University of Valley Forge Top Questions

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At Valley Forge our Professors really build strong relationships with students. Most college/ universities Professors can't build strong relationships with students because they are to big. We are a smaller campus but a powerful one that is striving for God. The staff here wants us to not only grow in our knowledge of our major but in our faith.


My school is a small private college which is fantastic because everyone knows everyone. Just like other colleges there are different social groups, but it seems as though everyone's main group of friends interconnects with various other groups. Thus, making it easier to make friends and meet new people. There were common places, and again because it is a small school, it was likely to run into people often.


For one, it's a Christian College. The dichotomy between a Christian and a non-Christian school can be stark in contrast. Additionally, it's a smaller school without top of the line luxuries that are considered normal at many other colleges/universities.


The lower number of students here provide a better opportunity for students and professors to build relationships. I love the friendships that I have developed with the faculty and staff.


It was far from home. I had family that were staff or faculty.


Valley forge was the only college that I even considered for several reasons. I chose Valley Forge because of the Christian based atmosphere and learning. I knoew this school was the one I was to go to. I did not even need to search for other colleges. I love it here, the school has just enough students that its possible for the professors to know us each to make our communication much smoother. The adminstration cares if we stay and will help us to do that and they care what we do with our lives.