University of Utah Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


This school has a great school spirit, fun and engaging professors, a great social environment, and strong academic programs, with plenty of support from faculty.


My school is innovative, diverse, accepting, proud, qualified, large, somewhat expensive, beautiful, awesome, and simply the best.


Convienient with lots of opportunities and a staff and faculty that truly care.


I think for what the system allows, the University of Utah provides a good quality of education for students.


I think the University of Utah is a great research based institution, where you can live a cohesive environment and feel safe regardless of your idiologies. Overall students, professors and personnel are always trying to be helpful and most of the time happy.


The quality of professors and learning is very high and I love it.


The University of Utah attains a calm environment to prospectives looking at the school; when looking within, however, the students, the people who make up the University of Utah, make the campus a very outgoing, vibrant, and adventure-seeking place.


It is a focused school. Students tend to spend a lot of time in their program, in certain buildings among similar students.


University of Utah is a large, prestigious university with wonderful academic opportunities, a wide variety of available courses, internships, and jobs, and tons of school spirit.


Lots of school spirit during football season and lots of skiing and snowboarding during the winter that almost everyone is involved in.


It is in the mountains, cold in the winter, easy to get to if you live in town and great to study at.


The University of Utah is freaking awesome with tons of awesome students!


The University of Utah prides itself on having the most enthusiatic students that strive for academic excellence, environmentally-friendly initatives, and athletic success.


This school is beautiful, fun, current and relevent.


Has everything you would need.


The University of Utah is an excellent school that allows me to think and challenge myself academically.


The University of utah is Focused on helping its students best prepare to get jobs in competitive worke field areas.


It is a school for a higher level of education and is dedicated to the education of students in a wide variety of professions and provides more than adequate resources and opportunities to achieve a higher level of education.


The University of Utah is a well rounded, diverse school. The educational standards set forth from the University of Utah challenges the students to achieve a level of excellence that is unmatched by other universities. The medical programs at the University of Utah have become world renowned, with unparalleled opportunities in medical research.


Very focused on grades, however the teachers worked to allow you to succeed.


The University of Utah is an educationally sound and charismatic institute that emphasizing academic excellence intertwined with personal progression as well as social involvement.


The University of Utah is THE pioneering research university in the West.


A great environment.


The University of Utah is a large campus located on the foothills close to downtown Salt Lake City; it is well-known for medical and technology research but also has good arts programs.


The University of Utah is big and beautiful, but they always have something going on, whether it is a sporting event or a cultural play.


There are incredible options and the people there want you to succeed.


the university of utah has an incredibly fun and active environment, which facilitates advancement and career placement.


Sports, Academics, and Fun collide


Very nice campus, accomidating. Easy to get around.


The U of U is a large, diverse campus with a focus in medicine, law, music, and business.


The University of Utah is a great school academically, has very welcoming staff, and is in a great environment with many people sharing your same interests.


The University of Utah is a great school, that includes something for everyone, we have a great football team, amazing religon organizations, greek life, and student organizations.


It is pretty easy to find whatever you are trying to find at this school, just have to go and out and take advantage of it.


My school is big and beautiful.


This school is one that allows people to discover themselves and pusue their passions.


The University of Utah has a classic campus just overflowing with opportunities just waiting for anyone willing to work enough to take advantage of them.


This school is a great opportunity to find out what you want to do. There are so many options and quality areas of study and it's a number one research school, so new things are being discovered all the time here.


The University of Utah has a large campus, lot's of students, big classes, and opportunity for everyone.


The University of Utah is a diverse supportive university, with a large environment for learning.


A really great place to get the education and training you need to live a successful life.


Best school I chose from, or could have chosen.


The University of Utah is a surprisingly awesome school. Don't be fooled by the fact that it's a public state school. Students may easily find their niche and love it here.


The University of Utah is a fun filled school with an array of courses and fields, with upbeat staff and eager to learn students it is a great learning eviornment, never a dull moment with many sports and academic oppurtunities.


Go Utes!


My school is a place where education, a social life, and being involved on campus is important .


Wasteful spending of precious over-prices tuition


Open, very pretty, and extremely technologically efficient.


Fun learning opportunities.


A program and institution that fosters a profound thought with the integration of innovation.


Large university that attracts overall a mostly local population with a variety of degree programs.