University of Tulsa Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I feel like I'm not being challenged enough, most of my classes were fairly easy during my first semester, but I manage to challenge myself during my sencond semester at The University of Tulsa by taking higher level classes.


The advising office/enrollment process


School spirit is nonexistent.


The most frustrating thing is trying to find times to eat since the cafeteria is not open all the time.


It has been difficult ensuring continuation, though The University of Tulsa is a wonderful school, it is quite pricy and tuition goes up the longer you are there. I have been on my own paying bills and feeding myself, though I have been blessed to live at home, the whole time I have attended and it is almost impossible every semester to come up with the dividend between my scholarships and tuition. I would say to plan your expenses well and apply for as many scholarships as possible, do not put it off.


It can be difficult to get on campus apartments. Dorm life is sometimes slow.


I wouldn't say there is anything truly frustrating about TU, but if I were to choose something, it would be the amount of block courses we are expected to take. It's not a large amount, but it's like choosing certain electives from categories. We get a choice, but it is still somewhat narrow.


My university has one of the most expensive tuitions I have come across, at $40,000 a year. Finding scholarships and working to pay for it all has probably been the most frustrating part about this school. However, the education I am receiving and the experiences I've had here have been absolutely worth the hard work, and I wouldn't prefer any other campus over this one. The opportunities I have here, job-wise, education-wise, and friend-wise, have outweighed the frustrations I have come up against. A little hard work never hurt anyone.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Tulsa is that some prospective students may not have the ability to attend because of the level of financial commitment required. While I understand that this is normal for an institution that has such high standards for academic achievement and success, it is frustrating to know that there are people who believe that the University of Tulsa would best equip them with the skills needed to succeed professionally and personally but are not able to attend for financial reasons.


The work load combined with having a job, so gives less time to relax. Plus I am a commuter and would like to see some more accomodations for that group.


The University of Tulsa doesn't have to many flaws in reality. The only thing I can think to say that makes me a little uneasy is the price.


As is the case in most universities, the dorm set-up is by far the most frustrating aspect of the University of Tulsa, however, it is frustrating for a reason other than the typical dirty and loud situations at other colleges. Our single gender dorms are extremely quiet and lack community. This results in many persons feeling lonely if they do not otherwise have communities at TU. Alternately, the coed freshman community has many events and is a great place to make friends and be social. The extreme contrast in the single gender dorms is aggrivating.


Not knowing whether I am going to succeed in the profession that I want to do.


The most frustrating obstacle I have encountered at the University of Tulsa would have to be the freshman English class. It gave me a run for my money I had a hard time incorporating peer reviewed academic sources into my papers. Also most of the freshman classes were taught by TU grad students and they had a lot of things to deal with their classes along with having to teach a class that was stressful for everyone.


The most frustrating thing about my school would have to be the fact that it doesn't seem like the hiring department does a good job of interviewing some of the teaching staff. I've had to drop about 4 or 5 classes due to the fact the instructors english was so broken and difficult to understand.


The most frustrating part about my school to me would have to be when my friends are wanting to go out, work out, or just hang out when I know I have homework that I need to be doing. Not having my parents around like I did in high school to keep me in line, I am more apt to going out when I should be doing other things for my classes.


School work is hard


Having to go from office to office trying to get what you want done.


While administrators at the top levels of the university (such as the president) seem to care a lot about students' problems, sometimes it's hard to get their attention, and employees at lower levels are often unwilling to go out of their way to help students.


That there isn't enough diversity and the events that are thrown here are not that good.


TU shut down a residence hall a couple years ago and did not build a new one, so there is not adequate housing for everyone who would like to live on campus.