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As a transfer student from the U.S. Air Force Academy, the University of Tulsa will be a fantastic change; almost one extreme to the other. From the stoic and powerful nature of military life to the serenity and uniqueness of a liberal arts school, life brings me to yet another exciting adventure. The University of Tulsa offers the prestige and content of an Ivy League with a home-town college feel, while providing me the perfect opportunity to finish what I started and truly earn my degree in order to pay it forward to the next generation.


The Small Campus Feel of a Great Private University. The atmosphere at TU is really great, and it's incredibly easy to get involved with campus events.


I found that Univeristy of Tulsa had much smaller class sizes compared to larger state univeristies. This, I found, was great! It allows a lot more one-on-one time with the professor which helps students excel in the classes. With larger class sizes, students do not have the interaction with the professor when needing help as much.


The University of Tulsa is the smallest Division 1 athletic school in the nation. As a result, Tulsa has a great atmosphere combined with top quality academics with small class sizes. You have a freedom to excercise your religious and political views that are not subject to criticism, and you will make friendships that last a lifetime. I am extremely impressed with post-graduate job placement as well. My careeer path in the Energy Management field has supplied me with an internship every summer I have been at this University. It is truly an impressive place.


TU is a prestigious school. No one is going to go to TU because they heard it was a party school. I wanted to go somewhere that would push me to my limits during school, but really pay off for me in the end. I knew that TU would do that for me better than any of the other schools I was looking at because of the student to teacher ratio, helpfulness of the professors, and the success rate of students graduating with careers in their field. TU is a top 100 school in the US. That says something.


The University of Tulsa has something that most universities its size do not have. Roughly forty percent of the students at the University of Tulsa are international students, and roughly sixty-six countries are represented on campus. Such diversity of culture and language groups is often unheard of in a university that has well under ten-thousand students. This environment provides a unique experience for students who are not accustomed to sampling foreign cultures.


The environment at The University of Tulsa is so encouraging. TU really emphasizes/stresses the importance of utilizing the help provided on campus. We have several places and people to contact if we need help of any kind. We have a writing center, math lab, tutors and personal advisors. TU makes sure we have the resources and encouragement we need to succeed and feel confident in doing so.


TU offers a very small class size and a lot of one on one with professors! Very researched based, but there is help at every corner when needed.


It is very academically focused. The University of Tulsa is proud of it's students and the work that they accomplish.


The University of Tulsa was a college that felt like home to me. It is one of the best and I feel that I am in good hands.


University of Tulsa is an incubator for ambitious students. We now have a fellowship call Nova Fellowship. It provides a community of students a chance to practice and produce creative ideas to help their community. It allows students to become innovative in producing a product, service or non-profit and see if it works. We are provided a budget and team up with students from every department and school within TU. I have not heard of any other university provide an opportunity like this. I want my tea business and this is exactly what I need to develope entrepreneurial skills.


The class and campus size is the main reason why I chose this school. It is very up close and personal and an amazing learning environment.


Last spring, as the colleges I was considering attending grew smaller, I found it increasingly difficult to differentiate between the schools. Despite this, the University of Tulsa stood out in one important area: community. The strong community at TU creates a hospitable environment that encourages involvement in clubs, government, service and research no matter what your year, race, major or experience. The compact campus, small class size, and friendly nature of the students not only provided an intimate setting I could not find at other universities, but it also allowed me to immediately immerse myself in new activities and endeavors.


TU is unique because the faculty and students are all incredibly open and welcoming. I visited 3 other colleges in my state and this was the first where everyone I met was welcoming to a new face. This is where the small college community is such a positive thing. With such a small community people are so close knit and able to get to know many others without much effort.


Our faculty is very helpful! They want the students to do well. When we do well in the working world the professors feel like they have done a good job. Since the faculty has such high standards and wants us to do well it is no surprise that some majors such as mine have a 100% job placement rate. This is great because we come to college to aquire a degree which will help us to excel in the working world. Also, students here on campus are very friendly. TU students are outgoing, helpful, friendly and usually good-hearted!


Very low teacher to student ratio.


My school is very unique because we have a very diverse campus. Students from all over the globe come to the US to attend The University of Tulsa. Along with that we also have over 20 Multicultural Organizations.


Most schools I considered are large state schools, so the size of the university and of each individual class is differs dramatically. My academic advisor is also my program director and active in the professional organization for my major. Students and professors know each other and have an friendly working relationship. TU emphasizes study abroad and transfers scholarships to follow you when you go abroad. This, combined with the large number of international students attending TU creates an atmosphere of cultural awareness and involvement on campus. Twice a year there are events displaying all of the countries represented at TU.


Its a smaller school,with a big campus attiude. I liked the fact that it was a high spirited school ,supporting the arts,sports,and academics.


TU is an amazing school.


When I was considering colleges my senior year, I found that TU was the only school that I had applied to that had taken the time to actively recruit me, taking my financial situation and transcript into further consideration that a statistical glance. I feel like they viewed me as a future asset to their school, instead of just a name and GPA. They saw me for my potential and worked very closely with my family to ensure that I could be there with every opportunity at my fingertips.


This school rewards students who excell.


Small school in a really big town


TU isn't as great as it says it is, but if you can sift through the administration bullshit you'll find lifelong friends and great times. I wish the President cared more about the daily lives of students instead of trying to place us in the Top 100 schools list every year.


Coming from a small, public high school, it was a little strange to go to school with so many students from private high schools. Sometimes I notice a gap between the opportunities that were available to me in comparison to the education my peers received before TU. There are also a lot of financially affluent students on campus. That said, these differences don't play much of a role in my day to day life at TU.


PELASE PLEASE.... DROP THE HOUSING RATES (APARTMENTS AND DORMS) DOWN, NOT UP. I'm not that positive if TU would put that in mind and try to drop the living costs down a little bet, but at least I didn't what I can do, and more. this is all for future students....


The worst thing at TU is the cafeteria. While many other colleges have multiple cafeterias, open at all hours of day and night, TU is sorely lacking in proper scheduling and nutrition. THe food is mediocre and the cafeteria is not open at necessarily convenient times for students. There should be multiple cafeterias with a wide variety of foods to chose from, and they should be open from 6 in the morning until early hours of the next morning. The cafeteria is the worst problem I have faced on campus, and as someone with limited resources, I can't afford to have a mediocre cafeteria.


I loved my four years at TU and look forward to seeing the new entrance that is close to being finished


Golden Hurricane!


The bottom line: I'm from Tulsa and I was worried to go to school here because of my friends from high school and my parents. I wanted to live my own life and grow up. One day I woke up in April of my senior year and I knew that I should go to TU. I was hesitatant the first few weeks, but I quickly realized that I had made the right decision. 99.9% of everyone I talk to says they feel the same way, that they feel like TU is their home. I guess you could say TU is kind of like eating warm and gooey chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk in front of a fire place on a cold winter day.


I think it is important that students don't believe all the hype the university has. Many people believe that they will come to TU and be in tiny classes that allow exhaustive discussion. If you believe this you will be disappointed. Also be aware that TU does not have a very good relationship with those living in the surrounding neighborhood, which has caused an extreme increase in theft on campus over the last few years.


I kind of wish it were a bigger school so everyone didn't know each other, & maybe the parties would be bigger.


Couldn't ask for a better experience. College and state shools are great. But this school is unique, dominate, and humble all in one. If you want to have fun and get educated youdo that anywhere. If you want to have fun, get educated, and experience something completely different then come to TU. Had a great time and wouldn't change it for anything.


If there is any concerns/ improvements that should be brought to attention, the faculty has no problem addressing them. In fact, the business college holds focus groups twice a semester to address the problems of its students. They do try their best to work them out so that everyone is happy. TU was ranked 9th university for the happiest students.


Even though I sometimes feel that my chosen department is somewhat lacking, or the food in the cafeteria tastes like bland dog food, coming to TU was absolutely the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. I just hope that the amazing experiences I had at TU stay with me for the rest of my life and influence everything I do.


I have been disappointed in the administration of TU, but my guess is that it's pretty much the same everywhere. I have considered transferring, but the quality of the Presidential scholarship I get here, as well as some of the fantastic faculty I have worked with, make it worth all the BS.


We are a wet campus (alcohol allowed). We are one of the only campuses where you can actually buy booze on campus!


Campus is really cool about alcohol. If a fraternity is going to have a big party, they have to register it and provide security. This means that 2 Tulsa police are inside the actual house and one outside with their cars parker right out front. They aren't there to catch underage drinkers: they are there to make sure no one gets out of control or in case of emergency. Campus as a whole is really good about letting college kids be kids but still maintaining safety and good communications.


I love TU and I wish more people knew about it! I have one year left but so far I have had a phenomenal education and met some truly amazing people!


TU's a place to get a great education. It's expensive, but you get what you pay for. If you're looking for your typical college experience, I'd look somewhere else. People here tend to be too busy to live that college lifestyle you always hear about. If you want a school that will give you an edge in whatever industry you're looking at and want a school that will help you into that great career when you're done, this could be it.


I wish the student body was not seperated into high school cliques.