University of Tulsa Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The university of Tulsa is best known for the small class sizes. The largest class i have been in was only 29 students. I love the fact that ihe classes are small it gives you and the professor a chance toreally get to know each other versus at a big unversity where you have hundreds of students in one class.


This school is best known for engineering.


small enrollment which leads to better one on one time with faculty, staff, professors, etc. I love it and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a large campus to get the full experience but with more of a family type of environment where it's easy to get to know so many people. Also small class sizes!


Tulsa University is best known for its overall academic excellence. TU is one of the most premier research institutions in the country, and is highly sought out for the petroleum engineering program. It's also well-known because it is a private school that is located in what used to be the oil capital of the world, which a good portion of TUs majors fall in line with that career field.


My school is best known for the College of Law, for being the best privately funded university education in the State of Oklahoma, and for being a good employer and corporate citizen to the City of Tulsa.


My school is best known for the high probability of getting a job immediately after leaving the university.


The Univeristy of Tulsa is well known for being a great Petroleum Engineering (PE) school, and the only one in Oklahoma. The professors and faculty in the the PE department are great and very helpful to students wanting to pursue that degree. The school also has a working full size oil rig which allows the PE students to have hands on training, like most engineering courses at the school.


My school is best known for academics.


The University of Tulsa is notorious for producing very successful and intelligent graduates. Every degree program the school has is prestigious and is selective. Tulsa provides a well rounded, liberal arts education with an engaging learning environment. The institution also has many research programs that provide students with hands on experience.


Putting students into the oil/natural gas industry. Solid engineering, computer science, business, nursing programs. More focus on those than liberal arts. More conservative than liberal.


The University of Tulsa is best known for its outstanding engineering programs, mainly being their petroleum engineering program. Each of the engineering programs is outstanding but the universities petroleum engineering program is ranked in the top five in the nation. After the engineering programs, the university is best known for its football team, which has been ranked in the top 25 multiple times in recent years. Following the football team the university is then best known for its law and business schools. These schools are ranked and excellent places to receive a business or law degree.


I think TU is best known for its academic excellence. TU is ranked highly for it's business school which I am studying in. The reputation of TU is admired among many people throughout the midwest and nation wide.


Being located in Oklahoma, the petroleum engineering program is very important. I'd say that the largest concentration of foreign students is in the Petroleum Engineering program. That seems to mean, to me at least, that our PE program has a fair amount of renown world wide. Second to that, I'd say the other engineering schools, and then Computer Science, which is home to the very well known Cybercorp program.


My school is known for its great engineering program. About 52{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of our student population are engineers. We have students from many different countries. We also have the best professors and a good student-to-professor ratio. I actually feel like my professors care about their students’ grades and how well we do in their classes.


The University of Tulsa is known for its academic excellence and its commitment to student well-being.


Being tough academically. The proffessors expect a lot from their students, I wouldn't have it any other way.


Probably for the high quality of instruction, given the small size of our school. TU offers a private education, so it's quite expensive, but it still offers the most "bang for your buck." TU is in the top 50 business schools, has an exceptional engineering program, and is noted for its success in the athletic world. It's a small school, but a great one.


My school is best known for its Engineering program. It offers mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineering. It is known around the country as one of the best engineering schools in America with many different programs that allow the students to be immersed into society and actually make a difference. There is the Make A Difference Engineering (MADE at TU) initiative that has several research projects in the works that provides service both to the community and science world alike,


Our school is best known for our school of Engineering and Natural Sciences and our Business school. Both schools have a pretty high career acceptance rate and most of the faculty have a doctorate in their area of expertise.


The University of Tulsa is an engineering school if nothing else. A good large number of people who attend school here have traveled from all over the world to learn about petroleum engineering and a large number of other students are other varieties upon an engineering theme. A good large portion of the funding on campus is currently going to expanding the engineering buildings and facilities.


The University of Tulsa is widely known for its engineerin program.


The Nursing and Engineering programs at Tulsa are Excellent with many opportunities for internships and job placement following graduation. The theatre program is also increasing in its popularity as well as size. But what Tulsa is most known for is the strong focus on academics and life skills, to allow graduates to become contributing members of society from the moment they graduate.


University of Tulsa is known for their school of Law.




This university is best known for its wide range of major/minor opportunities, organizations, and extra-curricular activities relative to its small size. The faculty and staff are friendly and helpful, most are published and have doctorates. While all of the colleges here are esteemed, business and science/engineering seem to be the largest and most developed. There is much school spirit, especially when it comes to the football team, which has nothing but exciting winning seasons. The numerous campus apartment complexes are very nice as well. Plus, the city atmosphere is fun to explore.


football and engineerig program


Sports & engineering.