University of Utah Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


So far in my college experience I have gotten confidence. What I mean by confidence is that in high school I was really shy and I never wanted to talk to any one. So far I have gotten out of my shell and become a better person. Now I talk and communicate to my teachers and companions in my classes. It has made it easier for me to understand the subjects becuase now I ask questions. It has been valuable to attend college becuase, now I know that my dream of supporting my family is in a higher step than before. My first priority is to help my family out as much as I can but, finantually I can't. It has been hard for me to even pay for my expenses now becuase I am the only one having to pay for anything that I need. I know that in order to prosper in this country, education is the main focus that needs to be finished.


Coming out of high school I had opportunities to choose between many different universities and colleges, but I knew that this school was the one the whould fit me and my personality best. I love the balanced atmosphere of the campus. There is a strong pride in the school and has a love for its sports and other activities, but also has a strong emphasis on learning and becoming the best person possible. Another aspect of campus life is the interaction that is possible with graduate and professional students. This interaction helps give an undergraduate such as myself to see what life is like for them and how much hard work it really takes to get to that point. The self motivation that these students exude helps me know what it takes to become sucessful and reach all of my goals in life. This school has help teach me what it takes to become a responsible adult while continuing to give all the help that is desired. I love this school, and the lesson that have been taught here are the ones shape an active citizen and also stay with someone as long as the live.


My college experience has given me confidence to succeed independently in physical, social, emotional, and spiritual realms. Since I began my college career in 2004 I have lived on my own, miles away from my family and friends. I was thrust outside my comfort zone. Physically I learned to get sufficient sleep, eat a balanced diet, and work out regularly to feel good and succeed both in the classroom and on the basketball court where I played on scholarship. In the social realm I mustered the courage to make new friends and meet new people. I made close friends and acquaintances that I maintain contact with today. Emotionally I had experiences that scared me, made me sad, and made me cry; emotionally I developed independence and strength to bounce back when I was knocked down. In the spiritual realm I discovered what I believed, decided how I would worship, and how dedicated I would be to my faith. I became more involved and participated more in my religious congretation at college than before. Learning independence in each of these realms has given me confidence in who I am and my abilities to succeed for the rest of my life.


I have learned a lot about the world around me, especially how poeple in the United States view the world. I have had exceptionally qualified instructors that have helped me learn and progress in my academic career and in my life outside of academics.


Too many people have a simple cause-and-effect explanation on why they attend college: "Your need to go to college to get a good job." However, some of the most well-educated individuals of our time would have a different philosophy, and so do I. A college education is extremely different from pirmary school; one must be self-motivated, self-sufficient, intellectually curious, willing to take or even hoping for constructive criticism. There is a reason people spend years and tens of thousands of dollars to go through graduate training to get jobs in research fields that pay half as much as others. Being college educated changes the way you think and look at the world. By learning a broad range of different perspectives in a much wider variety of subjects, and learning how to analyze and apply them to unrelated outside situations, college broadens your knowledge and helps you solve much more complex problems than 3x+2=12. A truly educated person posseses skills much greater than any degree. College has that each and every thing you learn truly has real-world value beyong the surface subject.


I was a young wife and mother when I attended the University of Utah but I was not alone. I was encouraged to work through the challenge of being a full time student and mother. I am now a successful leader in the nursing profession. I hold a position that allows me to make a difference in the lives of critically ill newborns and advance the knowledge of those around me. I also have financial success. The bachelors degree I earned has allowed me to take the leadership role. This role has an increased wage and benefits that has allowed me to get throuigh this hard economy unscathed. My husband has been unemployed for just over a year and we are not suffering financially because my income pays a mortgage, 2 car payments and we always have money left over for a little bit of fun every month.


Life can be whatever you make it, college is the same way. Some people feel that college is just time to party, or just a time to study, but college is so much more than that. College is an opportunity to learn about yourself. An opportunity to prepare for your future career, not only through education, but by finding inner strength of character. College has been a chance for me to learn about my chosen field, a chance to see how I work under pressure, a chance to see how I operate when the going gets tough. So maybe college wasn't everything I thought it would be, but it was the best decision I have ever made for my future.


In my college experience I have learned alot about the value of hard work. I have learnd that not only does hard work yield good grades but it really helps me to learn and gain the most from each of my courses. I have found that as I trust my professors and listen to what they ask me to do I learn the material. I have found that there are teachers who really want their students to succed and those are the teachers who go above and beyone in providing tools for their students success. I have learned the importance of being career focused in my school work I need to keep my eyes set on an end goal of where do I want this education to take me. The reason this is valuable to me is that now I can always be looking a step ahead of where I am. I am always looking to what I can achieve next. I know that I will be able to succed in my career because of the education experience at the University of Utah.


I have gained a deeper understanding of science, which is the basis for my career choice of dentistry. The University of Utah has provided sufficient resources that have helped my understanding. I understand that a major in Biochemistry will be rigorous but I am confident that with the resources provided by the University, I will be successful and therefore be sufficiently qualified to enter dental school. By living on campus, all of the things I need to be successful are just a few minutes away. I don't need to drive anywhere. I can walk if I need to. There is a enormous library with an inumerable amount of books and many computer labs. If things are a little bit too loud, they have quiet rooms with walls where you can write on the walls. There's things to be creative and further your education. With all of these resources, I am confident in my ability to recieve the degree in Biochemistry.


I find college to be tons of fun and not as hard as it is portrayed. Many people don't go to college because they are afraid that it will be too hard but it really isn't. If you do the assigned work than you will be fine and will be more confident about next semester. College is not meant to make you feel as a failure but it is there so that we can get a higher education and so that we can succeed in life and have a better social economic standing.


The University of Utah has given me an experience of a life time! I love how the Utes have taken me in and have been so polite, professional and creative to help my mind grow within the class setting! The theater department has given me skills I can us in the "real world" so that I can succeed and learn from my failures. The school has helped me grow as a person and has enrichened my life culturally by opened doors to me that I never would of thought of happening. One of the big things that has cultured me during my experience at the theater department is the senior Butoh shows. Butoh is a Japanese form of theater that expresses how you feel. This cultural expereince gives me ideas how to work on my craft as well as explore who I am as a person. The other experience that has given a confidence boost is when the theatre department brought in a talent scout from New York and accepted me into his workshop to audition for four casting directors in February 2011! These expereinces have helped me grow up and explore the world in a different way.


I have received a greater knowledge of the incredible history and challenge of people of color. The diversity classes that I have taken have helped me to have a broader perspective about the people in my community, their difficulties, opportunities to achieve and their abilities to move forward. I recognize that the opportunities that I have enjoyed are not the same for everyone. The levels of discrimination, education, and personal development are not available for all to embrace. The encouragement to become a stonger member of my community by learning about people that don't look or act like me has been interesting and satisfying. I am a better person because of my contact with incredible people from around the world. I try to learn from each person their personal story, their hopes and dreams, and the challenges that they have had to overcome to become a student of higher education. I have found that each person is unique, and that I can learn from everyone. The classroom information, blended with the incredible students that I have formed new friendships with help me to become a better student and attentive member of the global community.


I have been given access to some of the brightest and best teachers in the nation. I have also learned a lot of different methods to learning based on teaching styles. I feel that no matter what, I can achieve the goal to graduate and finish college as a math major. I feel that there is support from my advisor and professors that will help me succeed for the rest of my academic career.


I've learned a tremendous amount about myself in the past 18 months. Never before, like many of my peers, had I been placed in an environment where 95{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of my daily decisions were completely up to me. It's eye opening to see how others react once they are on their own. Some act negatively while others seek to make the most out of their lives. The freedom has made me realize that I make my own destiny. The dailiy choices I make will determine how successful I am for the next ten years. The little things, then, make a big difference in the large scheme of things. It's easy, however, to have a negative attitude throughout life, thus my second point is to choose your attitude. By choosing a positive attitude you already set yourself above your peers and that's something we should strive to do everyday. Finally, there are millions of opportunities out there. It's important to take advantage of as many of them as possible. Some of thos opportunities may be new friends or scholarships. Who small opportunity can eventually lead to the opportunity of a lifetime.


Through attending the University of Utah I have learned more about who I am as a person. I have become more aware of both my strengths and weaknesses. Attending college has been such a valuable experience for me because through completing both my undergraduate studies and prerequisite courses i have found the career that i want to pursue. It has become apparent to me that I want to pursue an education in a field that will include both my interest in the medical field and will enable me to help those around me. I have decided to complete my education and embark on a career in nursing. In the pursuit of this goal I have had many oppurtunities to serve those around me. Service to others has been a huge part of my education at the University of Utah. I have been an active participant in the service activities at the Bennion Center in the Student Union. Through serving others I have found that it has helped me realize just how blessed my life is and how fortunate I am to have the oppurtunity to recieve an education.


Over this past year and a half at the University of Utah I have gained much more experience in leadership. My ability to analyze and think through problems has improved greatly from these newfound leadership skills. Ever since I moved away from my home in California last year and have had to live on my own, I have grown up so much and learned, from the example of student leaders around me, how to live as well as developed the tools to succeed on campus. I have become a student leader from the knowledge that I have gained in various campus experiences and through my work as an Associate Director on the Union Programming Council’s Community Service Board. On the Service Board I have had the opportuniy to plan and coordinate multiple events designed to cater to the whole student population including: dances, "Food for Finals," "Family Frightfest," carnival games, etc.


I have begun to understand the kind of work load that I am capable of having. Paying for your own school isn't easy while attneding school at the same time, so it gives you a much greater appreciation of your own education. I also have been able to follow my dreams, and see them come to life in my schooling while realizing others along the way. College has given me a new perspective of my own life's situation, and what I will be able to achieve if I stretch myself and work hard.


College has been everything to what I am now and it will be one of the determining factors into who I become as a contributing citizen of this great nation. There are only three things that i hold incredibly close to my heart; my family, my religion, and my education. I must get an education, it is my fire and my heart and what it has done for me already is fueled my desire for a life of exellence and knowledge. Most of my academic life I have been interested in Psychology and I have gained so much respect and love from my field and my professors in sharing things that I hold dear to me. Now that I am in my major I feel accomplished and comfortable in my future. It is my strength in a disturbing economy and a shaky, shifty world. I have learned that there are so many depths to this world and that academics is the way to unlock those depths. I plan to take this to the end and to drain every last ounce of knowledge from my field and to apply it to help my family, myself, and my field of Clinical Psychology.


My college experience continues to grow daily. Every week is a new memory to look back on. Over the last three years the University of Utah has given me the best group of friends I could ever ask for and an academic drive that goes unmatched compared to high school. This school becomes a part of you living on campus for that long and I what I’m most appreciative for my experience here is that I was able to truly find myself and come to understand what I want out of life. I couldn’t ask anything more of this gorgeous mountain campus.


So far i have gotten knowledge, I have learned so many new things and experienced so many different teaching styles from my different professors. I'm getting an education when it comes down to it, that is just priceless. You can never go backward in life with an education only forward even if you end up choosing a completley different path what you had attended school for a educationaly background opens up more doorways for a person than someone who has no educational background. I take pride in my school work since I know the field I want to go into makes a high G.P.A. a qualifying factor. I want to eventually further my education to a bachelors degree and then possible masters. No path toward an education is easy, but the time that you put into it and the benefits you get out of it are worth the lengthy lectures and late nights staying up and studying for exams.


It has been most valuable for me to attend the University of Utah because I learned the value of education. When I first started at the U I was 18 years old and not sure what I wanted to study, I received a Pell Grant due to financial aid. In my first few semesters at the University, I did not do my best in my classes and I even failed some classes. I took for granted the free education that was being provided at the time. I moved out on my own and learned what it was to work for what i had. I decided to go back to school and was no longer eligible for Pell Grants. I have been working full time and attending school part time for about three years and it has been difficult to pay tuition, but I make it work somehow. I am thankful to the University's policy to not extend Pell Grants to those who waste them away. I learned a valuable lesson, that you must work hard for what you have and since then I have been more dedicated than ever to strive for all 'A's.


I have learned to take advantage of study sessions offered by professors and the school. It has been valuable to me because I have done better on tests and actually feel like I am a part of the class.


My college experience has allowed gained knowledge of the medical field. It has been valuable to attend because I know this entire educational process will benefit me in the long run. I understand what my career options are and I have had the oppotunity to attend courses of different majors. Through exploration of a career came with a discovery of what I wanted to become. I have learned from attending college that I am independent and hardworking. I have discovered my identity as Liana Uyen Nhu Ho. I have become my own counselor by researching courses to register for, extracurricular activities, research, and job opportunities pertaining to the medical field. The best experience I have gained has been understanding that real life does not always have a fairytale ending. You have to work your hardest for what you want and hopefully you will attain that goal. In my case, my goal is to get accepted into medical school at the University of Utah.


One of the main experiences that I have gotten out of attending Columbia College, is the opportunity to learn and grow within myself. I have always wanted to return to school someday, to obtain my educational goals, not only for myself, but for my family as well. During my four years at Columbia College I have had the opportunity to experience the small class size to give me the reassurance that I needed so that I could learn the things I needed to, and give me the opportunity to advance my education to a higher learning instition to obtain my master's in counseling.


I am 32 and have been working in manual labor jobs most of my life. I am not ashamed of this and appreciate that I have been able to support my family in this way. I have come to realize that at some point my body will not tolerate the punishment I put it through for work and for that reason I am very motivated to educate myself. I would like to transition to not only working with my hands but to also work with my mind and heart to help others. I am very excited about this new phase of life and a new ability to serve others with a new skill set. I have no doubt that I will do well and become a well educated nurse.


I was able to recieve a diploma in dental assisting which has allowed me to begin a career, which to me is more than just a job. I learned valuable things through my experience such as working as a professional, being able to provide a skill set my potential employers are looking for, and making an impact in my everyday working environment. My college experience has given me confidence, and was a path that I felt that I needed to get my life back on track. I grew in knowledge, socially, and learned values along the way. I interacted with others that I feel I could have lifelong friendships with, and my teachers were so wonderful that I will never forget their kindness and encouragement. They were excellent role models and made my transfermation exciting each step of the way. I learned more than just the material that they taught me; I learned graciousness, and professional attributes that no book could ever have displayed. My college experience so far has been one of the best times in my life, and I hope the rest will live up to and surpass the such wonderful beginning.


The University of Utah has offered me a great college experiences. I am working towards two Bachelor of Science degrees, one in Urban Planning, and the other in Environmental Studies. All of my courses have been very useful and I look forward to my future career when I graduate. I have always had a good experience with my Professors, who are always willing to offer extra help. The Univesity has offered so many opportunities to enhance my education. This spring I plan to intern at one of the University's urban gardens, and study abroad in Norway for the summer. I have always been able to find a job through the Universities career fairs, which helps me to pay for school. Being so close to the mountains I enjoy the mountain biking and skiing during my free time. The location of the University is so beautiful, I feel lucky to be here. I have enjoyed my college experience so much because of the opportunties that the University has offered to me during my time here.


My college experience has shown me the value of dicipline. It has given me a strong work ethic and a paitience when things are hard. I think that in terms of being a student I have developed an attitude of "work hard, play hard", as in when it is time to work, work hard, and when its time to relax, relax. My college experience has taught me to be present in what I am pursueing. Its easy to think to far ahead or to think to far back in your life, but I have learned that it is important to live in the present, and to know that the work I do now is valueable. It is important to not worry, or be anxious, because I cannot get things done, or add one more hour to my life by doing so. I know that by going to college I am working to make the world a better place, working hard to educate myself so that I may educate others. My college experience has been valuable becuse it has shown me a lonelieness in the world, and at the same time the means to overcome it.


I love the environment and ablity to do what i want in the environment that i wish. Being a neuromuscular massage therapist is just the first step in the many goals and schooling that i wish to acomplish.


College to me is a time to discover your passion in life and learn how to better the world with that passion. Whether it be music, science, math or english; each person can and will make a difference in the world whether they know it or not. I have learned to capture my beliefs and encorporate them into my education and choosing where I want my life to go and how I want to influence society. Though at times my classes can seem so long and tedious, I now realize that they are my key to becoming the person I want to be and just some necessary stepping stones on the pathway to my future and making my dreams come true.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience. For example, I have never felt any more independent in my life and I absolutly love it. The college enviorment has been able to develop me into a more responsible, open minded person. When I go to class now, I actually look forward to what the Professor is going to lecture about while in High School I dreaded the thought of attending class. I have met new people from all parts of the world by joining organizations such as LULAC and Coogs Crew. I also work on campus part-time. My college experience so far has been valueble, because I have a new love and respect for education. If I had chosen not to attend college then I would have missed out on the oppurtunity to be exposed to different cultures and peoples. I have friends that help me focus on my education and because of that it has made the learning process easier. Everyday I learn something new and it is no longer a routine that gets boring. The college experience is really remarkable.


I have learned the valuable skill of time management. I have never really been great at applying this skill. However with my overload of classes for the past two semesters, I really had to learn quickly. College has also enhanced my responsiblities and coping with stress. These are valuable in life in general. I look forward to further advancing my personal as well as interpersonal skills while continuing college. I have a bright future ahead of me and I know I can achieve my goals.


My name is Marilyn. College is an experience I will never forget. I can honestly say I have lived life to the fullest and never gave up when I thought life in itself was over. When I became pregnant with my son, I wondered if I would ever be able to return to school. I never thought I would be where I am today. I always dreamt of going to college and accomplishing something important; and now I am working on my dream. Thinking back to life as a freshman in college makes me realize how valuable it was. My social and emotional growth has been affected by many factors. During my early years I was totally dependent on my parents. I also needed social and moral guidance. I realize now, each and every day, how lucky we are to have family in our lives. Being an only girl I felt extremely well cared for. I was spoiled with love and affection. For years I did not have to compete for attention. Lots of love, patience, and caring, eventually led to my wanting to share that love and caring with others that may need it. Through a love for nursing.


Out of my undergraduate I got a peice of paper. Now that I have had to fight to get in to graduate school I have a eagerness to make every penny of my tuition count and learn something new. I want to be able to give back to my community not just hands on, but with innovative ideas that I could network, and succeed with. I am interested in a specific vulnerable population that I want to make a difference for. I want to be educated in ways to achieve my goals in this field, and continue to work to improve upon other cultures, and aspects of society that are largely ignored.


Since my involvement in the college atmosphere, I have learned many things and will continue to learn many great things. I have enjoyed the vast experiences obtained thus far in my university. Furthermore, I have realized that my college experiences depend primarily on my abilities to share and interact with those around me. I have gained much knowledge and skills from my peers, mentors and strive daily to give back these privileges to my community. I value every single college experience, good or bad, and find that my abilities as well as those around me have grown exponentially. I believe that my college experiences have made me become a better person, and effects my life on a positive continuum. I am grateful for the opportunity to achieve academic excellence as well as improving valuable interpersonal skills. I am also eagar in continuing my education and obtaining more college experiences that impact my life both, directly and indirectly. All in all, I find that my college experiences have made me who


The best thing about the University of Utah is being able to study under a variety of renowned professors. When you think of Nobel Prize winners teaching at a university, your mind porbably goes straight to a school back east. However, we have that too, and it makes all the difference when you're learning a concept from the person who discovered it.


The University of Utah has given me much more than a first rate education, it has given me the opportunity to discover who I truly am. I expected to learn from books and professors, to spend hours in the library, which I did, but what the University of Utah gave me was so much more. I was provided with opportunities to take what I have learned in the classroom and not only apply it but experience it and see it in life. My involvement on campus was limitless, and I immersed myself in Student Government, Student Alumni Association, Sorority, University Committees, Student Fan Clubs, University A'cappella Choir, Service Center and anything to help me grow in learn not just in the classroom but as someone wanting to make a difference in the world. The University of Utah provided me with opportunities to discover who I am, but more importantly it provided me with the greatest opportunity to see my potential and realize who I can become, what I can offer my community and the world.


My course study in engineering has taught me how to find the essential tools to solve problems and implement my knowledge. Finding these essential tools has also enabled me to better manage my own life and delegate my responsibilities in a more timely manner. Overall my experience at the University of Utah has made me grow into a work force ready individual while letting me utilize the many off campus recreation opportunities that are available to all of the students around the University of UTah.


I learned a great deal from the professors and academic advisors here at the U of Utah. It inspired me to apply to graduate school where I now reside. I am very satisfied with my time at Utah and hope more people would consider that university. Being at Hollins University in Virginia is a much different atmosphere, but still a fun experience. I enjoy college and hope you consider me for this scholarship.


I have had my mind opened. I have been introduced to real life. This is very important because it is not possible to be successful without having an open mind.


The true leaders of the future are currently attending film school. If a movie can make someone cry, laugh, and reconsider our own values, would it not be safe to say that film is by far the most influential medium? Film could literally be 'that change' everyone wishes to see in the world. The Los Angeles Film School has taught me the beautiful art of motion-picture storytelling and the power it possesses over the globe’s intellect. I've learne film's essential networking, deep human emotion, precise technical aspects, magic storytelling and avid devotion to the hours it entitles. I am now prepared to change the world one ticket-booth at a time by employing little things such as low and high camera angles to affect the way someone may feel about a certain subject. A powerful weapon such as this, when put in the right hands, will strongly lead the world to a universal truth. A word introduces, a letter connects, a picture reflects… and they may all transcend. But a motion picture will forever introduce, connect, reflect and transcend the idea that there is one race, one emotion, and one relationship we can all relate to.


No, I have not got any experience out of college.


I have found myself a true home at the University of Utah. The professors of my classes are thoroughly interested in their subject and our experience of their class. The students are friendly and supportive of one another and it is very nice for me to see that college students are competitive with themselves and not with each other. It has been inspiring for me to see upperclassmen who are very confident in themselves but are willing to listen to the ideas of others, even if they disagree. In my time at the University of Utah so far, I have become much more confident in my academic and social abilities and I am thoroughly excited to continue my studies and grow both academically and personally.


It was nice to feel in control of my life while still working toward a goal; I really enjoyed the combination of schdule and freedom. I learned so many things in school that I don't think I would have been able to learn elsewhere; I know I've read things that I really liked that I never would have picked up on my own. College also opened opportunities to study abroad; I never would have traveled so extensively if it hadn't been part of a program. Studying abroad taught me about other cultures and traditions in ways it was really only possible to do in those other countries. College made me a more well-read, more well-rounded person. I think it helped me solidify who I am, since I was taking classes mainly based on my interests and not what the system said I had to take. Even outside of the classroom, I learned about myself in other ways, and learned skills for life and the "real world." Now that I'm back in school, I'm still learning about me and my priorities as well as about the subject I came to study.


I have learned so much about myself and how to get along with others. I have been exposed to so many different cultures and races and have been able to interact with people of different races and different cultures. I have also had a chance to work in group settings with them and come to consider them great friends. I have had some of my greatest challenges both academically and personally during my college experience, which has helped me learn more than any other period in my life. I've learned how to work hard for good grades and felt like I really derserved what I got. I've also learned that it's ok to make mistakes because that's when some of life's most important lessons are learned. I don't think I would have learned these lessons anywhere else.


I am the first person in my family to obtain a bachelor's degree. I just graduated in mechanical engineering from the University of Utah and now, in the 2010-2011 school year, I am a student at the James E. Rogers College of Law at the University of Arizona. Being the first in my family to acheive this great milestone has been a long and difficult journey. But my college education has already afforded me opportunities that most people don't get. I feel that my college experience has given me critical thinking and analytical skills that will serve me well in the graduate school world, and in the professional world. A college education is the mental equivalent of olympic athletic training. Those who pursue an advanced education will have an advantage in the world over those who don't. I hope that my college education will help to show others the importance of an education.


For many years, my mother was working four jobs in addition to caring for me, after courageously divorcing my abusive father. I was only 3 years old at the time yet she refused to drop me off at daycare, because she refused to be one of those detached mothers. She took me to every single one of her jobs upon being released from school. Despite the hardships she was going through, she never expressed any form of pain or suffering. I didn't know any of this until years later when my aunt slipped and mentioned something. It was then when I realized why she pushed me to do so well in school and to later go to college, my mother had never gone to college. She always wanted the best for me and now it is my turn to care for her. I am beyond motivated to succeed in life and eventually give my mom the life she so deserves. College thus far has been an absolute blast and I am so grateful for the unconditional love and support she has offered me. I only hope to continually make her proud.


In college I have learned how to work my hardest at the tasks at hand. Being in college has in turned improved how I perform in my jobs and gives me the motivation to do something more with my life. College has taught me to ask more questions and be willing to take the extra step to make sure something is done fully and to the best of my ability. I have learned much valuable information and developed an interest in pursuing my passions even further because of my education.


Through my college experience, I was able to grow as an individual and attain skills and credibility that continue to benefit me today. My time at college was a safe place to experience living on my own, finding myself and establish meaningful friendships. I was challenged through my academic studies and my professors help expand my world view. The knowledge that I gained through school not only helped shape my personal work ethic and core values but, it allowed me employment opportunities that have further define my principles and life perspective. Essentially, my experience at college had an enormous and positive impact on helping me become the person I am today. I like to think of myself as a positive contributor to society. My work puts me in a position where I can help people. Not only does my degree make it possible for me to provide for myself, but it has added depth and direction to my life. I am thankful for an opportunity to go to college and hope for a means to continue challenging and improving myself, through school and life experiences, so that I can become more effective at helping others.


I feel like college has helped me mature and become a more independent person. College for me has been a life learning experience, it helps you meet new people from other parts of the world and learn new things. With college comes partying, however as I learned its better to stay in and do your homework and go to class, rather then slack off and go out all the time. If I did that I would never be able to get closer to my goal of getting a masters in education, it also feels really good when you get a 3.5 or a 4.0 for the semester. Teaching is something I really want and I’ve learned so much going into classrooms and get a real feel on what it’s going to be like for me in the future. Going into college I thought it was going to be easy getting to pick classes that I wanted and what times I wanted to go in what instructors were good which ones are bad, but in the end no matter what the only way to get a good grade is showing up to class and do your work.