University of Utah Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I have recieved an education, that I will cherrish and remember for all of my life. I have made loving friends and I have discovered the world and how beautiful it is when you open your eyes metaphorically.


The most valuable experience I have received from my college experience is how to become an independent individual. College has taught me how to get assignments done by deadlines, how to contact professors/advisors/ university personel and how to study efficiently. In addition, college has given me the opportunity to try new things and get invloved in the community through volunteering, working and joining social groups. Overall, college has allowed me to break out of my comfort zone and to become a functioning adult in society.


Going to college and living on my own has taught me to be independent. Also, the campus is extremely diverse as well as the classes offered on campus. Everyone is open-minded and excepting of others. I have learned to take things as they are and to appreciate other people's points of view regardless of whether I agree or disagree with them. With having such a diverse group and being on my own, I have to break away from my comfort zone. I have had to learn to approach others for help, advice, or even just friendship instead of waiting for them to approach me.


Education is really priceless, it is one of the most valuable things that you could have in your lifetime. I feel that I can make better choices and feel confident about them. I also feel a lot better socially because I did live on campus. I was able to make so many new friends and have a wonderful time. These are definitely some of my best and most unforgettable memories ever! Each and every person that I have met taught me something that I will treasure forever.


I have not yet started college, but I know the value of education. It is very important to get all the education possible.


I have not attended college up until this point. I obtained my GED from London ABLE June 4, 2010, I am now enrolled in Columbus state community College. I start taking classes march 28, 2011, I decided that if you are going to do something do it right, so I am enrolled in Columbus State Community College for Paralegal and Entrepreneurship a double major. I don?t really want to complete one major without the other. My schooling total cost is 23,000 for the two years; I have applied for financial aid and am waiting for the results. I want to further my education in the future but for now I am working towards an associate?s degree. I want to work as a paralegal and eventually get a law degree to be a lawyer, I also want to open businesses and monopolize for a better and brighter future for me and my son. The way I think about things is if us young adults do not further our education then there is not going to be anyone to run our country when the elders pass. I want to stand up and make a difference in our world.


In my college experience I have gained valuable real world work experience. Throughout my program, I have had the chance to work with real companies and on real projects that will make actuall impact on cities. I also had numerous opportunities to work in groups, giving me a huge taste of what work life will be like after college. I really feel that my school program has given me the necessary experience and knowledge to be competitive in the real world. Aside from the program, my department has also arragned to have lectures given to help those who want to find and keep jobs and internships. I really appreciate all that my school has done for me.


The college experience has made me a more confident and intelligent person. It was a challenge to decide what was the right college and finding financial aid but the proccess makes everyone realize how the real world works. You are responsible for your own actions and dedication. Attending the University of Utah has been a valuable experience because I have met incredible people that help eachther succeed. The courses I attend for my attended mayor for Computer Science have challenged me and made me a future competion for the Computer Science industry. The best of me has been brought out at the University of Utah! I'm a dedicated student because it has been hard work but worth it all the way.


I have not officially began college, but I have audiitoned for the program that I am attending (Musical Theatre Performance BFA) and I truly love and enjoy the environment at the University of Utah. The professors treat you like an adult, and like a peer more than a study. I think that education is the most valuable thing in one's life, I was raised with the belief that the people with the highest education were the most respected. College is challenging and stressful, but it is a steping stone to achieving my dreams, and it is worth every second and dime. I have learned about acceptance and not to stereotype, because people come in all shapes and sizes and talent is endless.


There are many things that attending a college gives a person. A college degree will open doors, allowing for one to reach heights and claim opportunities that would otherwise be out of the question. A college degree can give a person their preferred career, granting not only stability and a better lifestyle, but also a fulfillment that comes with achieving everything that he/she has set out to do with his/her life. The acquisition of a college education has the potential to turn a young adult, floundering and aimlessly drifting, into a responsible, focused individual who is prepared to face the world and achieve great heights, like a right of passage that transforms a person into the most powerful being they can become. These are the reasons that I went to college, but in my time here, I have found all of that and more. I have found that what I achieve, no matter how great or how impressive, means absolutely nothing if I don't enjoy myself. I need to feel passion about what I do and who I become. I got the three most valuable things out of my college experience: passion, power and perspective.


Entering college, I was pretty sure that I wanted to attend medical school. Five years of unfortunate struggles and late nights questioning myself later, I have come back to this conclusion. Struggling through classes and life in the university setting has resulted in me being down on myself and my dreams for a long time, but I have recently come to realize that it was a blessing in disguise. While I hated having to take classes from professors who didn't seem to be there to teach what they know as opposed to just telling us what they knew, I have been able to change myself into a more complete student and a better person. I have improved my studying habits. I have found myself becoming less introverted and more likely to socialize. And while I have learned a lot about the subjects I have taken, I feel the college experience was much more important in turning me into a more confident person, someone who is more able to trust myself, no matter how bad things seem to get. I would not have gotten to this point without the college experience and the friends that come with it.


the university of utah has been and still is an incredible experience for me and everyone that i know. its involvement with the community, environment, and outdoor activity makes the lives of students fun, while teaching them valuable information and giving them much needed experience in the world. the academic education that i receive is very rewarding already, as i am proud to be a part of the engineering department, whose performance parallels that of MIT with just a fraction of the budget. i was born and raised in russia for most of my life and haven't come acroos very much diversity before coming to the university. this place has taught me to be tolerant and accepting of everyone, no matter what their heritage may be, and, more importantly, it taught me the much needed skills in group communication and group work. i see on a daily basis that group work is an emerging part of the workplace and those skills need to be mastered to succeed in my field of study. i've extensively researched over thirty different universities before attending here and this is easily the best place.


I love going to school. I get to meet new people and I am challenged everyday to do something new and better. I really enjoy the environment and the opportunities that I get by going to school. Opportunities that I know I wouldn't get if I wasn't attending school. Initially when I went back to school I thought that I wouldn't be able to do it, but because of the interest the teachers take in each individual student, I am able to succeed. It also brings confidence to myself that I can accomplish anything I want to take on in the future.


Just as a general college advice, get ahead. Get strong and confident in the math and sciences. You don't want to get to college, and see that you have to take this long list of pre-requisites to get into a class you really want to be in. Start discovering what interest you, what makes you happy early so you can start college off running. Good Luck.


If I were to go back and talk to my former self, I would stress the importance of making my own decision. It was hard for me to trust myself as a High School student. I depended on those around me to make my mind up for me. That is not the right way! College is about finding yourself and starting your life in the direction YOU want to take it. You can never be happy if you only let others choose your path. I know it's scary to think you might regret your choice and feel there's no one to blame but yourself. That's ok. Fear is a part of life. It's ok to be wrong. Being wrong is a valuable component of learning. I firmly believe that if you choose your own goals, work hard, and persevere you will have a truly life changing college experience.


If i could go back to high school I would take advantage of the knowledge that my teachers possessed. I would have asked more questions and taken the time to really learn what was being taught. I spent a lot of time being social, and I found it important to include everyone. I wouldn't change that, but if i could I would change that as being my only focus. I feel like I missed out on quite a bit of education by staying home instead of getting my lazy bum out of bed. My mother would encourage me to stay home on days that she could really use the extra help, and I wouldn't have taken advantage of that so much. I can honestly say that I loved my high school experience for many reasons, but having experienced the real world over the passed eight years, I regret cheating myself out of education, learning study habits, and getting ahead in college. It has taken me a long time to learn, but I love school so much, and wouldn't change my college experience and education for the world!


When I checked my grades after the first year of my university life, my GPA was a 1.8 and it felt like an icy rod shooting up my spine. As a high school senior, I had no idea what I wanted to be. I chose a major thinking it would make my parents proud. After a few years of working hard and struggling, I changed my major. I asked myself, ?What is the most interesting topic to me?? and I found it. Instead of going to school with the feeling of it clawing at my back, I now see it as a friend; a launch pad, helping me find what I really want in life. If I could go back in time, my advice to myself is to think greedy for once. No matter what you study, if you don?t like it, it?s not worth the time. Think about what YOU want. There are great people who share your interests no matter where you decide to go and you are NEVER alone. My GPA has risen from the dead to a 3.0 and still rising. There?s nothing more prestigious than loving what you do.


My worst attribute is the fact that I can be shy when I am in a new environment. Coming to college was more difficult for me because I had trouble meeting and talking to new people. The best advice I could give myself would be, " Come out of your shell! Everyone else is just as nervous as you are so don't worry too much. Get involved in every club or activity that you possibly can. It is a great way to meet new people and establish yourself at school. The best thing I did freshman year was rush and pledge a sorority; I truly cannot replace the experiences I have had and the friends I have made. Also, make sure your professors know who you are and that you are interested in school beyond college. I made the mistake of not doing this with every professor and deeply regret it. Make the most of your college years because you won't get them back. By this I do not mean to 'party it up.' Have fun but remain focused on school and you won't have any regrets!"


I would have told myself to put myself out there and go for something bigger. I wish I would have gone out of state but financially that wasn't an option. However I would have told myself to work harder to find financial aid.


A month ago I'd look back having regrets, wishing I'd been more prepared. I'd tell myself "get it together: apply for scholarships like everyone else, pick a University...and go!!!" I'd tell myself "You NEED to have a degree and a job in four years...You NEED your life planned out!!!" But now that I have gone through two years of community college, auditioning for many college ballet programs and being discouraged, wondering why isn't there that perfect college for me, is this what I want to do...I realize that I shouldn't have any regrets. After high school there's no longer anyone telling you what to do. Life after high school is a huge transition that one has to take. I believe that no matter how much advice one is given, what it comes down to is the choices that one makes. Some will be bad, some good...and that is okay because no matter what, those choices are learning experiences. I would tell myself not to be discouraged because all will come into play. It doesn't matter how long it takes as long as you are doing what you love!


Lacey, you know that you're good at a lot of things. You made a great choice choosing the University of Utah, don't regret it. Just so you know, you'll greatly enjoy a major in Chemistry. Don't wait to get yourself established in it, or you'll wind up graduating late. You won't like dead things, so don't get wrapped up in going pre-med. Be sure to do your homework, and to turn it in on time. Aim high. Take part in Undergraduate Research. Move out of the dorms and into the apartments as soon as you can, the food there sucks. Learn to cook. Don't be afraid to talk to people. Go out and do stuff on the weekends. Keep the ink in your printer filled and ready to go, and always make sure you have duct tape and paperclips. You never know what you can do with duct tape and paperclips.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to engage in more than just my academic career and have a social life. I would tell myself to build relations with other people, as my University is not a social experience for me. I would also tell myself to continue to be academically prepared and do well in my classes. I would tell myself to apply for every scholarship available, as I lacked in this area, and paid the price. It would be greatly helpful though to have told myself to be more engaged socially, it could change my entire position.


I would tell myself to relax and not to be scared. I would say to just be ready to do more work than you do in high school, but in college all that work is so much more worth it. Also, try to apply for more opportunities around campus and meet people because that way you can get help with anything that you need.


I can see myself standing there in front of my mom fidling with my fingers. I was thinking "What am I going to do?" I didn't think I was ready for college yet, and I deffinately didn't have the money for it either. I was scared and didn't know what to think. I would go back and tell my younger counter part that it is okay to be scared. The only thing you have to remember is that your family is there to help you in any way possible, and they care about you and would love to see you make something big of yourself. Yes, you will have to make new friends, but that's just an adventure waiting to happen, and to embrace it. Yes, you will have financial woes that will stress you out, but jobs are available everywhere you just have to look. Finally, I would say that you have the chance of a lifetime to find something to help you stake a claim in this world and don't you dare hold yourself back from your own potential. You have strength, you just need to take your waits off. Go for it!


The word of wisdom that I may give myself as a high school senior would be to take responsibilty of your education as an early age. In doing your best to complete assignments to the best of your ability and also taking the responsibilty to dedicating yourself to your studies during high school you can develop the hunger of learning. After practicing the essential habits of studying you can find the world open up to you. That by studying you learn of the limitless abundance of knowledge waiting for you to accumulate it. The only things you need are good study habits and a hunger to learn. We have the right to knowledge and success, but it takes discipline and developing solid habits in acquiring knowledge and also and developing a curiosity or a desire to learn more about our surroundings.


I would tell myself that college is much less intimidating than I thought. People are very friendly, and the transition to college was painless. I think the most important piece of advice I could give myself is not to panic and make it a big deal. Sure college is a major part of your life but when I came to college it was very easy to fit in and make friends. Don't stress the little things and just have fun because you only to go college once! I was lucky that the college I chose was very a perfect fit for me, but I think it is important that you take the time to find a college that will allow you to be yourself and one that fits your personality. If you are unhappy with the people you are surrounded with and the environment the school is located in you will not have as much fun. In conclusion just relax and don't stress, college is the greatest time of your life so enjoy it!


Make the most of every day, every professor, every class. There will be times when you may feel your views are the minority, but listen closely and glean what you can from what is being taught and being discussed. There will be many lonely and friendless people that you will meet in the next four years talk to them. Make them feel like you care and that they are important, for they will be grateful for you and will consider you their friend. Be on time and do not procrastinate your workload, this will only bring you stress and sleepless nights. Maybe most importantly, follow your heart. Do what you love. There will be those who will try and persuade you do differently, but I encourage you to do what makes you happy, no matter what may be said. In doing this you will find happiness, success, and meaning. In not suppressing the desires of your heart you will become your best self, and come to find what is really important. This great opportunity will only will be here once, so go out there and take full advantage of it. Remember, don?t hold back, and have fun!


Time management is something you have to pay attention to. Ask for help with subjects that are difficult for you. There are many resources that can make it much easier for you. Don't give up! It is much harder to go back to school later in life. You have to become part of the college. Participate in any activties that you can find. It will make it more fun and want to go. Don't put off a class because you don't like the subject it only makes it worse when you have to take it. Enjoy your college experience. You only have this time of your life once.


Apply for more scholarships, and get a better GPA. After school activities are important, but too many can lower your GPA. Many don't even pay off as scholarship money in the long run. College isn't as hard as everybody says, but high school doesn't really prepare you as much as you'd think. Just do what the teachers say and study hard. College is more expensive than you think, though. Even if you have "full ride" scholarship, there are many other expenses that come with living away from home. Save all the money you can. Once you get to college, have fun, get involved, and study hard.


I would tell myself not to worry so much. On the plane ride here, I was extremely nervous and worried that just about everything would go wrong. I know it's pretty typical to be nervous when starting college, but for awhile, I worried far more than your average college freshman. I was worried that I wouldn't make frineds, that I would fail all of my classes, that I would end up regretting the decision I made in choosing a college, and all manner of other ridiculous and silly little things. While I knew somewhere in my mind that things probably wouldn't turn out so terribly, I kept worrying for a good part of my first semester. Now, having made absolutely amazing friends, passed all my classes, and enjoyed almost every minute I've spent here, I've realized that all the time and energy I put into worrying really was not necessary. Of all the decsions I've made so far, choosing this college was one of the best. So, if I could give myself advice, I would tell myself that there's no point and no need for worry. In the end, it's all amazing.


Don't be afraid to speak your mind whether sharing an opinion or asking for help. Spend as much time as possible studying and giving your education your best effort-the future of the country depends on it. Take the time to learn and apply the concepts to make sure you understand them. Apply for as much help as possible...College is expensive! Especially the single room dorms :) worth it but so much money! Find an off campus apartment or home to rent to save up for the long road of schooling ahead. Remember who you are and don't let anyone change your beliefs, they create a big part of your heart and soul. Be proud to be who you are, theres no one like you and that's what makes you special. Don't be shy and be yourself so that making friends will be as easy as it always has been. There are other people out there alone and searching for friends too, so reach out and be a friend. Best advice I could give is just to work hard and have fun too. College only happens once, make the best of it and be happy!


Looking back to my senior year in high school makes me cringe. It wasn't necessarily the bratty cheerleaders mixed with the nerdy senior class president, but I will say this with honesty and enthusiasm, it sucked! During my senior year, scholarships were announced to the "over achiever" and the band's most talented cello artist. I kept my grades no lower than a 3.8 GPA and danced every day on the PCHS Dance Company. Although, that wasn't good enough. There are very few students who jump right into applying for scholarships and others who wait to hear the announcement to pick up a packet in the main office. Obviously, I was one of those students who was oblivious to scholarship applications and just worried about graduating with a decent overall GPA. I never want to look back and regret anything, but if I were to change the past I would have looked into scholarships more than I did. Assuming I am a college freshman, applying for this scholarship, means I obviously didn't try as hard as I wished I had, but here is my chance to try again.


Don't procrastinate! Get organized! Establish good study skills! Get involved. During the senior year of high school, many students begin to suffer from "Senioritis." Since its the last year of high school, students can't wait to be done. They begin to slip and loose their focus. They start gettinig into bad habits which can transition into their college life. College is quite different from high school. In college, no one is after you to do well in class, go to class, be on time, do the reading, or the homework. You are now responsible for yourself. So if from high school you continued to do well, then you shouldn't have a problem. However, you must also learn to have a balance. You can't simply lock yourself in your room and study and study and study. Yes, studying is crucial in your success in college but you need to get out and meet new people. You can join clubs, sports, do community service and so much more. Overall work hard, don't slack off, but also have fun.


College is a giant change from high school, but it is definitely a good change, full of ups and downs and wonderful experiences you couldn't get any other way. Always remember to take advantage of every moment. Don't allow yourself to regret a single second. Accept yourself for who you are and go with it. Don't ever wish you could be someone else -- you never know who might be wishing they could be you. Study hard, but don't let it take over your life. A social life is key to survival. Remember your old friends, but cherish the new ones just as much. Never fear mistakes; they can be marvelous learning tools if viewed in a positive light. Try new things -- you will love the new experiences. Don't dwell on the past or worry about the future; live in each moment to the fullest. Learn to laugh at yourself; you will be better for it. Strive every day to make someone else's life just a little bit better. Never settle for mediocrity. And finally, always follow your dreams; you never know exactly how far you can go until you give it your best shot.


If I would go back and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now about college life I would first tell myself that grades and SAT scores count. Just work hard in and out of the classrooms. College not only prepares you as far as academics but it teaches you to be a well rounded person. I would tell myself to relax if I don't know what I want to do for the rest my life you don't have to make any quick decisions. Focus on getting your general courses out of the way. I would also tell myself that even if you didn't get into the college you really wanted to go to you could go to a 2 year university and get your general courses out of the way and work on getting a higher GPA and then transfer that same college. Lastly I would tell myself to relax and have fun because you are about to end one chapter of your life and start another exciting chapter of young adulthood.


The most important advice I would give my high school senior self, would be to be patient. The reason I would say to be patient, is because, you never really know what life will throw out at you. I remember thinking in high school that if I planned really well, I could calculate the approximate time that I would finish college. It turns out it didn't work that way. Things came up, things happened. It took a lot longer to finish my degree than planned. A lot of people would get frustrated by that. So I would just tell my self be patient. Life is going to throw many paths out there for you. Take the one you feel most comfortable with. Take the one that you really feel good about. And all will work out in the end. College takes a lot of work. It can in many ways be a lot more difficult than high school. Yet, it can also be a lot more rewarding.


I would assure myself that I am making the right decision. I went to a diffent university then all of my best friends. The first week I thought I had made a horrible decision. I talked to my friends on the phone and missed them. They all sounded like they were having alot of fun, and they were around people they knew. I knew no one. I would tell myself I've made amazing life long friends at my school. I would tell myself to relax about getting college credit in high school. Part of the fun of college is the diffent classroom experience. Not much of my college credit transferred and the little that did was only general credits. I have to take the same amount of college courses as I would have if I didn't take them in high school. I would tell myself to still take hard classes but not to worry about wether or not they are CE.


Dear Kastin, I know right now you might not believe it's really me (just an older more awesome version) writing this to you so first i will prove myself. You have a large bound book of quotes you constantly write in that only you and Mama know about. However no one has seen the new poetry you wrote in it because you are a little afraid to show someone. You are used to juggling many sports and extra circular activities but be ready for a change in college. You were blessed to continue Track so make the most of each practice but know as much hard work you put into being a better athlete the most important part of going to college is the student part. (You do great so don't worry just keep working hard) Also you think you might want to be that physical therapist or optometrist but along the way you will figure out that switching majors turns out to be the best thing for you! I'll let you experience that one on your own ;) Live everyday like it's your last and do homework on Trax trust me. Kastin Jane Frostl :)


Dear High school me, You really should take all the opportunity your high school had to offer. Start asking your teacher about getting college credits and high school credit at the same time or any job or internship opportunity but on top of that make sure you put some more work and effort into your community service because once you apply for graduate school (particular med school or pharmacy school or any school in the health area), because that is where you are heading of course, they are going to look at your community service big time. One other thing is, do not be a hermit and break out of your shell. Get together with your classmates and form a study group and really study, not like the last time you tried and all you did was talk about how you went to McDonalds the last day of school. To stay focus on your work and avoid distractions I would suggest that you find the quietest place to study, if you and everyone else is not able to meet up at one another's house or something then I suggest taking one hour after school and go to the library.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior, I would tell myself to stop worrying so much! I would say to continue to work hard like I had been, apply for as many scholarships as I could, and then sit back and enjoy the ride. There isn't so much to be afraid of at college if you prepare and are working hard in high school. If you know how to study and come to college to learn, then youll be fine. Take a lighter course load your first semester to help transition yourself, and take classes you enjoy. It makes it so much easier to go to classes and do the reading for the class. College is fun, so dont be so stressed out! There are new friends to be made and a whole new world to be discovered. Work hard, and enjoy!


I would tell myself to be more involved volunteer work. Everything in college requires alot of social and volunteer work. It would have made my first year in college a lot more successful. Also I would tell myself to be more motivated to study. I always scored very high on tests in high school even without studying, but college is totally different. You need to keep up and you need to study your butt off to pass the classes.


That I would try harder to find a good friend to come with me to college to have a compainion. Also to study study study! Learn alot bet study habits!


If I could go back 2 years and talk to my high school self I would tell me to go to community college and get my associates degree. I would tell myself that the University of Utah is awesome but that if i got my associates degree first then I could have transfered anywhere. I also would have informed myself that my major is going to change so it might be wise to pick a school that specialzes in education rather then in fine arts. Furthermore, I would encourage myself to get involved in as many extracuricular activities as possible (both in high school and in college), and try out for any leadership opportunities that I come across. Finally I would convince myself that making friends is always worth the extra time; they make college far more enjoyable.


If I had the chance to go back, considering what I have learned in college, I would give myself two pieces of advice. First, to use all of my time wisely and not lounge around when I have homework I could be doing. Too often my freshman year I found myself frantically studying or working on homework the next day, which was especially hard because of early morning swim practices. However, this year I have made it a point of taking advantage of down time. This is as simple as reading textbooks during breaks between practices, or pulling out homework while eating lunch. I have found that by taking advantage of these times, my productivity has greatly increased. The second piece of advice would be to get more involved with activities around campus. Too often on the weekends or even during the week I found myself sitting in my room with my roommates essentially doing nothing, when we could have been out getting to know new people, having fun on campus, or a numerous variety of other reasons. College is hard, but it is also supposed to be the most memorable time of our lives.


I would advise myself to prepare with more vigor and declare my major earlier into the school year rather than later. I'd also work harder in school and save up more money instead of wasting it on little things that don't seem as important anymore. Mostly, I would tell myself to focus more on fulfilling applications and such for scholarships as I believe I have not been doing too well in the present.


If i could go back in time to me senior year in high school i would have challenged myself to take more college classes. I did take one class and with that one class i saved hundreds of dollars and i got used to the whole college class experience. I would have signed up for enough classes to have my associates completed so i could focus more on my major classes. With my associates complete would have also allowed me to be eligable for the full ride scholarship to the school of my choice. That would have come in handy.


Don't just "go to school," be involved in school. An education is expensive, money-wise and time-wise. Don't waste your time and money studying something you don't love just because other people told you to. Study what makes you happy, study what will make you excited to go to work doing every day. Being a first-generation college student is a lot of pressure, all those faces watching you. But you have to remember that they are watching with loving and supporting eyes, eyes that only want what's best for you and your future. Make them proud. Senior year is truly like what they say it is in the movies, it's the best year of high school. Get involved and get active. Running for student government was a great choice, a great memory. People say that your high school graduation is "the end of the road." I say, "What end? The road hasn't even started." While high school was great fun, the future is still wide and bright. No one will remember that you weren't head cheerleader. It only matters when they see your face on CNN reporting the evening news.




When I was in high school, I was the kind of student that was afraid to participate in any acedemic classes, like AP or honors. The classes that you could find me in were theatre, choir, and band. I even started my own club, which took a lot of my time. I did these things to help grow my talents but mainly to just have fun in high school. As I've moved on to college, I've come to know a lot of people that took acedemics in high school seriously. I've noticed how much farther along they are than me. I'll talk to some old friends from high school who were in this category and a lot of the times they already have there bachelors degree. What I would tell myself is; "take the acedemics a little more seriously. Your not going to have your head explode if you sign up for an AP class. You might not have as much free time, but you'll save quite a bit of money in the long run."


I would tell myself not to worry so much. The work load is tough, so you'll need it step it up a notch. But it's not as bad as your thinking. Get a job. You're going to want to buy those new shoes. Don't fall for that really cute upperclassman you're going to meet. He maybe totally sweet and a great study buddy, but he says those same sweet things to every pretty girl he meets. Don't listen to your roommate when she explains to you exactly how you're going to fail in your major. She's just worried about failing in her own. You will meet the best and worst people of your life here. Be open to friendship, even with someone who doesn't fit into your normal friend mold. They have something really important to teach you. Make sure you listen. But most importantly, enjoy the journey.