University of Valley Forge Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


VFCC is best known for its distinguished faculty and strong Christian ideals. VFCC is accepting and you do not have to be this or that to come, but there is a spirit to the place that unites those who come. Only people with a purpose from Christ come here (or at least those are the only ones that stay).


Valley Forge is best known for there loving facility. At Valley Forge your family, once you step foot on campus the faculty treats you like you fit in. At Valley Forge we have a worship service every morning and its always fulfilling to you. God is in the mist of this campus and its a safe environment full of smiles and laughter.


Valley Forge has a great music and digital media program. All kinds of talented people are somehow attracted to Phoenixville to attend VFCC. The small but quaint and comfortable campus houses about 900 students and the professors are wonderful and interested in helping each and every student in the best way they can. Also, Psychology and Pastoral Ministry majors are well spoken of, and popular for young men and women.


My school is best known for awesome chapel services, fellowship, START teams!, getting a ring by spring, great faculty, and a really great student body!


Valley Forge is best known for their Pastoral and Bible programs.