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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Greeks are definitely active on campus, however if you're not in one- no big deal. There are so many Student Organizations on campus everybody can definitely find one that fits them. I'm sure you've heard that over and over again, but at TU it's really true. You can really get involved and really, the more you get involved, the more you will love it. I am involved with Deaf TU which is an organization for Deaf Ed Majors/Minors/ASL Students, as well as anybody else interested. We do various activities and programs on campus and in the community related to Deaf Culture and Community. We often go into the Tulsa Public Schools and work with the students and teachers there. Students in dorms do not generally leave their dorms open, but some leave them unlocked. It's generally pretty safe. You don't normally see couples all over the place, but there are definitely a good amount of them. I met my closest friends through Twin South. It's the Freshman Dorm which has the First Year Residential Experience program. It's amazing and really gets everybody involved. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I'd probably have gotten done writing a paper, studying or doing some hw assignment and I would be hanging out with a few friends before going to bed. People party but it just depends on the crowd for the frequency.


There is a special residence hall reserved for only freshmen, and it is a very community-oriented place. I made a ton of friends there and I believe that by the end of the year I knew almost every person in the building. In this building, doors are left open and students interact a lot. Lottie Jane, the all-girls hall, is like a convent. I would not recommend it. I met my closest friends at Orientation the first week of school. We are all still very close and lived in the freshman hall together. There is a group of about 30 of us that eat dinner together once a week in the cafeteria. The table is really long...


one thing that TU does very well is provide students with an opportunity to meet others via freshman orientation. without it, i probably only would've found friends within my major, since they're the ones i see the most of in all my classes. but if you allow yourself to take part in the silly orientation games, you might just meet some really cool people that you might not have otherwise. the dorms vary greatly, depending on which one you're in; it can even vary from floor to floor! it's really just the luck of the draw whether or not you're going to be living with the gregarious types or the reserved types. my freshman year i lived in a dorm where everyone knew everyone and had their doors open at all times, but my sophomore year i knew maybe one person on my whole floor because everyone was so private. a lot of people go greek, but it's not the only place to find parties on campus; in fact, most people prefer parties at the apartments, it seems. people do lots of things on the weekend besides drinking; it can be anything from having a movie night to playing a board game to bible study, it all depends on what you're interested in.


Greek life is a part of TU, but it's not the only means of social life. There is a club for just about everything. I started my only club called the Student Cinema Organization, in which students go out and create short-films for entertainment and film festivals. Dorm life is fairly active, and the Residence Life team makes sure to host activities for students to get to know each other. Football is the most popular sporting event, although basketball is prominent as well. Partying is common place because TU is a wet campus, but it's not the only activity for a Saturday night. Clubs host events, and you could always go out on the town for dinner or a movie.


Various organizations and academic departments sponsor guest speakers, film showings, and other activities for student enjoyment. All student theater productions are also free for students on opening night. The university does allow students to consume alcohol on campus in keeping with state and national regulations, and the various fraternities take turns throwing great theme parties for the student body. Students at TU work hard during the week (even the library keeps the reference staff available until late in the evening), but we know how to have fun on the weekend. Athletic events and student association events are very popular with students. Greek life definitely isn't mandatory (Greek/Non-Greek relations are excellent), but it is a great way to get involved on campus.


If you want to do something on campus every single night there is probally something going on. From music to parties, there is always something to attend. When I lived in the dorm it was like I had 50 sisters that I could go and see anytime I wanted to. The dorm life is fun and you have a sponsor on each floor that is in charge of different events so everyone can get involved. There are so many organizations on campus and each organization coordinates different speakers to come and visit, you also can many times receive extra credit for attending them! The greek system is present and pretty large for a smaller school but it is not the typical rich blonds that you see in movies. It is a very diverse group of girls who are interested in the sisterhood. Partying and drinking are really up to you, there are always events where you can do this, but there are many people who do not and you should never feel pessured to do so.


Sororities and Fraternities are both popular, but much less than half the student body belongs to one. Residence Hall Association and Student Association are probably the two biggest organizations. I am secretary of Alpha Phi Omega, a coed national fraternity dedicated to community service. It is very fulfilling and I like the people, who share a wide variety of interests and majors, though there is a general antagonism to social fraternities and many of our members are members of the honors program. Students do leave there doors unlocked if not open when they are in their rooms. Athletic events are very popular, much more so than theater and speakers. I met my closest friends through classes for my major since we are in the same classes. Some people party every weekend, some more often, but most of my friends party rarely, and myself not at all. I went to one frat party, had a terrible time, and never went back. I do not drink or smoke or anything like that. On Saturday nights I watch movies with friends or read in my room. I don't know anything about doing things off campus besides going out to eat or to the movies.


I met my first friends in my dorm last year, then kept meeting friends of friends until I found the people I am closest to. Tulsa has a great group of people who don't drink or party, which is where I have found myself. We get big into TV shows (LOST and the Office), play lots of Mafia and other random games, and play plenty of intramurals and stuff. It's not so much what you're doing, it's the people you're with. We try to mix it up and keep it exciting. A lot of times we get carried away hanging out past 1 or 2 on weeknights.


they have a lot of activities...go online and find out. the social life is quiet and people are really nice (not all of them).


Social life on the TU campus is very vibrant. Whether you like seeing plays, playing sports, or partying it up, there is always something for you to do. Twin South Hall has an array of activities every semester for students to get involved in from movie nights to playing tag. Some activities that happen every year are the "Screw Your Roommate" dance in which you set them up with a date, the Toilet Bowl (a flag football competition), Spring Fest, and Homecoming. Both Homecoming and Spring Fest are a week full of fun events and games. Last year at Spring Fest, TU brought in Ben Folds. All the students got to go to the concert for free. Greek Life on the TU campus is great for those who want it. As a person who was non Greek for most of their freshman year, and then joined a sorority, I have seen both sides of Greek Life. As a non Greek, I had many friends who were Greek and many who were not. Greek Life is not a huge part of the TU campus, but it is a part of it. Each sorority and fraternity is a close knit band of sisters or brothers that would do anything for another of their house. It's a support system to help you through your college career. In my experience, I found that being in a sorority at the University of Tulsa is an amazing experience with opportunities for growth that I never imagined. Through the sorority I have become a leader, I've become more outgoing and self-confident. I owe a lot to my fellow sisters.


In TU dorms, people generally leave their doors open when they aren't busy, to show they are there for any one. Parties go on every night, and on weekends they go wild, especially after a football game. If you don't want to drink, which almost everyone does, you can still go to a party and choose not to drink. The best parties are in apartments rather than fraternities, because they are generally smaller and people are a lot more open to discussion rather than dancing. Plus fraternities are known for being really gross and dirty on party nights. Off campus has a lot of options too: Starbucks, local coffee houses, MacNellie's Irish Pub, and of course a midnight run to McDonalds is key.


I would say most students are either involved in sororities, fraternities, or athletics. there are however some that are just academically focused and involved in neither. I will say that I met my closest friend through my soccer team, but I also had many friends that participated in Greek life. TU students get in free to all sporting events which is something that I think most students take for granting in the perspective that students at most larger schools have to wait in line days early for a limited amount of tickets... etc. Homecoming and springfest are two activities that people look forward to each year. There are also philanthropy weeks put on by sororities and fraternities that are also a lot of fun.


Students leave their doors open, we have tons of guest speakers and sports events. If your awake at 2 am on tuesday your in the tornado shelter waiting for the sirens to go off. The party scene is huge. You can do whatever you want that doesnt involve drinking. They even have Video game tournaments.


The most popular groups on campus are probably the Greek houses. We have six sororities and five fraternities. All of them are social hotspots year round. Only 20% of the student body is Greek, but 80% of student organizations are composed of Greek members. This does by no means signify that the only way to get involved is to be Greek. There are tons of people who are passionately involved in several organizations who despise the Greek system. Greeks at TU, however, are a little more responsible than the stereotypical view given them. Most Greeks at TU are just natural leaders. Other groups include Student Association (student government), University Ambassadors (tour guides), Residence Hall Association, Student Alumni Council, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, New Student Orientation, Intramural Sports, and many many more. It's VERY easy to get involved in something you find interesting on campus. It depends on the dorm as well as the student, but usually dorm rooms are left open when students are inside. I met most of my friends doing just that. Meeting people randomly is a fun experience. Athletic events aren't as popular as they once were, but they are gradually getting more attendence by the year. Football is are most popular sport closely followed by basketball. I myself am a superfan for both and I draw a lot of students to the games. It really is a fun experience to watch from the stands knowing the people playing on the field/court. Parties happen usually every weekend, but large parties occur every once in a while. The Greek houses are usually responsible for the parties. Partying has to be registered and is closely watched by security to ensure safety. If partying isn't for you, there are plenty of students on campus that share the same values. Activities for students who don't drink go on nearly every weekend. Regardless, some of the best memories in college are packing up a car with your friends and just being random.


I don't know about the social life. I made friends early at TU and my social life revolved around them. I did not feel it necessary to join any formal social group.


The social live is good. The school holds many campus activities, as well as the many organizations on campus. During the week, it's not hard to find free food. There is always free lunch on Tuesday-Thursday. Athletics are fairly popular, & the school gives many incentives to go, like free shirts. Concerning parties, it's somewhat hard to find parties on Mondays, get togethers are more common than full blown parties. But there is some competition among non-greek students on how successful their party is. I have more than one friend who goes to parties, but don't drink. There isn't alot of peer pressure to do so. But no many go off campus, unless they are from the Tulsa area, or have friends from the Tulsa area. You have to know the city to know what is going on. Most everyone on campus is friendly, it's very easy to meet people. There is a bonfire every year which is fun. It is somewhat difficult to keep track of what exactly is going on, since there are so many events. There are plenty of guest speakers for each college.


There is always something to do on and off campus. You would not have to leave camnpus ever if you didn' want to. They always say you can do everything in college but sleep. This couldn't be more true. The things to do and the activities available are endless. There is so many fun and interesting things to do on campus. students are also very integrated with the city and the city loves us.


The most popular group I would say would have to be SA, Student Association. They are the ones who allocate money to the rest of all the organizations on campus as well as addresses many of the issues students bring up to improve TU. I involved with many organizations because I like knowing what's going on around campus. I'm a pledge of Beta Alpha Psi this semester. This organization enables me to network with potential business partners and gather information about accounting firms or general companies I've never heard of. I'm also a member of a sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, many freshman organizations such as Freshman Leadership Institute, Phi Eta Sigma, First Year Residential Experience. I definitely take advantage of many of leadership opportunities iin these clubs as well. As far as residential life is concerned, I lived in the all freshman dorm last fall and it was a blast. There would be people in the lobbies studying and chatting all the time. However, living in the all girls residential hall would have been pretty quiet. So it just depends on where you live. Right now, I live in the soroity house. My life is very consumed with Kappa events. Sororities on campus is not that important. Parties are open to any TU student. I have many friends who do not belong to a sorority. The football games have really good turn outs but our other sports unfortunately don't have as many people attend. Other traditions involve the bonfire every homecoming night in the center of campus, springfest events that draw in the entire student population, and many others.


TU has a great social life for pretty much anything you want to do. If you want to party, go to Frat Row. If you want to play World of Warcraft, somebody's doing it somewhere. If you want to just hang out with your friends and watch movies, go to the lobby of your residence hall. Though Tulsa is not a college town by any means, there is usually always something to do on campus. Many organizations host tons of programs each week, which draws students from all over campus. I was personally involved with Residence Hall Association for two years, and it was a great way to meet people on campus and get to know them better. The fitness center is open late and is a good hangout, along with our on-campus restaurant/sports bar. As shockingly small as Tulsa seems, it has a great arts scene, and often screens obscure independent films at local theaters. No matter what detractors say, there is always something to do around here!


You will be lied to when told about Greek life on campus -- date rape does happen at TU, there is a LOT of drama in sorority houses, and frat people can just be downright annoying. All the time. Greeks dominate the student government, and the nepotism is so blatant sometimes it is sickening. The First Year Experience program is the school's finest program; the orientation before coming to the school is fantastic, and the whole Twin South living experience is unequaled in terms of its community-building. I still hang out with the people I met at orientation and lived with in Twin South. The selection for eligible, single gay men on campus is extremely low. There are always lots of parties going on, but I feel like everyone is encouraged to make their own life choices. My friends drink and party, but other people don't, and that's okay. There's a wonderful "live and let live" sort of mentality that really works. There is not a WHOLE lot to do in Tulsa, but if you are curious and creative, it can be a fascinating city. For sure, the Circle Cinema (the independent film cinema) is one of my favorite places to go in Tulsa.


There is always a homecoming bonfire that I look forward to. There is also springfest which is always a lot of fun. I don't think fraternities/sororities are very important. Yeah you can make a lot of friends, but so can other people who are not in one. It also takes up time and money. I see parties going on every single weekend. Even ones going on throughout the week. When I go off campus I normally just go out to eat with friends or watch a movie and go shopping or go bowling.


Greek Life! Campus Ministries (StuMo) Athletics are a blast! Tons of stuff to do on campus all of the time. The city of Tulsa also has a ton of stuff to do, great food, good times.


There is always something going on at TU. If its not the fraternities or Sororities having some party then its SA holding and event. There are always intermurals teams to play on all throughout the year. It is a lot of fun to go and watch your friends play too


Student Association is TU's version of the typical high school student council. In the dorms just depends some people leave their doors open. A lot of people will hang out in the lobbies and study or do whatever out there. I meet my closest friends during the first week of school, Freshman Orientation. Also I met some of my friends through my campus ministry Student Mobilization. I would say a fair amount of people go out and support the Golden Hurricane athletics. The dating scene here is the same as it would be anywhere else... Greek Life is prominant on campus, but there are still plenty that aren't greek. On a Saturday night you can go to a ball game, go hang out at an apartment, get together and play games. Off campus there are a lot of different things to do throughout Tulsa.


Most popular organizations: Greek life is strong, University Ambassadors is big (which goes to show how much student's love life at TU--they all want to help recruit newbies!), Student Association. I was just elected Vice President by the entire student body! As a student, you have the opportunity to do anything you want on campus, including plan homecoming week or springfest! Athletic event attendance is a little low now, minus football. Football we all wear tye dye (blue and gold of course) and call ourselves the "Reynolds Rowdies" (reynolds stadium, fyi). Basket ball: just won CBI so support getting better! 2am on a tuesday: I am either studying in KEP (engineering building) or parting after senate with some friends. Speakers come often and are popular. Sororities: different than on most campus's because they really are about getting involved on campus, supporting philanthropies, and friendship building. while we can drink as it is a wet campus, a lot of students choose not to drink. they are lots of events that don't have alcohol served. at the ones where it is served, not everyone is drinking by any means. it's not "uncool" to not drink.


There are a lot of organizations on campus to become invovled with. With most activities, from intramurals to sororities, you can choose how involved you want to be. I went through rush my first semester and decided not to pledge to a sorority because I didnt' want to limit myself to who I became friends with. Then my sophomore year I realized that the fraternities and sororities were not like at other schools, they were very integrated an involved incampus life and they did not fit the regular greek life stereotypes. I want through open recruitment and decided to pledge and join a sorority at the end of my sophomore year and I feel like it has just expanded who I know and what activities I'm involved with. It has not changed me that much though and I have kept my same close friends group that I had before I joined my sorority. As I mentioned earlier, on the weekends you can always find a party to go to if you really want to find one. Otherwise a lot of people just chill in the dorms and apartments. You don't have to go out and party a lot by any means---you can always find people doing what you want to whether it is low key or partying.


There's not much to the Greek system on campus. I think we have 5 or 6 sororities and maybe 4 frats. I know that some schools you basically have to join a Greek group to meet people and whatnot, but that's not the case here. Pretty much all of the Greek events are open to the entire campus, there wouldn't be enough people there otherwise. There are a lot of people who choose not to go Greek. Personally, I had a lot of trouble meeting people on campus because there aren't really that many good hangout places. I didn't really know many of the people that lived in my dorm because so often people were studying or busy off campus. I also worked parttime across town though, which had a lot to do with me not meeting people because I was gone so much. Overall, I'd say the social life on campus is pretty ho-hum. The student association really tries to organize fun activities though. I think that my view on this might just have to do with my personal preferences.


Doors are always locked at TU. The inner city is still nearby. I am involved with the staff on campus for residential life. The most popular activities are those that include free food and music. Football and basketball games also draw crowds. Fraternities and sororities are not important at all to have a good social life. It can, in fact, seperate a student from the rest of the student body.