University of Tulsa Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is looking for a large school and who wants an easy course load.




Lazy or low-achieving students.


If one wants to attend TU, they must be prepared to work hard! TU is pretty selective, and teachers are expecting students with a strong work ethic and dedication. One attending TU should also be ready to get involved and be social. Because courses are so rigorous, it helps to have some friends in class as well as some friends to relax with when finals are over! One also shouldn't attend TU if they're not open-minded to diversity. Nearly a third of the student population consists of international students.


I feel that at The University of Tulsa, anyone can find their place whether they are more used to city life or laid back country living, whether they like large or small classroom settings, and no matter how they learn, because Tulsa and the university campus offers a variety of a little bit of everything plus classes that are not too big or too small.


One should not attend the University of Tulsa if they do not have an extremely high work ethic. The university consists of experienced professors that require a lot of committment and effort in every class. That being said, there are no "blow off" classes. Other than that, most dedicated students can find their place at the University of Tulsa. The school has a very diverse student body and holds many events for people to find those similar to themselves.


Students who are not dedicated to study and advancements in their field of study should not attend Tulsa University. The bar is set very high at TU and the students self expectations should also be set very high.


I believe students that are seeking diversity shouldn't come to TU since there isn't much diversity. Also people that are very shy shouldn't come ti TU because it is really hard to make friends unless you are willing to join greek life or you are coming in with friends. Although the TU students are very accepting, they will not create a friendship with you unless you walk up to them. You have to be willing to get really involved in school to make friends.


People who aren't willing to work hard or communicate


Nobody should be discouraged from attending this wonderful university, but lazy, unmotivated individuals would probably find themselves struggling. The University of Tulsa has a very rigorous and challenging curriculum that requires a large amount of dedication to studying and prioritizing to make sure enough focus is put on work. Because the workload can often be heavy and difficult, a lot of attention and time is needed to succeed and master the material. People who lack this discipline would need to reconsider this option.


Students who attend the University of Tulsa are committed to their education. They strive toward excellence in academics, as well as extracurricular acitivites. Any prospective student to the University of Tulsa should understand that the students who attend our university should be willing to give their all in order to accomplish their goals.


Students who are not serious about their studies have no business attending University of Tulsa. Without great dedication and discipline students will not succeed at this univeristy. Only serious students need apply.


Probably someone who isn't too concerned about getting a good education would not enjoy the University of Tulsa. The University rewards students who are focused on academics with scholarships, but without these scholarships the school is very expensive.


Someone who isn't willing to work hard for their grades and for internships.


Do not attend University of Tulsa if you do not like to be challenged and do not enjoy a small community and classes where your professors know you by name. TU expects the best from their students and in return, offers the best. If that is not what you are looking for then you should not attend.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is one who isn't ready to jump into college life with both feet. The way to get the most out of this school is to totally immerse yourself in what is going on around by joining clubs and organizations and going the extra mile in your studies by doing research and other activities. With something for everyone and teachers and facutly ready to help, there really is no reason to be a recluse on this campus.


Someone who is unmotivated


Someone who wants a very active party life. Students at this school have a balance between social and scholastic activities. In addition, someone who is looking for a big city life or a very large campus should also look somewhere else. Our school is small and the surrounding area is not a booming city.


I think that everyone would love my school. There are all different kinds of people from all different walks of life and everyone is very friendly and accepting. I have not met many people at the University of Tulsa that were super judgemental or unaccepting when it comes to making new friends.


The University of Tulsa is a nearly ideal school for almost any kind of person; however, those who are interested in attending a very large university, those who are interested in a liberal arts degree, and those who aren't motivated to work hard for their degree should probably look elsewhere for undergraduate studies. Also, the campus is very flat--if a hilly, mountainous terrain is what you crave, you might consider looking for education in another state!


People who aren't self-motivated or interested in a competitive environment. This school has high standards and expects a high level of competancy from their students. If you don't like the greek system or student athletes this probably isn't the University for you, however, if you like campus community, a lot of intermural sports, small classes and hardwork, you are in luck!


Someone should not come to TU if they are looking for a name brand school with no spirit and emphasis on collaboration. Many ivy league schools offer the same education you recieve at TU, but at the expense of your free time and often your spirit. Students at TU are involved in several campus organizations and actively pursue community service opportunities in addition to seeking an academically challenged environment. If a student is not looking for a school that nourishes the body, mind, and soul, they should not attend the University of Tulsa.


Someone who is driven to succeed.


A person who likes to get lost in the crowd should not come here. Professors will know you by name and you can't hide in a classroom.