University of Utah Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The students. They were friendly and always willing to help.


I strictly go to school for academics. I am onto graduate school now, but my undergraduate degree at the University of Utah was a balance of campus life, my degree in English (so writing papers) and political debates I would attend. I loved the creative writing department. The teachers were very strict on guidelines, but I learned a lot from the vigor of the class. I liked how my papers were abstract and research at the same time. Papers in the English department really made me think outside the box and come up with original ideas. I loved my department.


The best thing about this school are the professors. They all really care about what they teach and care about how well the students perform as well. Passionate professors.


It was a really safe place to be. It had a variety of extra things like museums and theaters on campus. It was so close to the mountains and the city.


The best thing about my school would have to be the helpful and accessible resources that the campus has for all of its students. While during finals week, I had so many different possibilities of researching and gaining as much information I could before I had to take my tests. By having this, it gave me the opportunities to do a lot better with my finals.


I loved the campus. I thought it was easy to get around, not spread out like some colleges and their are free shuttles, buses, and the trains to take ya where you need to go if off campus as well. I think the people are diverse and intergrated like a mini community just on campus.


I love the involvement that everyone has at the University of Utah. There are always opportunities to reach out and do something more. The football games are very fun to go to and if you have the quick hand you can get into the games for free! I sincerely appreciate the availability and willingness to help of the teachers. Although class sizes are generally quite large, teachers take time outside of their lectures to help students understand better the material.


Great graduate program for Social Work!


I love all the programs that are designed to help students, such as the libraries data bases. I also enjoy the variety of classes that the University has to offer. The diversity is also very great, and helps me adjust to the real world. I experience things I have never experienced before at my University.


The best thing about this school is how welcome you feel from the very first day of school up until the very last day of classes.


It has a very good reputation for it's health science, engineering, and nursing programs and I feel that they do a very good job at upholding those. I am in the nursing program myself and am proud that I am part of such an incredible program. The school overall has very good professors that teach their classes effectively.


There are so many opportunities! The first few weeks, I was bombarded with clubs and organizations. I found a few that fit me really well, and it's made my college experience so great. The Benion center has some incredible service programs that help you feel like you are really giving back to the community.


The best part about the University of Utah is its status as a premier research institution, which is maintained along with its image as a helpful, outdoorsy, and diverse university. At the University of Utah, students have almost unlimited opportunity to participate in research, whether it be in the labs of professors or on their own.


The communication between the students and professors is wonderful. The professors always answer questions and never seem annoyed. Alot of discussion groups and study groups and turoring are offered to ensure students succeed.


The environment. There were people of all races and genders (not the norm for a Utah nursing program). The staff was genuinly concerned about my future as a nurse and encouraged me to set big goals for myself. They saw my potential before I did.


There are wonderful research opportunities, it is an excellent way to prepare for a career for anything medical. The school is extremely focused on science and the top medical research is coming from my school.


I think that the best thing about the University of Utah is its location in Salt Lake City. The city offers great recreational opportunities such as hiking trails, mountain biking trails, climbing, and world class skiing. There is also a free concert series in the summer and fall, along with a great farmers market. The city is a great attribute to the University that provides great opportunities to students.


One of the best things about my school, University of Utah, is its affiliation with the surrounding community. At this school, they are activly engaged in improving all circumstances including ecomomically , politically, and socially. I have never attended a school with such emphasis on research and development for the betterment of the community and humanity. Besides the involvement with its surrounding community, this university one of the largest employment agencies around providing assistance to many, and finds innovative and more effective ways to teach the public, thus improving the overall quality and efficency of its demographic.


It is constantly growing, and their are continual improvements. The administration really care, and there are unlimited opportunities for everyone to get involved and be successful both with their studies and for the future. I have gained so many experiences that have helped me outside of college. This is truly a great school for anyone looking for a great education!


The diversity, just when you walk through the halls you see this rainbow sea of people. It truly is a magnificient melting pot.


Outdoor activities - lots of skiing, snowboarding, hiking, cycling, etc. Football Team- sutdent section (The MUSS) is a lot of fun


The best thing about my school was the transportation. We had light rail lines throughtout the city. All university students recieve a transit pass which allows you to ride for free. Since I lived off campus, I really like getting to school without my car.


There is a big variety in the classes offered, and enough professors that love teaching that it makes many of classes an absolute blast to be in. Professors that are interested both in the material and teaching make the material more engaging, and generally seems to lead to better grades because the students have an easier time paying attention. While it's not true of all professors, there are enough professors that put teaching above professing and that makes the environment on campus that much greater.


My school is very research-oriented and focused academically. I am constantly challenged in my classes with the work and the content. There are many oppurtunities available to me. The classes are engaging and the teachers consistently present abstract problems and ideas in my classes. This school is an excellent place to go to school.


I would probably say the best thing is that, for the number of programs and options offered here, everything seems to be really strong. I haven't met anyone yet who doesn't think they're in a good place to be doing what they want to do.


The learning enviorment, there's always place to learn, always peers to study with, and always teachers and professors who are willing to help. They want you to do well in school and in life.


Their community and school involvement. They take the time to encourage students to get involved in service opportunities. These opportunities give the students experience within different organizations that make a difference. The students themselves learn how to make a difference in other peoples lives. These types of services are what makes the world a better place.


The professors that teach psychology. They are very knowledgable about the subject.


The school has great advisors. You need help with anything you can find some one to help you. The clubs are amazing, there is always something fun to do with the out doors and a club to join that involves it.


Its a great place to major in almost anything you would want to. They have a wide range of curriculum. They have great professors.


I haven't even started attending the University of Utah, but it has an excellent Social Work program, and it's location and campus life is perfect for what I need. It is an upstanding university, and I've heard it's just a great place to go.


It is a well acredited school, where many people go to get a great education.


The location. It has everything frpm rock climbing to snowboarding. it is great.


Everyone is so nice! Utah is a nice state in general, so everyone on campus is really kind.


The relationships that professors work to develop with their students are one of the things that make our school great. Whether in a class of 300 or 8, students are always assured that they can contact their professor in several ways and that if they go to office hours the professor will be more than happy to sit down with them and help in any way possible. When working on extracurricular projects professors even take students out for bagels or bring donuts to the lab.


The variety of extra curricular opportunities that are available. There are always posters and signs up encouraging students to get involved with school.


Great research opportunities (Mario Cappechi- Nobel Prize!) Scholarships (full ride, Women in Science scholarship) good financial aid (at least initially). Proximity to family. Strong in sciences, good music program.


The library. It is in the process of being remodeled, so there are tons of study areas and really nice facilities. It is truly incredible.




Diversity in colleges and departments, great medical program, engineering studies that are challenging, and an architectural and planning program that prepares students for a more productive growth in population.


I like the feeling of academic focus and learning that is at my school.


I feel that the LDS Institue and both Museums on campus are great accets, We have the Utah Museum of Natural HIstory and the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. Both are hosts to a plethera of knowledge in a very visual and hands on world. Having the Institute here on campus makes finding a safe place just that much easier.


I love the fact that we are a Research 1 school. Without this designation, I would be very unlikely to have my current job, doing my own research on campus. It's like a dream come true.


The best thing about the University of Utah is its friendly social environment. The professors and advisors always willing to take a moment to speak with their students about a new project or a budding problem emerging in the classroom. Students on campus are talkative and recptive to others' needs, and making friends is extremely easy at the U of U. It's rare to find a person with a negative attitude, and the social scene at the University is constant. There is always someone to meet and something to do, whether its through activist work, or attending a party.


The University of Utah is very research oriented and prestigious. There are many opportunities for undergraduates to get involved in their own personal research in a lab of their choice under the direction of a professor. These opportunities look great on future graduate school and job applications. Aside from academics, the University of Utah has many events all year round. Whether it is going to the football game versus the rival BYU, or to watch the top ranked gymnastics team, or even volunteering in Special Olympics, there are unlimited opportunities to get involved.