come up with for why college is valuable to attend but I believe that it is the reasons I can not explain that makes college such a valuable aspect to have in my life.


I got many things out of my college experience. I was not certain of what I wanted to do as a career but college gave me the opportunity to explore different options and figure out what I wanted to pursue. There were so many possibilities and I took as many as I could. I believe that I got more out of my college experience because I put so much into it. I joined student organizations, chose a minor, did an independent study, volunteered, studied abroad and wrote for the school newspaper. College took me over four years to finish and sometimes it felt like it would never end. However I am grateful that I went. Being pushed to think for myself, set and prioritize goals, and learn new ways of seeing the world and myself is something that I could not have gotten anywhere else.


My college experience has been great because it made me become a leader on campus. Also joining organizations made me become more socally to others. College made me realize how seriously it become because it prepares me for life and the goals i'm willing to pursue in. The University of Toledo made me change my whole way of thinking because of the opprotunies I can get out of life and the new people i'm willing to meet in different cities. My school made me willing to expand my horizons about how I could help younger students in high school , junior high, and elementary to give the younger students the knowlege and the experience about what college really is. Also to give them the idea about the opprotunies when they reach thier first year of college. I'm willing to tell them how college affected others as well. The college experience made me have the ability to become more humble and to give me the drive to continue to reach my dreams and goals that I want to become in life.


During my college experience I have learned to be come more independet ,self sufficent,self motivating and sociable. although I spent my time at a community college I have noticed that networking with your peers and professor can help you acheive high goals both inside and outside of school.In my experience keeping in contact with others keeps you upto date on campus activities, and a variety of occupational and educational oppurtunites . Being in college perpares you to live on your own establish your own values and prioritize, especially when it comes to finicial aid. Just that alone can become more fustarting than every.I experienced what it's like to handle your own money with no parental guidance . Its very important to attend college because it advances your education,responsibilty levels, your social gain and networking.College pushes you into adult life some people need that push it puts all your childish things behind and raises an independent , educated,responsible citizen ready to get out into the world and bring fourth new ideas, invetions and help make a better world. College is an essential part to life ,it is a placement test for life some pass and some fail.


I have gained increased insight as to how the world works. I have learned about money management and being responsible for reaching my life and educational goals. I have learned that it would be impossible for me to have job security that my parents enjoyed unless I have a college degree as both of them do. I feel more enlightened and intellectually stimulated than if I had gone straight to the workforce. It has been valuable to attend college because of the self-confidence I have gained as well as the knowledge that I have gained that will help me in the future.


Although I am only a sophomore I feel that I am better prepared for the real world already because of my college experience. I came from a small town so when my eyes were opened to the diversity that UT brought to the table it was a culture shock for me. This may be more beneficial than the actual class work in a way. Millions of people will graduate with degrees; very few of those graduates will have the same people skills and exposure to different cultures that I will. I am a part of the Honor's Program here, and the experience I have gained from being involved with that has made my time worth while. Although it is harder at times than the average student, it has made me push myself and has allowed me to understand what I am capable of doing. I have nothing but good things to say about my advisor here, she has talked with me many times, even when she did not have to. That seems to be a rare event at other Universities and gives me one me reason to be satisfied with my choice.


My experience at The University of Toledo has been valuable in shaping who I am today. From here, I plan to attend a graduate school to earn my doctorate in physical therapy. As a freshman in college, I was unaware of how to study and take on the challenges of the intense curriculum. Ultimately, I improved my study habits resulting in Dean’s and President’s List recognition. I developed many skills necessary for succeeding in my future career as a co-captain of The University of Toledo Varsity Swimming team. Being a student-athlete requires time management skills, dedication, leadership, communication, and self motivation. These skills are imperative and relate to success in graduate school as well as in my future profession. My pre-professional experiences in Toledo were very diverse. This variety of interaction will aid me in my future studies and career in public health care. Because of the opportunities I have had at The University of Toledo, I know that I will be successful in graduate school and as a professional physical therapist.


College has been a wonderful experience for me. I have always been a very hard working student throughout my years in school, but college has greatly enhanced that trait. I learned that with the work being more advanced my work ethic needed to be as well. In the past I never really asked for help when I needed it, but I have gotten over that. In school I attend many study groups and speak with my professors regularly and I must say that it has helped me achieve great things so far in my college journey. Not only does college teach you lessons in which ever subject you are studying, but it also teaches lessons in life. I have learned that no matter how independent of a person you may be everyone needs help sometimes. I have grown to be a helping hand to new friends at school and have also befriended some very influential people. With my new knowledge, life lessons, and helpful friends I look forward to continuing my college experience and reaching my lifelong goals.


Even though I haven't actually attended the University of Toledo, Ohio, I can say with certainty that attending would be a wonderful and knowledgeable experience. My experience attending college I before has been eye-opening and I look forward to the challenges that I would face in the coming years.


Though out my college experience I found who I am and what I am passionate about. I have become career driven and learned to truly appreciate my education when there was a time that I thought that I could not afford to stay a student here. As a first generation college student I am proud of what I have accomplished and who I am. Because I work and am a full time student, I have learned that balance, priorities, and my future is my focus. I am extremely goal oriented now that I have discovered who I am and where I want to be. Art and my professors have instilled in me passion and purpose. I discovered a voice which is my own; a voice that I can practice my freedom of speech through whichever medium I choose. With this I believe that I can and will contribute to the culture of my society.


I have gained more knowlege to help me better my education. Also I have been helped to graduate in the field that interst me and I am given the ability to provide for my family in the future.


This answer relates back to the first question I answered. I am currently enrolled as a non-traditional student, meaning I'm a full-time working adult, attending classes. Looking back to 20 years ago when I first graduated with a Associates Degree, I've realized how immature I was at the time. Now, I have a completely different outlook on school and what it can provide for my future. Then, college was something I had to do, now college is something I'm excited to do. This outlook has made all the difference in what I'm getting out of my education.


At first I was in the process of obtaining my license in cosmetology. I am still going after that. Durning my school training, I had become pregnant with my beautiful son born in april of 2010. He changed my life completely and I could never be more greatful for him doing so. Now my views on life and success changed. The cosmetology school had been the only only school I have attended outside of high school. I learned truely how to depend on yourself throughout that course. A teacher, parent, friend, or admissistrator cannot always push you along. Between a cosmo. course and my son arriving, I now have a great head on my shoulders. I now have views of having a stable career and an income to support my son. It is amazing how much a lil surprise can turn your once parting care free ways around to becoming a responsible adult. I value education. I believe an education can place your very far in life. There is not a second thought in my mind about recieving an education. An education is my chance to better our lives.


The experience one gains from being in college can not be compared to anything else. From being in college, I have learned to budget my money and also learned to budget my time. I was one of those students everyone hated in highschool. I didnt ever take notes, always slacked off in class but some how always did really well on my class work. When I began college I quickly realized that I will not be able to continue these habits. I learned quickly how to budget my time and apply myself to my work. When I began college I started appreciating my work I put forth into my class work. I now appreciate the effort my parents adn teachers put into my childhood and I now feel that that was the greatest gift of all.