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Pride is a big part of the University of Utah, you look around and 8 out of 10 people are proudly wearing some kind of red with a big "U" on it. Also, because students have pride in their school, they're happy to be going to school at the UofU, people are alsways in a nice and friendly mood which just adds to the positive environment at the University of Utah.


What sets Utah apart from other schools I considered is its location and academic excellence. I wanted a school close to home that ranked nationally in academic performance. I wanted a school where my family could participate in my education. Where my degree would carry weight. Where I would be prepared to become a successful entrepreneur. A place where my education would enable me to provide for my wife and children. The University of Utah gives me all those things. I know what I achieve here will make a difference in my life for many years to come.


Wider diversity of students and beliefs than at other Utah schools.


My school's campus is very ornately decorated and is reminiscent of the romanticism surrounding college in its film portrayals.


Our Film department professors who teach animation are incredible.


What is unique about the University is the student body. You have a massive influence by a significant portion of the students being Mormon. It seems like there are two big divisions of people. Instead of it being a big melting pot of all sorts of people sprinkled with all different sorts of beliefs, at the University of Utah it seems like everyone fits on one side or the other, which can make things exceptionally difficult socially.


Huge area


The University of Utah has offered me more financial aid and learning opprotunities at a quicker pace than other colleges. By the time any other college had sent me admissions information, I was already enrolled at the U with financial aid. The U also offers transition classes to help high schoolers go into college life, and that was a huge help my first semester.


What really made me choose the University of Utah over any other school was for the involvement that the student body puts into making freshman feel like they are a part of the group. When I would travel to different campuses they would accept me but they wouldn’t really bring me in under their wing and teach me all the possibilities that were available. That is exactly what the U did for me, as soon as I had arrived I was welcomed and brought into a ton of different clubs to get more involved.


Excellent Engineering department. Staff and Faculty are superb and have every intention to help you succeed.


The environment and the climate. We live in a mountain range that provides skiing in the winter and has many lakes for boating in the summer. We experience all four seasons in this state and the campus is beautiful all year long.


The University of Utah is dedicated to science and engineering. That is what made it so unique to me. I want to be in the biotechnology feild, and the University of Utah has dedicated many resources to Biology and Genetics.


The University of Utah has an incredible music program. I have absolutely loved my teachers and my classes. For my major, I am taking mostly music classes as a Freshman, therefore the class sizes are small and I am able to contact my professors. I particularly like having so much help on hand. The professors want to help me in any way to succeed; furthermore, we have an incredible Marriot Library with free tutoring! The campus is very involved in bringing everyone together through social events and often they have free food on the patio. It's a great school!


The U is huge on research and has the best medical research in the state! The medical program here is awesome.


Lots of resources to help students. Advisors encourage students. Lots of school activities you can get involved in.


It had student housing that worked for my young family. Campus was close to downtown. The multicultural environment was very important to me.


One unique quality of the University of Utah is that the staff and professors are always available to assist students in anyway. The other universities that i had considered made it difficult to even receive information reguarding the programs that they offered. Many of my professors at the U were even willing to give the students their home and cell phone numbers in order to make it possible for us as students to receive all the help we needed.The University of Utah has the capabilities of a large university with the attention and feel of a small community college.


At the U we are in an amazing location where we are able to have the best of two worlds: the city and nature. We're just a drive away from both since our campus is on the edge of a mountain. Also, for students whose parents won't allow them car, there is a wonderful and free city-wide transportation system that is incredibly easy to navigate. The only reason why I've survived college so far is through what I like to call weekly getaways into the mountains, or the city, looking for the day's study spot.


The University of Utah is unique for many reasons. One outstanding reason is its pristine location. A student at the University of Utah can live in an urban environment, where it is possible to find diversity and social connection while having pristine wilderness in their back yard. The Wasatch Front is a mountain range that offers endless recreational opportunities. One can attend classes in the morning and be rock climbing, skiing, hiking, fishing or any number of other recreational pursuits, in the same afternoon. It offers a balance between social, artistic, academic stimulation and solitude with pristine recreation.


The teachers are great. They really care if you get a good education or not, even if they make you figure out why things work the way they do. It's easy to get a good grade because they take the time to help you out.


The University of Utah is a large school that offers various options to make sure thier students get the best of their education. They offer classes that help freshman transition into their first year of college (such as LEAP), events that allow students to know what is available to them on the campus (Plaza Fest) which is held in the beginning of every semester. The University of Utah offers a variety of options in which students can become involved and succeed.


My school has a great medical program and is close to home for me. It also is a high-ranking school and has great professors as well as resources to help you with your courses.


The University of Utah has one of the best Biology programs in the nation. It is located in Salt Lake City, near some of the best skiing. There are many opportunities to work in research labs with the professors to gain a hands on experience that is beneficial for marketing yourself to potential employers.


On top of excellent science programs, the University of Utah also has a nationally competitive theatre program, and since this is what I am going to school for, this was ideal. Going to school at the "U" is also extremely affordable for the quality of education, and is close to the downtown area, so students will never be bored.


The university offers 72 undergraduate majors, over 70 minors and certificates, over 40 teaching majors and minors, and 95 major fields of study at the graduate level. Students at the undergraduate level can also create an individualized major under the direction of the Bachelor of University Studies program and the supervision of a tenure-track faculty member. Additionally, the university was the 58th highest for federal research expenditures, 52nd for National Academy of Sciences membership, 50th for faculty awards, 51st for doctorates awarded, and 42nd for postdoctoral appointees.


The overall campus is more accepting than any other campus I visited.


It was a state school and was my safety school. I'm actually really glad that this is where I ended up.


The University of Utah is a research school. It's a very hands on University and has great opportunity for hands on learning


Freedom to major in what you want and to go at your own pace. I was able to stay close to home to help deter the cost of living expenes.


The health sciences campus is very new and easily accessible. The campus is in a great location near ski resorts, mountain trails, and downtown Salt Lake City. The University of Utah is more of a commuter school than most so there is always a place to park.


I chose the University of Utah because of it's high level ballet specific degree program. I liked that it had this focused program within the context of a large university so that I would also have the opportunity to branch out into other areas.


I didn't consider other schools


This school is positioned on the Utah mountains, close to the canyons. It overlooks the Salt Lake Valley, and it has several popular venues close to campus.


The University is on the cutting edge on all fronts, Medical, Engineering, Chemistry, Visual Arts, Business and Performing Arts. The campus is unique with a 9 hole golf course in the middle, 4 performing arts theaters, 2 museums and home to the 2002 Winter Olympic Villege. The university is squeezed between Salt Lake City and the Mountains allowing for exploration of the outdoors or getting involved in a SMALL city. The Campus is also located only 25mins from 5 ski resorts.


Utah is great! It is loads of fun and the people are super nice. The dorms are SOOOOOO nice!!! They are all suite style. Dining hall food isn't that great, so try to live in the on campus apartments once you have enough credits.


I can't seem to find any single lesbians in this place....


The food available on campus is absolutely horrible. The quality of the food in the student union and the student dining facility is not good at all. Choices are extremely limited, which makes it easy for the food to be sub-par. The parking at the U is also another one of the huge issues. Finding a parking spot in close proximity to everything at the U is near impossible. With that being said, its one of the small prices to pay for having such a spread out campus that has it's own unique feel.


We are not all MORMONS!!!! They are kewl don't get me wrong but we aren't all them.


Don't be afraid to come to Utah because of the mormons. If anything, you should want to come and show them that you don't care if being gay makes you a sinner. I love having missionaries over to my place for a lesson, but that's only because I have a slight crush on one of them...


- Overall, the U is an EXCELLENT choice for someone who wants a quality education for a FRACTION of the cost of an Ivy. Its professors are top-notch, research programs are uncomparable, and its closeness to and tollerance of everything make it an enjoyable place.