University of Utah Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is parking. Either you have to pay for parking daily, or purchase a permit for the semester/year. Either sucks. Even with a parking permit, it's difficult to find parking. And when you DO find a parking spot, it's usually a few blocks away from class.


The worst thing about my school is parking. Either you have to pay for parking daily, or purchase a permit for the semester/year. Either sucks. Even with a parking permit, it's difficult to find parking. And when you DO find a parking spot, it's usually a few blocks away from class.


The worst thing about the University of Utah is how hard it is to get involved in the big organizations on campus


Feelings of negativety toward LDS students.


The worst thing would be the dorm beds. Hard as a rock but with no structual intergrity.


It is not as open minded as a college should be. A university should push the envelope in your developement.


the worst thing about my school is that it is really expensive


Finding the buildings and classrooms because there are so many, and there far from each other.


The Mormon religion dominates a large part of the culture of the University and surrounding areas. That is not necessarily a horrible thing, but if you are not Mormon it can make you feel somewhat alienated.


I believe I would have felt more enriched by being part of a diverse community. Instead, a large and noticeable portion of the students had the same beliefs, values, race, and political stances, which directly correlated to their lack of the concepts of equality and tolerance. At times, wandering the campus reminded me of a high school cafeteria. However, the professors were largely neutral and fair when it came to discussing controversial topics, challenging both sides of a debate.


Some people consider lots of partying a good thing, but personally I find it obnoxious to always be surrounded by drunks on the weekend. There are a lot of parties going on every weekend. It's both good and bad, but it's the only complaint I have about the University of Utah.


That it is a big "commuter" school. There are a lot of people that commute to campus from surrounding cities so it can be difficult at times to make friends that live close by. I think this is more so a problem if you live off campus or commute yourself and not so much if you live on campus.


A commuter school. Its hard to get involved unless you are outgoing.


Smoking on campus, it's not healthy for anyone and not fair to those who choose not to smoke. It smells awful.


It's Utah so sometimes I feel as though people can be overly judge-y either against non-Mormons or against Mormons. Everyone should just get along better although Utah is also known for it's insane friendliness.


So many people smoke on campus, and don't stay in the smoking sections. I hate that I don't have a choice for smoke free air. Other students really ruin that for me. I hate it because I am pregnant and that can be dangerous to the fetus


The worst thing about my school is that if I am going to take 12 credit hours every fall and spring semester it will take 5 years to graduate. I have to work to support myself and can only afford 12 credits, since the tution is per credit hour. I thought I was going to a "4 year" accredited university.


I think the worst thing is having to walk so far to get to my next class. The reason why is becuase sometimes I arrive late to my next class becuase my other class was to far.


I feel the worst thing about the University of Utah is the lack of involvement to give information out to the student body. It is very hard to find answers one may need such as fin aid, scholarship, etc. The school I feel does not give out enough info often enough to get students on the band wagon to get invovled.


The large commuter population sometimes creates a damper on the attitude of full-time traditional students. Non-traditional students often go to the university for different reasons. These reasons can detract from the motivation of the stereotypical college student.


It is difficult to get involved with what the University has to offer, like clubs, comittees, and or student governments. There is no list of clubs that is available on hand, and its hard to find the right people to talk to if you really want to be involved. Scholarships are also hard to come by, and you have to know the right people to talk to to get the information you need.


I love the campus and the professors. I don't like that tuition is constantly being increased and it makesz no sense at all but that is happening everywhere.


The worst thing about the University of Utah is the academic counselors. Its very hard to get an appointment and I didn't find them very helpful at all.


I am in the biology field where most students expect to go to pre-professional schools. Within classrooms, there is much competition and sabotage of other students in order to succeed above one another. Not many students truly want to help others. The classrooms are filled with people who are always looking after themselves and will do nearly anything to get ahead.


Because we are a fairly large school and because a lot of students commute everyday, you don't always have a chance to socialize a ton and get to know a lot of other students. You become friends with people studying the same thing as you but other than that there isn't a lot of opportunities to become really close to people outside of your "social circle."


Parking, if you plan on driving to school parking is one of the most frustrating things. There are a few entry level courses that can be extremely large, however the professors for large classes are sometimes the most accomidating. They are extremely flexible and always available to help you.


The fact that parking is hard to find. This is mainly because of the influx of new students due to the recession however.


My school is comprised of many buildings which may be confusing in the first few times of finding classes. However, once a person gets the hang of the general area of their class's building, it is much easier to get there. All it takes is practice.


A lot of students live with their families. Because the University of Utah is a big commuter school, it is hard to get people to participate in evening clubs or activities. Many students live at home and have to catch Trax or the bus to get home, so they are committed to those schedules, so they like to get home ASAP, especially if it takes an hour to get there. These students would choose to stay later to participate in school or program organizations if they lived closer.


The worst thing might be that the campus is so large. To people who are unfamiliar or with a bad sense of directions it will be rather confusing and frustrating. But I think after a period of time, you will be able to understand the place and become familiar with it, so it will not be too bad.


I haven't yet started at the University, so I can't really say anything about it.


The large campus walks. It's great exercise but time management is critical when attending classes the firsr day as a freshman!


The emphasis on research amongst the faculty leads to many high-profile professors, but in turn leads to many "important" classes where the professors don't seem to give it their all. Research has a higher premium, so occasionally teaching gets put on the backseat and education suffers as a result. This makes it especially difficult in classes that have a lot of students but an emphasis more on showing how much the professor knows than actually teaching it to the students.


I don't like that it is mainly a research school mainly because the teachers not only teach you how to do things, but they tend to require you to figure out why an equation or solution works out that way. I'm personally am not a very good evaluator of such things.


It is what we call a commuter school. There isn't a large on-campus community.


The worst thing about my school is the parking during the times when most stuents have class. A lot of students at the University of Utah come to school by vehicle, which means that you'll have to either come early or park at a further lot, which can potentially make you late for class.


I have to say the worst thing is that there aren't enough scholarships for transfer students!!!! Also I don't understand why there aren't scholarships for regular people: good student who work just as hard as everyone else with an average you have to be a minority or have a 4.0, or your test scores have to be off the charts!!! Why are there so many requirements...or should I say rescrictions! I just want college to be a fun adventure without having to worrying about money, college is stressful enough as it is!!!!!!!


The cost of tuition can be monumental along with books and the many other resources needed for your college courses. Students need a lot of money to pay for school. The reason why this is the biggest disadvantage to college is because students do not have much job experience and the jobs available to them do not pay enough to carry a student through year of college. Students must save large amounts of money beforehand and study hard in high school to have the resourses and the scholarship oppurtunities before they start taking college courses.


I would have to say, finding a parking spot anytime after the clock strikes 8 a.m. is one of of the most vexatious thing to do on a daily basis. I begin school at 8:35 and I have the hardest time finding a spot that isn't closer than 20 minutes away!


I think that sometimes it the party life is a little too dependent on alcohol, and that there are few on-campus activities that are fun to go to.




I haven't been attending the University of Utah for very long, but I'd say the worst thing I've noticed so far is the size of the school. There are many buildings and loads and loads of people. Which means that you hand in a paper for your financial aid in the basement of one building, then you have to hike 1000 yards to get your financial reciept on the top floor of another building. All in all it's really not that much of a problem but I have noticed it being a hassle.


The worst thing about it is that there are teachers here whom I feel are unqualified for their positions. I had one class last semester where it was the very first semester that this teacher had ever taught before and you could totally tell. There were times when she got flustered and paused for long periods of time to think about what she was going to say. She also would use the same examples about how to apply what she would teach over and over again. Teachers should come in prepared to teach their respected classes.


The worst thing about the University of Utah would have to be the size of the school which in some cases can also be one of the best things. But why I consider the size of the school a faulty aspect is because many times there is not enough information for students to take advantage of the opportunities given by the school which can sometimes be a make or break situation for continuing their education or graduating.


The size of some of the classes. There are some of the classes that have way to many people in them.


The worst thing about my school is that there are so many students and if you dont go with friends from high school you dont really know anyone and most of the people dont want to get to know you so your pretty much very independant in college which is way different than high school


Too far away.


How dark it gets during the winter up here cuz I like the sun.


Nothing, I love it.


There is a little bit of persecution and some liberal ideas are pushed onto students.