University of Utah Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The University of Utah is all about innovation. Any person looking to make changes to the industry they are interested in should attend this school.


Anyone with an interest in furthering their education should attend the University of Utah. University of Utah is well-known for several great programs in countless fields as well as very involved and competative with sports. Whether you live on or off campus the UofU has numerous quiet places to study alone or with a group, great for midterm/finals week. Class sizes are very manageable if that's a concern and professors are kind and willing to work with students.


Anyone and everyone


A person who is outgoing and enjoys a large environment should attend this school. Even someone who is not very outgoing could easily become part of a "family" at the University of Utah. Someone who likes to work hard and sincerely accomplish their goals should attend the University of Utah.


Anyone. This campus is very open to all who want to attend and the resources are allocated equally


Individuals that want a good education at a reasonably competitive price. Those that want to be challenged and know that they can make a bright future for themselves if they're willing to put in the work. People who enjoy outdoors. People looking to technical skills.


You must do well with cold weather, snow to be exact. It snows about 60% of the school year. The campus is good about shoveling the sidewalks and such but if you don't like snow don't go here. I think out doorsy people love it here. The campus is on a mountain and it is beautiful.


This school is open to every type of person. There are clubs for every individual. Every professor I have had has had experience in their respective field and are well respected. The University was also just given the most environmently friendly award out of all of the PAC 12 Universities.


A person who goes here should be open and ready to engage other students.


The University of Utah is a great school for students with prospective medical careers or dealing with the physical sciences. We have the freshest cadavers for the anatomical seekers and a very extensive physical sciences department. The weather is extremely cold during the winter months, but if one can push through the 'freeze' then there is not a lot of down sides to the University of Utah.


A true Utah Ute is ready to excel, be challenged and show their support. The U is a prestigious school and the students should be up for the challenge; they must want to excel academically and be willing to work hard to achieve that goal. They should also support the school not only by wearing the school colors but by attending the games, performances and other activities that the school hosts.


Academically oriented person. One who wants to be involved in research, service, sport, or other campus activity. This can be a social school if you are good at talking with others. It is not good for those who don't want to work hard.


Though I reccomend the University of Utah to most everyone I know, it is the best fit for highly-motivated, independent hard workers who are interested in doing research.


While this university is found in utah it is far less conservative than anywhere in the state, but with that being said it still has a conservative feel to the campus. So the type of person who should attend this school is someone who is self motivated with clear goals and a slightly conservative standpoint. Also the surrounding area has many great place for outdoor activites, so someone who attends this school should enjoy the outdoors, skiing, hiking, boating, etc.


Anyone who cares about their future career and wants to gain a deep understanding of their desired field.


Pre-med students, students who are science based majors, students who are interested in sciences


Any individual who wishes to pursue a bachelor's degree and who is willing to meet the rigors of one of the best Universities in Utah.


All types of people can attend the Unversity of Utah. I currently work full time and attend school part time. Online, night and remote campus classes are abundant. In my academic career at the University of Utah, I have attended the Main, Bountiful and Murray campuses and taken advantage of online classes. I also have many international friends from the U. They enjoy the campus living and full time classes. Really the school is great for all types of students and I don't know any U student who hasn't had a pleasant experience with quality instruction from professors.


Anyone who is willing to work hard, be dedicated to their studies and can stand living in the snow.


At the university of utah the person who should attend this school is someone who knows they want a career in the future. Education is the most important step in achieving a successful career.


Someone who is proactive as a student, and is willing to work hard at finding there own way. They need to have a paitient and diciplined personality and be the kind of person who will work hard when it is time to work and relax and rest well when it is time to relax.


Students who have more liberal views in comparison with conservative Utah. Students who would enjoy the opportunities available for research in their areas of study, as well as the internships and jobs available in our relatively stable economy. Also, students who enjoy the amazing view of the mountains!


The kind of person that should attend this school should be someone who has great school spirit, even if they came from a different school. They should be committed to learning in and outside of the classroom. The more they jump in head first, the more they will get out of their experience.


Any one who is looking to learn their desired major from extremely knowledgable and talented professors should attend this school. It was challenging, but I believe that an education should be challenging. The faculty and facilities at the University of Utah will allow anyone with a strong desire to learn to acheive their goals.


Anyone really can and should attend the University of Utah. It is very welcoming to all groups of people, social-economically and racially. I you want to have pride in your school with respect to sports and education worth, the U is above average on all counts. It may be of particular interest if you ski ,snowboard, or are outdoorsy. We have the best snow on earth as well as moutains, lakes, rivers. It is just the right amount of an urban vs rural setting.


Anyone who wishes to engage in snow sports while gaining a valuable education would do well to attend school here. Also, ROTC students will find it to be most convenient.


I think to attend any sort of school a person need to have balance with everything in life. You need to be organized, responsible, and hard working. A person needs to know when to sit down and study or wehther they can go out and have a good time with friends. You need good study skills and a mind set ready to learn not just in class but from the people around you.


Anyone who is motivated and can dedicate themselves to the work that is required. This is a great school and worth the cost, but it is not a party school. Come here for an education-not a social life. The U of U has great diversity and intelligent instructors that will help you accomplish all the goals you set out to achieve. Give it your best and you will get the best results you could ever ask for.


The kind of person who should attend the University of Utah is someone who is willing to explore new ideas, challenge their known knowledge, and be ready to be transformed into a better person that will make their dream career real. Not only will you be equipped to become the best you can be, you learn so much in the four or five years in college about yourself so the person definitely needs to be ready to look within themselves and be ready to change for the better.


Any one can attend this school but it would be best advised for those that are a few years out of high school and know what they want to do in life for sure.


A person who can appreciate the underrated should attend The University of Utah. The school and the city offer activities for everyone, no matter what you may like to do.


An individual who likes to do out door activities. There isn't to much else to do here. The school is extremly challenging. So if you are not ready to study alot, then dont come here.


Students who are looking into the science, mathematical, research fields should definitely consider University of Utah as a school of choice because they focus a lot on medical research other than that, you will get a very varied learning experience and get a lot out of the professors because they are experts in their field.


People interested in a good education in the sciences, business, of fine arts. Provides ample opportunity for a multitude of lifestyles (on campus, off campus, religious, non-religious, soroities/fraternities, etc). Generally good professors and plenty of opportunities to be involved in research.


Anyone can. There are many different areas to study and places for science and art lovers.


Some one who is willing to have to put in a little more effort to find their way around and do a little extra work to succeed. The atmosphere is farily relaxed so most people fit in. The campus is fairly open to ideas.


Someone who is looking for a place to fit in. There are many social opportunities for all individuals, which include clubs and other organizations. The atmosphere is relaxed and everyone gets a long well.


I think anyone. There is a great amount of diversity in the school.


One that is positive and that wants to learn. One who is willing to study and work. One that is serious about a carrier.


Anyone who wants a city atmosphere with out all the dangers of a typical city. City life with suburb feel all rolled into one. School is competitive , but quality. Its a progressive school always striving for improvement.


Any one who is looking for a chance to become more independant, someone who wants to be involved in a community where we all have the same common goal. To earn a degree and find the life we've always dreamed of.