University of Utah Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I am not sure how often it happens, but at least twice a year there is a huge event called Crimson Night held at the campus union. This event goes all night. There are bands, games, and, sometimes, a bouncy house. It is every college kids dream.


School spirit, our footbal team, and the business college.


I feel like my school is best known for the research that it does


The UofU is well know for its research programs, the school host a multitude of research programs ranging from engineering to medicinal.


The University of Utah has an abundance of school spirit. Many students go into the engineering, physics, biology, or other science field. Some go into psychology and some liberal arts. The classes are very big, as is the campus. The professors are highly qualified, and most have masters. There are fraternities and sororities and I did observe a lot of alcohol on campus, especially when I was living in the dorms. It is a big problem on campus, as is plagiarism. I knew 2 people to get kicked out for plagiarism. Overall, it's a decent school, though.


We have a great pre-med and law school. We are big on athletics and have a lot of school spirit. There is also a lot of research that goes on in various deparntments.


The University of Utah is best known for its innovation and creativity. The U produces the most start up companies in the nation and is always on the leading edge of research and advancement.




The University of Utah is known for many things, but there are two that I feel stand out among the others. The first is their amazing football team which is currently a member of the Pacific-12 Conference. With the football team comes the amazing student support which can be seen in their infamous MUSS section. The second thing that makes the U stand out is their medical program which is the only one in the state of Utah, they have amazing research programs and the students get hands on experience. Together these make the U a truly remarkable school.


The University of Utah is known for their spirit and their focus to making sure the students gets a quality education. Their are many opportunities for the students to be involved with many different clubs, sports and volunteering in the community. They also have a wide range of advisors to assist the students in finding their major or offering professional advice on their intended major. The sport teams are also top notch and a majority of the school go to each game and are their to cheer on their fellow teammates. I would recommend the University of Utah to people!


There is fantastic medical program, but I think what a lot of people know it for is the outdoor recreation. Skiing and snowboarding resorts are between 15-30 minutes away, so they are really simple to get to. Utah has the best snow on earth!


My school is best known for its pre-med program and its business program (scholastically speaking). The football team has done very well in recent years and the gymnastics squad is always nationally ranked. The activities on campus are especially popular among the college students here as well.


The medical school is great, but very hard to get into.


The University of Utah is a great school for the sciences and business. There is a noticable amount of help available to make it possible to achieve these goals. It is also very good at pre-professional advising and the placement of student in these professional schools.


The Utes are best known for there medical school. This program is one of the best programs in the United States. The school has over three hostipals within walking distance from the campus to experience and observe medicine. The University of Utah has been ranked number 1 in the country many times for best paitient care at the university hospitals, and also have been ranked in to the top 5 many times for best medical school.


Football and skiing are some of the main reasons for students to attend the University of Utah, but my school stands out among many others for its outstanding research. There are very few buildings found on campus that do not contain research laboratories with scholars going to work. No matter what department--chemistry, biology, anatomy, psychology, sociology--there's so much more to be learned and discovered. Any future student wanting to jump into a school of analytical thinking and learning will greatly enjoy the U's avid researching methods.


The University of Utah is best known for its Medical School. The University offers many research opportunities, including a research medical hospital on campus. The University of Utah is also highly recognized for its campus sustainability efforts. All of the new buildings on campus are LEED certified. The University uses alternative fuels in all of its vehicles and encourages students to use public transportation by providing free UTA bus and train passes.


We are known for being a very diverse school with tons of opportunities. We are open and accepting of people from all walks of life and know that we are all just here for one education. A lot of people also know our school because of the football team. We aren't amazing but we have great fans!!!


The medical programs.


it has a very active outdoors community, its engineering department is top ranked in the country, as well as its business college


Its strong medical programs.


The University of Utah is best known for its advances in medical science. it is also known well for its football team that currently holds the nations longest bowl game winning streak.


The University is known for it's Health and Engineering departments.


I believe the school is best known for its large medical prgram and hospitals, but it also has a great environment with much diversity...




Producing students that have earned their degrees for the levels of work they put in. Many well trained doctors come out of this school and add many scientific contributions to their feilds of study.


It has great science classes, especially for pre-med. The science classes are very difficult and take a lot of time, but are taught by very smart professors and research done here is ground breaking.


Currently football. The Utah Utes are ranked #6 in the Intermountain Conference and had 12-0 season so far. Medical Research and our Medical School. Our school focuses a lot of energy on the physical science majors like engineering and meteorology.


Research, Medical School, Ballet Program


I'm not exactly sure, I know that our music program excels. We are all a big family, I love the people here and it is a lot of fun.