University of Valley Forge Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at my school are not like students at other schools, the reason being is because they show and express the respect that is expected of everyone in the campus. Students care and reach out to others when they may be in need or looking for guidance. There are always students that are ready to lend a hand. Students are very understanding and caring. There is a large diversity of students on the campus and there is no discrimination towards anyone or any race/gender, etc. The campus is open to students of all sorts. The students respect the faculty, the campus, and their peers, when there is a problem it is solved and fixed professionally. Also, there are always students that want to help with strengthening or helping during the spiritual walks of others.


My classmates are friendly and easy to get along with.


My classmates are exceptional, majority of us are here not only to learn about our major but to grow in our faith the God and I get to do it with them everyday.


My classmates are simple and polite and sometimes smarter than me.


They are the best bunch of people to be around because they aways support you and help you grow in the Lord.


My fellow classmates are friendly, supportive and all around amazing people to be surrounded by.


My classmates are the few and the proud, meaning there aren't many of us in the senior class but we are all fairly cool with one another.


My classmates are diverse, outgoing and opinionated, but they are respectful and know when enough is enough.


My classmates vary depending on the seriousness of their commitment to God, and the calling He has placed on each of our lives.


My classmates are very social and friendly, Christ-centered and academically average.