University of Tulsa Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Some may think that the challenging course work is the worst, which it can be. Sometimes there are professors that expect almost unrealistic things out of the students but its only because they care and want the students to do above and beyond on and in everything they do and discover.


There is something about this school that makes you constantly thrive to better yourself. It's to a point where if you can't meet these standards and goals that you almost lose hope for a future lavish life and want to crawl into a hole that leads to a community college. (Not that there's anything wrong with CC) So really the worst thing about this school is that the faculty and fellow students make you actually believe that you are capable of achieving greatness and sometimes that's just a little too much pressure.


The diversity of majors. While there is plenty of cultural diversity, the vast majority of students fall into one of several majors. There is a disproportionate amount of certain majors.


I think the worst thing about my school is the lack of help a studnt gets from teachers or students on subjects that one might be struggling. Of course not everyone might agree with this statement, however I feel that there is a lack of interest in theachers when it comes to helping students who are struggling in their class. In addition, Students are very competitive in this school; consiquently, it forces some student to not help other student who are having a hard time completing work. It would be wonderful if this can be change in the future.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the people. There are so many exciting and interesting people to meet who are involved in so many things and want you to be apart of them as well that it can be quite overwhelming and distracting from academic life.


The thing that I think is the worst about Tulsa is that they have so many job fairs and internship hookups for engineering and business major, but not for pre-med, health, arts and sciences majors


The cost of attendance. I love this school, and I think learning like this -- in smaller, more discussion based classrooms -- should be available to everyone. The professors are usually friendly and available, the work is challenging and fun, and classes generally keep me interested and focused. But it's expensive. I'm paying for college on my own, with very little in the way of scholarships, and if that doesn't change soon, I'm probably going to run out of money.


The wost thing about my school is that it is so small that all of our freshman cannot live in university housing.


At times, the food selection in the school dining hall can be beyond unacceptable. Thankfully there are a decent number of other options on and next to campus for food. This is just very frustrating considering how much students pay for meal plans if the food is sub par at best.


The worst aspect of life at the University of Tulsa is the lack of connectivity in a dorm room setting. The majority of campus housing residents do not socialize beyond what is required during hall meetings. This lack of community makes feeling at home difficult. It also stagnates one's ability to become friends with one's neighbors. The individual hall governments need to work harder at creating an environment where companionship and fellowship are encouraged among residents.


I do not consider anything at The University of Tulsa to be the worst. The only thing I would say that is not as satisfying would be the food/dining options. I wish that the main cafeteria served better food and allowed us to take food to go. I also wish that we could turn our meals into dining dollars to be able to purchase different types of food. We can only use our "meals" for the cafeteria and the "simply-to-go" options.


It is very challenging in some fields of study, and requires a lot of time studting outside of classes. For me, this is hard because I am working my way through college and I am sometimes stressed by my very full schedule and demanding subjects.


The worst thing about the University of Tulsa is the price. It is a private University which means that many of the funds that run this school come from the students' pockets. You are going to have to pay more to go here than most other schools, but if you are going to drop thousands of dollars on an education, might as well do it at a place that will truly give you what you are paying for. That is why, despite the cost, I chose the University of Tulsa.


The dining plan is probably the worst part of our school, since it forces 1st and 2nd year students to use it, and there is no real benefit. The cafeteria is all right, but when charged $20 per meal by our meal plan, it is not worth it. Additionally, the "Dining dollars" and "Gold dollars" that TU offers gives students no advantage at restaurants that accept this currency over using normal money. It's a huge drain on funds for students, and its price should probably be cut in half and removed as a requirement for students.


The worst thing about Tulsa is definitely the "Caf" food. I always "brown paper bagged it" for lunch in high school, and so I have never experienced cafeteria food quite like this. There are good fruits, cereals, and a sandwich bar, but not many other healthy options when it comes to dinner.


The worst thing is the affordability of TU. I am a transfer student who came in from the University of Oklahoma. I came to TU my second semester of freshman year, so I have spent the majority of my college career at TU. I recieved ample scholarship, money wise, but the tuition and cost way exceed aid. I work two jobs on and off campus to try and alleviate the burden.


The cost of my school could be considered the worst thing about it. It is a private school, but the tuition and other prices are almost too much to handle for someone that wants a top notch education but is not as financially fortunate as others. I also think that for some of the housing/dining accomodations, the prices should not be as high.


The price of tuition is definitely thre worst. It is very expensive and the only reason i get to attend is because of scholarships and Financail aid. Without the assistance i would not be able the attend.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of healthy food choices. During my time at the University of Tulsa I have never felt that I had the opportunity to maintain a healthy diet while being restricted to their meal plan. I feel like I have no other choice because I live on the campus and do not have sufficient funds or time to buy additional food and cook for myself three times every day. This problem could be easily solved if they stopped trying to make healthy food taste better in order to get everyone to eat it.


There tends to be not enough school spirit, which can especially be seen at sports games like football basketball. I think this is because people tend to identify themselves with one group even though there is a lot of diversity on campuse. However there are events that bring together many organizations in order to work on this issue.


Nothing honestly comes to mind. The cafeteria isn't always that great. Academics can be tough if you aren't focused, but I love the challenge and who really expects the cafeteria to be great?


I would consider the worst thing about the University of Tulsa is the cost of attendance, It's roughly $40,000 a year for tuition and room and board.


It is hard to pick out something that is 'the worst' about this university, as it truly has been a dream come true. I would have to say that, while I mostly see the size of the university to be extremely beneficial to my student experience, at times it can feel very small and unknown. However, both TU's athletic and academic programs are working to put Tulsa on the map, surprising people every day.


It's very expensive because it is a private university


I'm pretty satisfied with the University of Tulsa. But, if I had to choose the worst thing about it, I'd have to say the construction that is taking place on campus at this time. It blocks roads and pathways to buildings that I need to be at, so I have to take long detours around the construction.


The worst thing has to be the price. I am paying around $30,000/yr for a good education. Its hard to alrewady be in debt when I've not even held a "real" job!


The worst thing about my school would be the large population of students attending that really don't care about what they're doing here and are just going through the motions. Too many students here are really just wasting time, money and resources that could be used in a more beneficial way.


The amount of drinking


on-campus prices are much too high on everything


The sororities spread gossip like wildfire, so a lot of girls are overly cautious of being hated.


I feel it cost a lot and that there is not as much financial aid available as there should be.


The campus securties treatment of the students., especially the female students. They are abrasive, accosting and intimidating. In addition they treat the students poorly engendering fear and distrust which is the opposite of their job.


Weekday parties. They are loud and obnoxious, or they are bad for morning class. Hangover + Test = Terrible


There is constant and needless construction at this school. I feel the money would better be used to fund educations for students who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford to come to TU, and the constant construction is annoying to those currently attending.