University of Utah Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


How wonderful University was. I wish that my family would have give me more of a push to coninute my eduction while I was in my youth. School changed me so much for the better.


I learned that the key to unlocking my education at the U was not being afraid to ask for help. At first, I was intimidated to attend Utah. Looking back, I wish I would have known despite the its size and academic rigor, it is a very approachable school. You don't have to be afraid of the challenges you will face once admitted. You can face them with confidence because you'll have adivsors to help you discover your major, professors to empower your learning, and fellow students to support you. All you have to do is ask!




I'm a bit of a non-traditional student. I am non-matriculated and am enrolled in the Screendance Certificate Program, which is a 1 year program. I wish I had really, truly known how hard it was going to be to get financial help to pay for school. As a non-matriculated 1 year student, I am not eligible for almost very loan/scholarship out there. I have spent the past few months doing research and applying for numerous things and have not received anything. I wish I had began preparing YEARS in advance.


I wish I could have had a booklet of all the recourses this school offers to its students in acadamics and entertainment.


I wish I had known that the campus is huge and to take the time to tour it before classes began.


I was caught off guard by the amount of work that I had to put in to get an A. It's not a bad thing I just procrastinated at my high school and but it has helped me become a much better student and person. I wish I would have known about all of the tutoring and advising that was available. It would have been easier to transition if that would have been the case.


The hiking behind the dorms is really really good.


Influence of religion and that the nursing school was a two and two year program;


I wish I had known how awesome the experience would be, then I wouldn't have stressed out about it so much beforehand. There are so many things to learn, places to go, people to meet; the opportunities are endless.


I wish I had known more about the programs and resources that were offered for students. It would have helped me get to know the campus better before I attended. I aslo wished I had visited the campus more so I was familiar with the campus. Another thing I would have also wished I knew more about the library and how to use its resources.


That the night life is basically non-existent.


I wish I had known how tight-knit the people from the same majors are. I spent the first year and a half feeling overwhelmed by large, auditorium-sized general classes. Once I got into the core classes for my major, I made friends with several like-minded peers. If I knew how much support they provided, I would have sought out extracurricular activities my department sponsored. Not only is there incredible support from your peers, the professors make themselves available and offer genuine advice. It truly was an amazing experience to be part of that community.


I wish that I had known that some classes start teaching the very first day. In high school the first day was for introductions, but that is not always the case in college. I ended up being unprepared in some of my classes becuase I didn't have my books.


That people smoke all over campus! Disgusting. I wish I would have know so I didn't have to subject my fetus to the smoke. I would have taken some of the courses online.


I wish I would have known the amount of self study required to achieve the desired amount of skills for my field. I taught myself far more then I was taught in class. My professors didn't always have the time or knowledge to teach me the programs I feet were important to my future in the field. I also wish I would have known about the discrimination I would face because of my faith.


I wish I would have known more about the living arrangements here on campus. They seemed to be goofy, but some of my friends really like living arrangements up here. I probably would have moved up to campus if I would have known!


I wish I could have known how much money I was actually going to need for my expenses. That way I could have saved up to by my books and other supplies that I need.


How the transportation system works, including information about bus routes, shuttle routes, TRAX, and whether my Ucard is good for each of them.


I wish I would have known how to manage my time better. Your first semester can be pretty overwhelming with everything going on around campus and losing sight of your academics can happen easier than you think.


I wish I would have known about the numerous research opportunities and did more to get in with one of the professors.


I wish I would have known how vigourous my studies were going to be, in order to better prepare myself for them. The engineering department was a significant challenge to my mind. I could have prepared better had I known the expectations. The vigourous cerebral undertaking did strengthen me considerably, however.


There is one thing I wish I had known before enrolling in the University of Utah. I would have taken the time to understand the community and the opportunities within the community. I feel the college experience is greatly influenced by the community and social structure designed by the school. The University Of Utah is often referred to as a commuter's school, which means students are not often invested in school events beyond their academic focus. This can make it difficult to connect with a peer groups on campus, outside of classes. There are pros and cons to this.


Huge religious (mormon) influence on everything in Salt Lake City as well as the University, extremely conservative and not wiling to accept outsiders, huge commuter school, no campus life whatsoever


I wish I would have known how much it snowed here. If you like snow, you will love it here.


All the financial aid available such as scholarships and grants, and resourses for the students!


Honestly nothing really!!! I like the excitement of just going off to a new place by myself and figuring out how to get around. I think it is the independence!!! It took me a while after high school...2 years to be exact to be emotionally ready to go off and live on my own!!! So I am proud of myself!!!


I wish that I had known the amount of reading that went into each class. You learn from the assigned reading, and not for homework like you do in high school.


I wish I would have known how much independent study is involved in all the courses. It takes a lot of work outside of class in order to keep up with the class.


There are certain dorms that are more of a party area and others that are more studious. The party ones are fun and cheaper but if you are not in to that scene I would not recomend living on campus.


There really isn't much that I can think of, my sister attended the same University so many of my questions were answered by her.


I wish that I knew that the city has smog problems from December through about March, but more importantly I wish I knew more about groups on and around campus.


How plan out your day to day activities and how much time to put into your classes outside of class.


A large portion of university students live off-campus, as the university is located in a large metropolitan area and has beds for less than 10% of its undergraduate population in residence halls and single student apartments. An additional 1,115 family apartments are available to students, staff, and faculty. One of the university's primary four goals for long-term campus growth is to increase student engagement through the addition of on-campus housing, intramural fields, athletic centers, and a new student activity center.


Other than wanting more online classes, I love the University of Utah.


Before I came to the University of Utah, I wish I had known that taking on sixteen credits during my first semester was a bit much... I ended up dropping a class, so I would have enough time to appropriately study and do well.


I wish I had known about all of the resources and organizations the school has for students. There is a lot that the school has to offer besides just classes, and to get your money's worth and a good education in general, it is almost critical to utilize the resources that the school has to offer. I wish I would have known how important it is to jump in with both feet from the start.


I knew what I was coming to the University of Utah for. So there was no suprises.


What I know now about life. The University of Utah was amazing to me.


The culture.


I wish I had known more about my professors so I could have taken more classes from some and less from others.


I wish I new more about the nursing program


I wish I would have know about CLEP tests. There are so many general classes that I have taken that felt as though I didn't learn anything new. I wish I could have used those credits on something that would have been new and exciting to me rather than just on requirements.


A little bit more about my major, it is new. However, since is it only a year old this is very understandable.


nothing the experience has been great


better study habits


The residancy requiremnts!


Personally, I wish I had better known how to manage my schedule?juggling class attendance, part-time work, study, socializing, sleep, and exercise is a task that requires finesse. It was too easy to yield to the tendency to focus too much on one, and too little on another (say, for example, to focus on socializing in stead of study . . .).


I wish I would have known exactly what I wanted out of life. I thought I had a plan but as my mind was opened to new experiences, I found myself changing directions. I suppose it was a good thing that I was given those opportunities, but I wasn't prepared to have my mind changed when I first started.


Financial aid takes longer than expected. It is best to start as early as possible.