University of Utah Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Students at the University of Utah are dedicated. I hang out with students that are involved in organizations, and most of the people I know are passionate about education and want the best college education and experience possible.


My classmates are fun and social.


Those that I meet are usually friendly, and seem hard working.


My classmates are wonderfully imaginitive, helpful, kind, and gratifying during all hours of our hard work in school both on and off campus.


Friendly and willing to help


Most of my classmates are quite outgoing and like to share their experience or knowledge in class discussions.


In every one of my classes, I have been able to experience a very diverse environment. There are students from all over the world and even the people that is from Utah, have different perspectives, cultural and religious believes.


Insightful, smart, and interesting people who think about their world and environment and seek to find ways to improve it.


My classmates are inquisitive and, in some cases, very outspoken; I rarely experience quiet, non-questioning students in my classes, which challenges me and the entire class to then think critically.


My classmates are encouraging, kind, driven, and we all love our school.


My classmates are focused.


Freshman and Sophmore students tend to not participate, juniors and seniors are more involved.


i have not met my class mates yet


My classmates are diverse, they all have different opinions on a variety of subjects that help open my mind and expand my knowledge.


Almost all were wonderful, diverse, and fun. As captain of the Soccer team we enjoyed traveling to other Universities and playing in the City Leagues and all of my team members, were the best people and sportsmen. I truly enjoyed our student body and as Chaiman of MPSA I felt that we had a wonderful relationship with the staff and professors.


My classmates are hard working, determined, dedicated, intelligent, and motivated. We work well in teams and have found effective ways to study together.


My classmates are dedicated, freindly, accepting, dedicated, easy going, team players who love to attend school and learn new information.


Students tend to keep to themselves unless they know other students or until someone reaches out to get to know them


A majority of my classmates are very attentive during class and are here because they want to be and they want to learn. They utilize their time in as well as out of the classroom to learn the material for each course they are enrolled in. This school is a very fun place to learn and would not be considered a "party school." They are fun and exciting while still accomplishing their work.


There are a lot of people from out of the country, mostly Asian.


Most of my classmates are smart, dedicated, hard-working, and campus-community involved students from whom I learn a great deal in every class.


My classmates were religious and judgmental about those who are not members of the predominant religious group, The Church of Ladder Day Saints.


My classmates are usually friendly and they aer easy to get along with and work with.


Classmate at the University of Utah are very divided some are exremely kind helpful and good people, Others are rude and deragatory towards anyone different from them.


This past semester, most of my classes were intro classes so I was able to meet many students that were as well Freshman.


My classmates are bright, intelligent, dedicated students as they appear to be engaged with the process of learning and preparing for the future of wanting to make not only their personal life better, but they seem to have a desire to improve their families, their community and seek a better understanding for the need of global awareness as we learn from each other's different cultures, lifestyles, ethnicities, and view current concerns.


These students are focused and driven to achieve their goals.


All the classmates that I have had throughout the last four years have been awesome people to learn and grow with through my educational experience.


They are very nice and they are willing to help others.


My classmates have the same interests as me and all desire to learn.


My classmates are extremely diverse, culturally, racially, and any other way.


My classmates seem to be concentrated and productive, but also lively and fun-loving.


My classmates are for the large part very intelligent and knowlegable as well as have a strong determination to do well in the class.


Different, meaning that some are eager to learn and some are there because they feel pressured to be, but most all are kind and friendly.


My classmates are punctual, open for a good laugh, ready to listen to the teacher, and most important of all, motivated to succeed.


Get involved with school as much as you can. School is what you make of it.


My classmates are goal oriented and focused on school and their goals. There is not as much socializing as there is working and going to school. Many students are commuters and are individually focused as opposed to group focused.


My classmates are different, interesting, and eager to learn.


Very friendly and supportive for the most part.


There are people from all over; many are majoring in science or fine arts.


Being in such a large and diverse campus my class mates can be friendly-quiet, eager to learn-bored, they participate-keep quiet but overall working to make it through the class and passing.


Most of the students here are focused and want to learn in order to advance their careers.


The classmates here are great. I have been able to work with them and get along with them very well. Every one here is trying to do their best. Every one here is proud to be a student at this university.


Students and faculty up here are pretty opened, nice, and friendly as long as you break out of your shell and stop being a hermit you'll be just fine and if you're scared of asking a classmate about something then ask the teacher or even email them.


My classmates are very diversed, and each of them are very friendly and helpful.


My classmates are usually very diverse and participate in class discussions.


My classmates are hardworking and are there for a purpose, therefore creating a better learning environtment.


Interesting people who are dedicated to higher education.


The classmates I have had were all nice and respective to others and were helplful when asked for help.


The amazing diversity and various perspectives of my peers has really helped me to open my eyes to embrace the power of knowledge to a whole other dimension.